Tuesday, September 25, 2012

♥ My Favorite Rooms ♥

Home is my favorite place to be, no doubt. I enjoy walking into a room and just admiring it, not that’s it luxurious or decked out for a magazine, but it just feels cozy and homey to me and that makes me happy! Do you ever do that….just walk into a room and look at things? Maybe not, maybe I’m a little strange....  :) 

Anyway, that got me to thinking…….which room would be my favorite if I had to choose a favorite room in my house? That’s a tough question and I’m not even sure I can say just one. I’m going to say it’s a tie between two because I really can’t choose between the two.

The kitchen is definitely one of them. We spend a lot of time here…….cooking, eating, homeschooling, and even just sitting at the table talking. This is where we plop down when my mom and dad come over. This is just a great hang out place. And since we gave the kitchen a makeover a few years ago, I really love it.

The other one is the living room. I had to say it was a tie here because I really love all the red…..red walls, the red checked couch, and all the Americana. And this is our other hang-out spot. And my piano is there. I like the way it opens to the stairway. Yep, this room makes me happy too (and especially so during the Christmas season, and this year hopefully I'll have my new staircase). 

So what about you? What’s your favorite room in your home? I’ll even say you can make it a tie between two. That’s only fair, right?  And I'd love to SEE them if you want to post about your favorite rooms! 

As always, I thank you very much for stopping by! Have a great day!  :)


cucki said...

Such a sweet post..I do the same always:)
I walk in each and every room and look at everything and touch them too..
It is my happy time always
Sending you hugs xxx

Carey's Farmhouse Kitchen said...

Love this post idea!! I love that stove in your kitchen. ;)

Anonymous said...

I do the same sometimes; I walk into a room and just enjoy being surrounded by favorite things or sentimental pieces.
Your home is so lovely, warm and inviting.
Most of our neighbors join us around the kitchen table when they visit. I, however, love the serenity of the seldom used living room in our home. Especially with the morning sun shining in.
Have a great Tuesday.

Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

My favorite room tended to be which ever I finished redecorating. Now it will be the kitchen with all the holidays coming everyone will be gathering as i am cooking and baking!!

Angela said...

Well Tammy, you are not alone. Looks like all us girls stare into our rooms and feel them out. Love your kitchen and living room. My favorite rooms are our great room and our bedroom. The bedroom because that is the spot Mr. P and I always go when we need to "talk" It just became a tradition without us realizing it.One that has lasted for 39 years thus far. It's not about the decor but the comfort and togetherness we feel in that room. Lots of trips planned, decisions made and dtreams discussed in this room. Those walls hold lots of memories for us. Such a sweet post. Have a great day.

Holly said...

Your home is beautiful. I guess my favorite would be my living room. That is where we spend most of our time. :)

Amber said...

Hey Tammy! Your kitchen is SOOOO cozy looking! I love it! My favorite room is our living room. Lots of lamps, my favorite colors, baskets of books, and candles.

Walking on Sunshine said...

That would be hard for me! But I do love our dinning room that we recently enlarged 2 years ago so we can now sit 22 people around our table! Perfect for Thanksgiving! Your photos of your two rooms are beautiful!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

I love my kitchen and my dining room the most. But when I am exhausted the bedroom is possibly my fave.

arkie said...

I have always been a "homebody". I love home more than just about anywhere. In my younger days, I would (just for fun?) move furniture and tweak our home every few weeks. Some things never changed, but I loved to change things up, especially, with the seasons. I love your kitchen area! So much fun stuff to look at! Cozy and full of love! Thanks for sharing it!

Sandra said...

It would have to be my kitchen, it's where I spend most of my time. But my living room comes close second. :)

Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...


I'm like you--it would be a tie between the kitchen and the living room for me. :) I love our house!

Love you! 8!

Joy :)

Anonymous said...

Love your HOME ♥ Red is my favorite color too! I occasionally wander to a room just to browse ~ it's nice to take time to enjoy your home and the things in it... as for a favorite room, oh that's hard. I think I spend the most time in my kitchen so it's probably my favorite ~ decorated in red and black, prim, roosters, and stars:) Fun post, Thanks!

Michelle said...

I have to say my kitchen not because of the way it looks,but because I love to cook. That,s where I spend a lot of time. I have to also add my friend Heidi's dinning room. I know it's not in my house. But I have some of my best talks at her dinning room table.

I love your kitchen.

Shelley said...

Well,I don't have many to choose from :)only one living space(a combination kitchen and living room),and then there is a small storage,a bathroom and my bedroom! I would have to say..my favorite is my bedroom...I can see why your choice would be a hard decision...you do have a beautiful home. I love,love your sweet Amish baby clothes...what a prize! Which room did you hang them in? Blessings

Laura Lane said...

I'd like you to decorate my home!

Chenille Cottage said...

Hi Tammy,
How I love all your cheery red! I am a huge lover of the color red and I enjoy hanging out in my sewing room. It is chocked full of red gingham, polka dots and calico.
Thank you for your sweet post, my dear friend,
Carolynn xo

Paula said...

Tammy, I could never chose a favorite between those two rooms~ they are both so cozy and gorgeous!
My favorite room is our "big" room... our kitchen, dining, and living room are all one big room and I LOVE the open feeling. I'll have to do a post on this, too~ great idea!!

Raggedy Creations said...

Thanks for stopping by Tammy, I'm so behind in blogging.

I like both the rooms in your home, they are very cozy.


Never So Simple said...

Hi Tammy,

You know for years I have been admiring your home. Just wanted you to know it is warm cozy and any magazine would be lucky to have your house in it!


wayside wanderer said...

My kitchen and den are open into each other and they both have lots of windows for looking out and letting sun in. By far my favorite room and where I spend most of my time. My bedroom is a favorite, too, because I love everything about it (the bed!), even the view. My back porch (really on the side of the house) is like a room even though it is teeny tiny (we hope to deck it and extend it some day). It is like a room to me because I spend so much time on it. :)

Katy~The Country Blossom said...

You have a beautiful home Tammy! :)

Blessed Beyond said...

I love your home! Both rooms are beautiful!!! I always love photos of your home, it's so cozy and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

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