Friday, May 23, 2008

My "Old" Country Cookstove

This is my "old" country cook stove. Actually, it's a replica. I really do cook on it and I don't even have to haul wood in to cook with! It's all electric. It really has been fun and quite a conversation piece with visitors.

This was a splurge to myself when we built our home in late 1989/early 1990. I saw several of these stoves in country magazines at the time and researched the manufacturer. I persuaded my husband that I "needed" one. (He really didn't mind...he liked it too!) We actually bought it before we moved in and it sat in the unfinished house for a bit. The kitchen was planned around it.

These doors on the left house the controls to the stovetop burners and the oven. The oven is a little smaller than most standard ovens, but for the most part, it has been sufficient for our needs. When we have big family dinners, I also use my crockpot and family members usually bring dishes too. However, the manufacturer, House of Webster, did have the option of a separate "extra" iron wall oven that could be purchased if you so desired.

These top compartments are just for storage. I've used these to store dangerous items such as sharp knives away from my kids when they were small. It was made to look like the old bread warmers on the real woodburning stoves. The built-on coffee grinder on top is actually a timer.

This is my latest prim decor addition to the stove. I picked up this old muffin tin at an Antique/Fleamarket Gallery a couple of weeks ago and spruced it up a bit with candles, rosehip, and homespun.

The stove is one of my favorite features in our home. If I ever move, I think I'm just going to have to take it along with us!

Have a Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!


Wendy said...

I LOVE your cook stove!! It is gorgeous!!! I have now seen them in different colors and styles, I would like to have one myself one day! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!~Wendy

Sandy said...

I just love your stove...I always wanted one but the house I currently live in can not accommodate one. My Aunt has the real wood burning one and wants to get rid of it. Oh if only I had room for it, I would snatch it up :)

My bath cookies smell so great, my youngest daughter used one tonight in her bath and she actually smelled so good when she got out. My mother in-law popped and thought they were real to eat. I believe she would of been sick because of all the

Have a wonderful weekend...

pinetrees on the moor said...

Hi i just love your stove and prim items you are so lucky there in the states to find such great prim items.I am new to blogging.Ihave just started my on blogg please take a look it is still in the infant stages.I need my dear DIl to help me up load pictures.Have a great weekend-Kate

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

That is just the neatest stove!!!!! Mine is so old now, but still works fine. Someday. . . . when I have to get a new one, this will be on the top of my list. I've seen them in the magazines, too, and just drooled. . . .!!!!!

Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting my blog!!!! Cora

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Oh, you already know that I love that stove:) Thanks for showing us, I've always loved them since the early 80's. Love the muffin tin that you primmed up too!

Blessings Rondell

Shirlee said...

I love your stove. I too have seen them in the magazines and secretly wanted one. I actually have the space in my current kitchen...hmmm.
How big of a turkey can you get in the oven? This is my frame of reference when stove shopping. LOL
My maternal grandmother had a big ol' black wood burning stove in her tiny kitchen.

Thanks for dropping by and visiting my blog. My son want to see the Prince of Caspian too. I agree with you that watching movies at home is best.

Have a great weekend!

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Oh my ~ that stove is something! It is wonderful and perfect for your prim home. When we built our home 2 years ago, we splurged for a woodburning heat stove. It was not in the budget but something we've always wanted as well. Of course, it sure paid for itself this winter so we're really pleased. And I can cook a pot of beans on it and bake potatoes which is nice too.

I just love what you did with that muffin tin, Tammy! I bought an antique tin at our thrift this year. I have it filled with old buttons, but I like what you've done much better. I believe mine will be transformed this weekend. Thanks for wonderful idea!

Wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend with your family,

Toby Parsons said...

I just found your blog via sweet Lea from Farmhhouse Blessings.

I too love your stove! The daddy and daughter ballet lessons are 'great!' What a guy; he allowed you to blog about him doing this! :)

Most of all, I 'love' the post you made on May 18th, "A Book." You know, that is so true. I discovered years ago while I was reading to our youngest daughter (who is now a voracious reader at age 16) that the older kids (who are 7 and 12 years older than our youngest) would 'hang around' & then quietly sit down to listen as well. Naturally, I was reading 'engaging' historical fiction / non-fiction or something else interesting. My point is, that our children 'never' outgrow loving to be read to. I still read out loud to our youngest daughter who is the only one left living at home. Homeschooling fosters this so beautifully!!! :)

Thanks for making that post, love your blog, and wishing you a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! :)

Andrea said...

OH! Your stove is just fabulous! What a wonderful thing to decorate with. I like how you used the muffin tray as well!


Kindra said...

What a great stove! I'm sure it was worth the expense. I bet it cooks and bakes great! Your muffin pan is also so wonderful and prim! I hope you are having a great memorial day weekend!

Julie said...

That is a great stove. My grandma had and old stove. I wish I would have inherited it. I also like the tin idea, I will have to put that in my brain files, and do that when I find the right tin--way cute!!

Classics and Country said...

What a charming kitchen. I remember my grandmother having one of those. It brings back alot of memories. Thanks

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh my Lord, Tammy- I wanted to come by for a visit to tell you how much I love the sweet comments you left on my blog... and I see this! Ugh, I have "stove envy" now! LOL
It is absolutely bee-utiful! Love your blog!

Joy said...

What a cute stove, and so neat that it actually works.