Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Tag, an Award, and Followers?

Sue (The Cotton Patch) recently tagged me. This is the first type of tag that I've done like this and it was actually really fun anticipating what I would find (and maybe a little scary) in my folder for the tag. Here's how it works: You go to the place in your computer where you store your pictures, you look in the fourth folder, and find the fourth picture there and post it. My search made me find a picture that I hadn't seen in awhile and I had to say awww...she's grown up so much! It was Joy posing on the steps of a really cute country church not too far from us. I took the picture in sepia tone. Here it is:

She always has been my little poser!

And second of all, I received the lemonade award from my friend, Becca (Folk Art from the Harbor). Now of course, the rules say I should award it to ten blogs and such, but I've decided to do the same as so many of my fellow bloggers. I am always honored to receive such awards and thankful for the thoughtfulness! I will always graciously accept any awards sent my way and display them on my blog, but I really have a hard time narrowing it down to a few blogs. I think each blog is special in its own way and I love to visit them all. Therefore, I always invite any of my visiting bloggers to take the award for themselves.

The same way with tags....I will do my best to participate in tags as I really do enjoy them, but instead of tagging people, I will invite any interested to join in and take part if they wish. But always, I'm very grateful for the thoughtfulness in including me! So if you're up to it, go find your fourth folder in your pictures, and the fourth picture there and show us what's stored in your computer! :)

And on to my next subject today.....followers. I suppose I've not fully understood the whole following thing. To me, including the blogs that I love to visit every chance I get on my blogroll was the same thing. I see so many adding the follower gadget to their blogs. I went back and read the meaning behind it and realize that it's showing that you are a fan of a certain blog (which still seems similiar to blogrolls to me)! lol! Anyway, I've decided to take a few minutes later this week and go through my blogroll and add my folks as followers as well! I want you all to know that I'm a fan! add the gadget to my blog in the sidebar. If you would like to "become a follower", I'm honored. If you just (like I have been) enjoy stopping by and reading, but choose not to go that route....I'm still honored that you take a few minutes out of your day and thankful for your visits. And if I'm missing the whole point here, somebody can always clue me I'm not always up on the new technology..I just love to write!

And that's all for today, folks! Thanks so much for stopping by and for all your comments! I love them all! It's always a treat to find comments waiting for me! I hope you have a great Wednesday! :)


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Tammy,
I love that pic of cute!

I had to become a "no award" blogger because I just don't have the time anymore to chose other's but you know I always enjoyed it so....maybe I'll rethink about it and just post it and not chose like you do:)

Have a wonderful day, it's 8* here but cozy warm inside:)

Leslie said...

I'm also not doing the award and tags thing anymore. It was fun at first but then it got to be overwhelming trying to remember who had what award and which blog to post about. I would forget and miss people and then feel bad. I'm not a big person for chain e-mails and forwards, either, so it's just me! LOL

The Followers things gets me, too! LOL I started to add everyone that has the Follower's thing on their blog that I visit all of the time, just as like a back up. Just in case I loose my bookmarks or \my blog roll, they're saved through blogger! I thought I would use the Follower thing through the Dashboard more than I am. I like going to my Blog Roll and starting from where I left off and reading the newer posts. It's just easier for me.

Have a great day!


The Whites said...

What a great picture of Joy!

I received an award yesterday that I'm wondering what to do with! Your idea sounds good to me!

Have a great day!


Linda said...

What a sweet picture of Joy!!

I too feel like followers is rather redundant and just added it recently but don't use it either.

Have a great day!

Janene said...

Tammy~Your Joy is so pretty!
I love the sephia just transforms a picture somehow!

angie said...

a great pic~she's a beautiful girl!

Luke said...

I love Followers, and so I love being a follower of other blogs too [smile]. I assume others like the encouragement as much as I do.


Sue said...

I love that picture of Joy...and it was taken a while back. I can tell that she has grown since then. She is such a beautiful girl and her name fits her perfectly because I know she is a "JOY" to you.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Tammy, Congrats on the awards. Some of them are fun--but like you, I hate to pick out others to participate. That's HARD.

I 'follow' all of the blogs I want to keep up with. Then I go on my dashboard and ask for blog updates. It gives me all of my follower's new blogs that I can go into and see and comment (like yours). It's an easy way to follow blogs that you enjoy. You know when someone puts out a new post.


wrcdgc said...


Oh my gosh Joy is such a cutie. I love that picture. She has grwn up a lot since then.

I know what you mean about birthdays. My oldest Jessica turns 20 on the 5th of Feb. Ugh hard to believe I was preganant this time 20 years ago. :)

After looking at the Hutch pictures I am glad I chose to keep the blue one. Originally it was the one I wanted to sell. Thanks goodness I sent you that email. :)


Shellmo said...

Your daughter is just the cutest thing ever! My hubby & I are hoping to adopt a little girl. I love my stepson - but would love to have a girl to do "girlie" things with.

Zaroga said...

That is a great picture. I love the sepia tone.

I like your philosophy :-)

Sandy said...

Hi Tammy,

I LOVE the picture of Joy...she looks so young in the photo compared to what she looks today. And the sepia look always gives a picture that extra look.


Homespun Simplicity said...

Hi, Tammy,
What a sweet picture of Joy! She is so pretty! Have you gotten any snow there yet? We haven't--but I'm still wishing for some.
Have a great day/evening!

Anonymous said...

That sure is a darling picture of Joy Tammy! She's a lil cutie in that picture and is a really pretty young girl nowadays too! I love sephia tones in pictures..

I'm still in the thinking stages of starting my blog... Hopefully I will start on making one, one of these days soon!

Have a great day!

Love & Blessings,

Terry said...

What a sweet picture. She is such a beautiful girl.
I never understood the follower thing either, so I didn't do it.
Stay warm!

Sandy said...

I am hoping to get my "12 Days of Valentines" posted tomorrow. When I told the girls and hubby I was doing it again this year they all said "YEAH" so I know it was a hit with all of them.

I went last night and purchased my little gifts from the Dollarstore. Each day (for the 12) they either get a small gift or a coupon. Like I said nothing major, just a little something from the Dollarstore. The coupon can be a privilege or a chore. Depends on which one they choose in the bucket. They can save their coupons and cash them in whenever they want as long they are cashed in before the last day. Last year I kicked it off with a very special Valentines breakfast but this year it starts off on a Tuesday so that means I will be kicking it off with some special Valentines Supper. I have to sit and plan it all out and make sure I have everything I need. Like I said, everyone loves it.

Also each day I have a homemade calendar and each day we do something together or something special. One day is called HUGS and KISSES day...all day long you are to give hugs and kisses to the ones you love. And then at supper time I had a large kiss and some small hugs and kisses chocolates sitting at their place setting. They all loved it and alot more hugs and kisses were given out that day. It was to cute :)
I also wrote each one a special note and tucked it into their lunches so when lunch time came around they had a love note from me telling them how much I loved them and to have a great day. Last year my husband was very touched by this. Just a little something like that means the world to them. I won't tell you it all but gives a idea what I am doing.

Once I find my bucket I will get it all out and like I said get it posted on my blog so if someone else wants to do it they can. It would be fun to see how many people take the idea and run with it.

I hope you are staying warm...we are trying here. I so can't wait for Spring :)


Sandy said...

Oh...I forgot...did you want me to email you the tree pattern again?
I can if you want...

Anonymous said...

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