Thursday, September 6, 2012

♥ Taking the Challenge ♥

Last summer, I asked the very question in a post that Karen of My Colonial Home is giving as a challenge. I love seeing the names of blogs and my curiosity got the best of me and I just had to ask that question…… did you all get the name of your blog. And many of you told me in a comment. And I enjoyed it! So I love that Karen is giving this challenge. I hope many more take the challenge because I enjoy learning the story behind the blog name.

I am taking Karen’s challenge. My blogging name is not really a big mystery. But there WAS a lot of thought that went into it. A LOT. When I began blogging, I was on the Country Sampler forum with many ladies that now have blogs. (As a matter of fact, that's where Karen and I met).  :)  Several of the ladies were starting their blogs and I enjoyed them so much and I just decided that blogging was something I’d really enjoy. I was so technically challenged (still am but I just jump into it until I learn). I knew I wanted to share my home………decorating, crafting, thrifting, repurposing, home improvement projects as well as family and faith. I didn’t want to attach a name to my blog that would tie me down to something I might not “be” in a few years. I knew I’d always be a country girl. I’ve been that since I was a little girl. I even wrote a book in 7th grade that was entitled Country Girl. And later if my decorating preference wasn’t completely primitive (which it really isn’t) since I love rustic and farmhouse styles as well, I would still want my name to represent me. The only other name I considered was This Country Girl. I think I must have really annoyed my family trying to get their opinion between that one and Country Girl at Home. In the end, I thought Country Girl at Home fit me best. I will always be a country girl and home is my favorite place to be and I wanted to share all those above mentioned things from my home with the blogging world. And that is how Country Girl at Home came to be. It was born in May of 2008. My first post summed up how I’ve always been a country girl. If you’d like, you can read that first post here.

A dear blogging friend, Mandie, of Life in the Craft Lane, did random acts of kindness.  She chose me for one of her RAKs and made the header for me that I use in my blog.  She did it all without my knowledge and just sent it to me.  She found the picture of my home on the blog and designed it. If you notice, I never change it, because I've never found anything I like any better than it.  She is a sweetheart and very talented graphic designer.


From the beginning, I’ve met so many sweet people and made such wonderful friends. I’m just amazed at the compassion and generosity among my blogging friends! Sometimes I talk about you ladies to my family and they know you by name. I know that if I ask you to pray, you will pray. Thank you for that!  And I look forward to my time spent sharing posts here and visiting your blogs! Thank you to all my blogging friends for your friendship! I treasure it!

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great day! :)

♥ Tammy ♥


Laura Lane said...

Hi Tammy,
Your blog is listed in my blog list at the bottom of my blog. It's nice to read the story of the name.

Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,

Primitive Stars said...

Hello Tammy, loved your heartwarminmg story about your blog name. So much fun to read about how the gals named their blog, love it. Enjoy the day, Country Blessings, Francine.

Maple Lane said...

How very interesting. Like you, I talk about blog friends to hubby and he knows each one of you. I'm off to read your first post now. What a gracious gift to receive such a lovely header photo. I love it!

Robyn ♥ said...

I love this challenge too! So interesting to hear where the names came from!
What a beautiful header. She is a talented artist!

Karen said...

Morning Ms. Country Girl At Home....
I also love the name of yours - and it IS BEFITTING TO YOU...and goodness that was a long time ago that we met on CS forum wasn't it. It's really amazing how time does fly when you think of how long ago that was but yet it seems not that long ago.
I have always loved your header and now we know 'the rest of the story'.
I do hope many more of you take it too so come on over and join in.
Loved this Tammy.

cucki said...

hello dear, i love reading your story so is really very sweet.
me so happy that we are friends.
love you so much
hugs cucki xx

Penny said...

Hi Tammy..... Karen's challenge has been fun for me, too, even though I have no blog.... I love to hear how the names came about! Your blog name seems just right for you! Love the header..... such a great job done by your friend, and such a lovely RAK.... :)

bettyj said...

Tammy, you know I love your blog. I have always admired your header. What a wonderful thing for your friend to do. I feel that way about my blog fairy. I not only love your blog, but you and the whole family. I know God put us blogging for a reason and one of those reasons is to meet so many wonderful folks.

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Mine was just quickly chosen while sitting in the back yard on a sunny day with my laptop. Your story is so sweet. A little window into your home.

Lois Christensen said...

Yes, your blog is one of my favorites! I had no clue you were so sick! I've been so busy trying to keep my head above water I've missed a few days of reading! I'll be praying that you continue to heal and will be feeling better soon!

arkie said...

Glad you are feeling better! I remember you from the Country Sampler forum. I think that is when I started blogging? It has been a very hectic few years and I can't quite remember exactly when. I chose my blog name because, at the time, it was just to be a blog to keep up with blogs I like and to learn on. That is where the name came from, Simply Me and Maggie (my dog). Since then, I became a grandmother of three cuties. Currently, we are raising two of our grandchildren. It keeps me very busy! Hence, blogging is on the back burner!

I so enjoy your blog and so many others when I get a few minutes to read them! Thanks!

Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...


I know you put a lot of thought into your blog's name. :) It's important, though, so that's okay! :)

I love you! 8!

Joy :)

Chenille Cottage said...

Dear sweet Tammy,
I love visiting you at your beautiful blog. I am so thankful that God allowed our paths to cross. Your blog name is so befitting you...You are always so welcoming to all of us.
Your are truly the best of country girls...kind, sincere and loving.
Carolynn xoxo

My love of chenille takes me back to precious times that I spent at my Gramma's house when I was a girl. At nap time, she would let me curl up on her soft snuggly bed. She had the sweetest smelling white chenille bedspread. Oh...Wht precious memories! So now you know why I chose Chenille Cottage...Gramma would have loved knowing this.

Cindi said...

Another great story of how a blog got it's name. Thank you for sharing! I too love your heading and even more special that it came from a friend. Have a great night!
Be blessed,

Pendleton Primitives said...

Smart with choosing the name. Originally I wanted My Front Porch but I don't really have a front porch so I went with Pendleton Primitives because it had a ring to it but we are retiring, which means moving and my style can be eclectic but my true love is primitives. It's confusing, or seems so. I like how your blog is everything. I see folks with multiple blogs and it makes my head spin, the time management it must take to update them all. Also, thank you for the pinned it! Made it! Monday's! It gives me a goal to complete over the weekend and I look forwards to my Monday's! You're awesome.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I loved learning how folks got their blogging names..I am going to do a post about mine..thanks for sharing and I do love your blog header..have a great weekend.;)

Trace4J said...

I love your very special blog header too.
And learning more about you.
Karen had such a wonderful idea.
Hugs & JOY
Your praying Friend

Heather said...

Awww! Tammy, I think you picked the perfect name. You are right, picking a name is important because you are stuck with it. I am glad that I didn't add "old" to mine! ;) I love reading the stories about your family!

You are a blessing to me!