Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Walk Down a Country Road

Do you ever just take a moment to observe the beauty in nature around you everyday? Sometimes we see them as weeds, pests or down right gross (speaking of some critters here), but I think God wants us to appreciate these little things in nature around us that we see and take for granted.

For ever since my kids can remember, we've been taking walks down the little country gravel road close to our house. We've taken a snack or picnic lunch and sat under a tree down there to read. We've pulled them in a wagon when they were too young to walk it. Sometimes the kids would ride their bike while Jason & I walked. Then sometimes we would just go walking to see what we could see......a nature walk we'd call it.

Yesterday's walk was a nature walk. I always hope (and sometimes pray) that we'll run across something interesting just for learning sake. I've learned though to be careful about praying for those things because God has given us some interesting surprises....surprises mom doesn't care in snakes sunning in the road! Most commonly we find flowers, turtles, frogs, and various insects.

Yesterday as Joy and I walked, I took the camera along for any photo opportunities. We didn't have any critter surprises yesterday.....just wildflowers. We picked some of each and brought them home so she could look them up in a field guide, press them, label them and place in her notebook. Here's a few pics from our walk. There were a couple we couldn't find in the guide book, maybe you can tell us the name of it!


Anyone know what this is?


Anybody know this one?


Sitting at our kitchen table, we also watched a family of rabbits chasing each other around our backyard. They were so cute with their little white tails. I wasn't fast enough with my camera to get a picture. It's ready for them next time though!

Try taking a nature walk with your husband, kids, or even alone and see what awaits you....but take your camera because I want to see too!

Happy walking!


Anonymous said...

I love your country road!! we don't have that many around here! My daughter is better.. I drove up to the school gave her some children's tums & she said she was ready to go back to class! little stincker!!

TattingChic said...

WHat a charming country road. You are indeed blessed to have such beauty all around you.

Julie said...

I used to live in a much more country atmosphere. I loved to listen to the killdeer birds and watch the mommy birds when we got close to the baby's. I will never forget the sights, scents, and feelings associated with a good walk in nature. We hike now as a family, but we usually have to go more in the mountains or further away from our home. I don't miss the dust that was always in my home growing up, but I do miss the country. Thanks for sharing the flowers. That is an added bonus. Have a sun-shiney day!! Julie

Andrea said...

I wish we lived out in the country. Looks like you have such a nice place to walk around and take in all of God's marvelous nature he created for us to enjoy! I liked seeing all your wildflower photos. Some of those I wouldn't have even known names for.


Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

Nothing better than an old country road!!!! The peacefulness of it is so soul-satisfying!!!! You are right -- the birds, the flowers, the trees are so beautiful, especially this time of year. Love the pictures!!!! Cora

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

I love your perspective, Julie! The best way to view creation is with awe and thankfulness to the creator.

Your photos are lovely! What a special time of learning and bonding with your daughter. Those are the truly magnificent moments of life.


Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

I just checked and I did say Julie. Okay thats it. I'm signing out. I'll just read or something until I hear him breathing deeply. LOL Sorry I'm such a goof tonight!


Kindra said...

I love the pictures of your walk...weeds and all. My friend and I used to eat buttercups when we were glad there were no pestisides on them. :)

My hubby and I are spending the day together on Saturday. On our agenda is a walking trail by the Missouri river. Can't wait!