Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Daddy's Ballet Lesson

Last night Joy decided that dad was going to have a ballet lesson. I really don't think he knew what all he was in for when he agreed! She took him out on the sunporch for his lesson. I could hear her quizzing him and could see all sorts of positions going on out there! I wasn't allowed to do very much watching because I was to be the audience for what all he learned!

So today's blog is dedicated to Joy and Dad's Ballet Recital. When she came to the doorway of the living room, she announced him as having attended Joy's Daddy Ballet School. I tried to capture photos of the different positions that he learned. And believe me, she EXPECTED him to remember every move! (I'm taking a stab at spelling these French words, by the way!)

First Position

Second Position

Third Position

Fourth Position

Fifth Position


Batt Ment'

First Arabesque'

Second Arabesque'
"Piero - what?", said Dad.........Pierouette'!

Thank you.....thank you very much!

And a curtsey....

And so dad passed his class with flying colors and mom was thoroughly entertained!

Joy is POSITIVE she wants to have her own ballet school one day now!


Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

This post has me smiling from ear to ear. What a great dad! With encouragement like that, Joy may very well have her own ballet school someday!


Kindra said...

Your hubby is a great sport. :) The pictures are priceless! How great your daughter loves what she does!!

LBP said...

Now that is just too cute! Glad Dad was such a willing student!

I took ballet lessons for about 2 months when my teacher told my mom she was wasting her money! I was more interested in hanging from the bar then just holding on to it!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I loved it...such a memory you all have made. Tell your husband to keep up the good work:)

Blessings Rondell

Wendy said...

What a great dad, not many dads out there would be such a good student!!!...Was dad a little sore today??lol...great teaching Joy!!! Have a great day!!~Wendy

Julie said...

YAY!! for dad. I have four girls, no boys, so I understand the dadyy-daughter thing. My Hubby has had painted toes and fingernails, curls in hair, dresses on, etc. It takes a special man to be a daddy to girls. What a great post!! Have a sun-shiney day. Julie

Anonymous said...

daddies are so fun!!

Farmchick said...

Love the ballet lessons! I found my way to you through Three guys, a girl and prim place. After reading your first post I had to comment! You sound so much like me. I too played pioneer and loved Little House books. The only difference is that I grew up on a farm and then married a farmer--so have lived on a farm most of my life. Welcome to blogging. Check out my blog sometime and make sure to tell me that you are visiting!

Andrea said...

What a hoot! That was great. What a joyful time for a father and daughter to share together. I always had fun with my Dad when I still lived at home. He's still a lot of fun. My folks and I are super close, but I don't get to see them much since I live so far now. Girls definitely need their dads (and their moms too)! Looks like your husband had fun doing ballet! Your daughter makes a great teacher. :-)


Shirlee said...

Back in my much younger days, I worked as a secretary for a dance studio. All those little girls in their leotards and pink ballet slippers were so cute! The annual recitals were always a lot of fun.

Your daughter taught her daddy well and what a good sport he was.
Great pictures!

Katy said...

Awww...that is soooooo sweet!! I love it!!! :) sooo cute! :)

I love that room they are in!! IS that your living room? it is beautiful! :)

Andrea said...

Hi Tammy! Came back by to wish you a wonderful memorial Day weekend! I knew it was coming up but didn't know when. Unfortunately after being in Australia for some time, I forget about certain holidays and it really bugs me. Any plans for this weekend? They don't celebrate it here, but do have a similar holiday called ANZAC Day, which is in April. I do miss US holidays a lot.

Anyway, have a wonderful weekend!


Deb said...

HI Tammy, there's a whole lot of fun going on over here. I really enjoyed this, and Joy should have her own Ballet Studio some day, she's good and so is daddy. That lesson was so much fun (for me)! Deb