Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pinned it Made it! Monday ~ Week 7 ~

I’m so thankful to be feeling well enough to be back on my computer and just in time for Pinned it, Made it! Monday. No worries though, Joy was ready to jump in and do a post for me if need be.

Thank you all so much for the prayers! I could tell I had many praying. Turns out I don’t remember much from Thursday through Saturday. Everything was so hazy as I had days of chills and fever and aching. I finally felt that I could sit up long enough to go to the doctor on Friday (Jason took me). I had a severe kidney infection. The one antibiotic they could’ve given me in shot form, I am allergic to, so that left me with having to get down a total of 5 very powerful pills over the next few days (one a day). She said if I couldn’t keep them down, I would have to go into the hospital and be on IV fluids. Believe me, I’ve prayed over each and every pill. I have two more to go! And how is it that smells are so magnified when you are nauseous? Anyway, just today, I finally feel like I have joined my family life. Bless their hearts! Joy was a tremendous help to Jason with Luke, which was such a blessing as my parents were out of town. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate your prayers!

Okay, on to what I have to share. I didn’t get to do what I planned on doing for obvious reasons, but I have another delicious recipe that I tried out the beginning of the week (before getting sick). I found the recipe on Mary Ann’s blog, A Joyful Chaos.  Here's the original pin from Mary Ann.

She claimed that she had tried many recipes (including Amish ones from her parents and grandparents since she was raised Amish) as well as others along the way, and just now found their favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. I knew when I read that and saw the picture of her cookies, I wanted to try them. I have to say they WERE delicious!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

2 cup brown sugar
1 cup white sugar
1 ¾ cup butter flavored crisco
4 eggs
1 Tbsp vanilla
1 tsp salt
2 tsp baking soda
4½ cup flour
2 cup chocolate chips

Mix together crisco and sugars. Add eggs and vanilla. Mix well. Add flour, soda, and salt. Mix really well and stir in chocolate chips. Using your hands roll into balls not quite the size of a golf ball. Place on cookie sheet and flatten slightly. Bake in a preheated 375º oven on the middle rack for 10 minutes. Allow to cool for a minute before removing from cookie sheet.


**Note from Tammy ** I used milk chocolate chips, but I’m sure semi-sweet would have been just as delicious.

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Thank you for stopping by! Have a great week!

♥ Tammy ♥


Paula said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better, Tammy! There is nasty stuff already going around, I'm afraid... some in my family have had a stomach bug this past week. No fun!
Your cookie recipe sounds delicious~ Chocolate chips are my hubby's faves!

janzi said...

You poor girl, I have had kidney infections and know how bad they can be and how awful you feel with it.. I hope the meds have worked and you are back,but do not try and do too much as you will have been left quite weak... all the best and hugs from across the pond, Janzi

Karen said...

I thought maybe you had the flu. I didn't realize kidney infections could make you feel that way! I'm so glad you feel better!!

Karen said...

Goodness Tammy you had a horrible go at it didn't you.
I'm so happy you are on the mend now.
It's no wonder that Joy took over when you were raised a beautiful, thoughtful, loving daughter.
The recipe for the cookies sound just like the one's I make from the Nestle's chips... delicious.


Wendi said...

I am so glad that you are feeling better!

Raggedy Creations said...

Hi Tammy, I'm behind on my blog reading so didn't know you were sick when I stopped by tonight. I'm so sorry you were feeling so bad but I'm glad that you are feeling better. Take care.


Annie said...

Oh goodness sweet Tammy!!!! I have been so busy, I just haven't been reading! I am so sorry you were so sick! How awful!!! So glad you are feeling better though!!

cucki said...

ia m so happy that you are feeling better..
cookie recipe sound so yummyy..
sending you lots of love deary xxx

Pendleton Primitives said...

I'm so sorry you've been ill! However, look at those yummy downfall is sweets but I'm going to need to make these for the kids. Rest up and get better soon!

Anonymous said...

So glad you are feeling better ♥ maybe one of these days I will have something to share for your linky party:)

Farmchick said...

Oh dear...a kidney infection...not good! Glad you are feeing better, though. Come say HI! :)

Mary Ann said...

So glad you are feeling better! Those cookies look great!

Cindi said...

Hope you continue to feel better and better each day! Still praying!
Be blessed,

Blessed Beyond said...

Oh my, I am so thankful you went to the doctor. You continue to be in my prayers. That's nothing to play with, and sure it a time you really can't function. Glad you are getting better though.

Hugs, Love, & Prayers,

Trace4J said...

so happy you are feeling better.
they look so yummy.

Sandra said...

so glad you're feeling much better :)

Cookies look great, love a good chocolate chip cookie :)

Chenille Cottage said...

Blessings and heartfelt prayers for you, Tammy. I'm sorry you have been so sick.
I do pray you will be in the pink soon.
Warm hugs,