Thursday, May 29, 2008

Giveaway at Kindra's Blog....3 Guys, a Girl, and a Prim Place

Hey sure and check out Kindra's blogspot! She just opened her new Etsy store! She is selling her own handmade items. She is also giving away two prizes (handmade by her too). Just stop in.....take a look at her Etsy store...and come back to her blog and tell her your favorites and she'll put your name in to the basket for the drawing. I just love her prim block signs! I've got them on my wish list...the bathroom one AND the blessed one! Oh, and the drawing will take place over there on June be sure to stop and visit Kindra before then!

Have a great day!


Wendy said...

I think she is so talented isn't she?!! I too love the blocks my fav is the We Are Blessed. Have a great day!!~Wendy

Kindra said...

Thank you so much for posting my giveaway! That's great!! And thank you for all your nice comments! (Blush) You are a great blog buddy!

Andrea said...

Oh, Tammy, I love your lamps in your last post before this one. They do give off a nice atmosphere!

Kindra has a nice giveaway. Too bad I'm not back in the US to enter them. I could have things sent to my folks since they are in the US, but then they would have to find a way to get them to me. Wouldn't be right for me to enter any then.

But good luck on winning!!!