Monday, January 26, 2009

Jammin' Session in the Loft

You see Joy alot on here, and probably wonder, what about Colt? Well, believe me when he was Joy's age, if I had a blog, he would be on it alot. He was right there with me all the time like she is now. However, these days, he's so busy with working, school and spending spare time with his girlfriend or buddies. Besides late nights, Sunday afternoons are some of those times that we do actually get to see him or spend time with him.

Last night we didn't have church services, so Colt and his girlfriend, Amber, along with her brother, Christian, came over. All three of them are involved with singing and playing instruments in church. They went upstairs to the loft which serves multi purposes. It is our library, computer nook, scrapbooking corner, and playroom. So with that said, you can imagine that it gets lots of use, and honestly it is rarely ever real tidy. So you're going to see what this may look like at any given time. I would love to have one of those organizing people come and work wonders up there! Well enough about that. Back to last night...Colt, Amber, and Christian filled the house with music. Colt and Christian both play guitar and drums, so they each had a turn at both. Amber was singing. Some of the songs we heard them do are playing on the playlist today. I really enjoy when Colt has friends over to play music. Yes, it's loud (especially being overhead), but I love music, and love hearing them! I love having him here!


Shellmo said...

I think that would be fun listening to live music! Especially from your own son!
My stepson is learning to play the clarinet so I don't think we'll be having any jamming sessions here - LOL!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh how neat, Tammy. I grew up in a very musical family. My older brothers would bring friends in and they'd be singing and playing instruments for hours and hours. I played the piano, the clarinet and also sang----so there's always been alot of music around my life.

Thanks for a great post.

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

It is so much fun having live music at home isn't it. My Hubby plays lead guitar and some times a couple of friends come over to play, not as much as they used too, we lost 1 of his buddies last year, age does get in the way. So sad that none of my 3 boys took up jokingly say the only thing they can play is the radio, then only with instructions. Enjoy them as long as possible.

country gal said...


I love it when Colt brings his friends out to play music! Amber sounded so beautiful!

Love ya!

Love, Joy :)

CozyCoops Corner said...

How fun ! I bet it's great hearing them up there !:-)

Janene said...

It is so nice that you have a place like that where your kids can have their friends over and feel right at home!
Looks like they were having a great time!
And from reading Joy's comment, she enjoyed it too!

Kindra said...

My hubby plays the electric guitar so I know how that noise carries through the house. :) But I sure enjoy it. It's so great to see that your son and friends are inspired to be creative in their "free" time. :)

wrcdgc said...

Before my parents divorced my Dad used to play music all the time. I can remember family always being over and they would play country and blue grass music all night long. Most of the pictures we have of my Dad he has a guitar in his hand. I love to hear music also but with two teen girls trying to blast out the other sometimes I love the silence. :)


Daffodil Hill said...

I love listening to young people jamming and having fun. Your blog always stirs wonderful memories for me. Jonathan was a drummer, Stephen plays guitar, and both of my girls have beautiful voices. Enjoy these special moments while you can. They are precious.

Anonymous said...

Tammy, I always loved it when our kids would have their friends over and have a "jam" session! I'm like you, I loved and still love hearing them play! Our daughter plays the alto sax, guitar, organ, piano, clarinet and trumpet.. Michele went to All States in High School, playing a certain instrument that she didn't have much practice on at all.. Her main instrument was an alto saxophone, but this was an instrument alot smaller than her saxophone. I'm not familiar with the name of that instrument now..

Daniel plays the drums and electric guitar and acoustic guitar, and some on the piano. He played the quads in his high school Marching Band.. Sooo great sounding, but, oooohh soo heavy!!

Our middle son Jamie, sings. He went to All States in his senior year for singing.. He belongs to an all male choir in San Jose now. I haven't heard them sing, but I bet they sound wonderful! I always enjoyed hearing him sing around the house, and especially before his school concert's.. He got a standing ovation the last time he sang at his high school.. He was a senior.
He still recalls how he felt when everyone stood up... after hearing him sing his songs..That was back in 1990...

I think music is so great for anyone! My hubby plays the mandolin, guitar's, and 5 string banjo... I never really learned to play an instrument, but have played the piano and guitar a little.. Just messing around on them, nothing remotely recognizable though..

Have a great day Tammy!
Love & Blessings,

ohiofarmgirl said...

Looks like a lot of fun...we like it when the kids have their friends over too.Dianntha
ps...I haven't stained the other shutter doors just yet....for some reason I am moving slow...or is it I am too busy???lol

country gal said...

Hey Mom,

Come on over to my have an award!!!

Love, Joy =D

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Wonderful blog! LOVe the cats! Enjoyed my visit!


Jay said...

That would be fun listening to live music! I have just started learning to play guitar online at and need all the help I can get.