Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Adventures of Matty and Bambi

Our cats have it made. We often pass by them lounging so leisurely on the back of the couch or on the ledge of our loft or turned upside down on the edge of the bed, and we say, "oh to have it so easy".

As it turns out, their mother (which we named Mabel) knew exactly what she was doing. June of 2007, their mother delivered them along with three other kittens in our shed. She immediately liked us (well of course we had to feed her), and carted her kittens here and there around our yard hiding them and nursing them. She hid two of them underneath my dad's truck (tucked under a fender somehow) and they ended up going to work with my dad (unknowingly) and we never knew what happened to them. The other one, Tiger, was a little too mischievious for his own good. He wandered off one day and never returned. So, we were left with the two sisters which Joy named Bambi and Matty.

Mabel was a spunky, dog-despising, gutsy little thing. She managed to get into one too many scrambles with the wrong dog and received injuries from which she never recovered. So, when she died, the two kittens were just weaned. Joy instantly became their mother. By this time it was September or October. Well, when November came around and it started getting cold, we just couldn't stand to see them at our door "wishing" to come in. They looked so pitiful. So we took them to the vet, got their shots, bathed, treated for fleas, and brought them into their new home. I'll never forget that first day. They were walking around amazed at their new pad! But of course, it didn't take them long at all to become accustomed to their new life. I often think how pleased Mabel would be to know two of her babies made well with their lives! lol!

Today I'm going to share a little bit of the "easy life" of Matty and Bambi. Matty is the black one. Bambi is the grey striped one. For the most part, they are good cats, and entertain us thoroughly.

They're never at a shortage for lovin' and they are rotten!

No opposum has anything on her....Matty will play dead. lol! Joy just flops her over on her back and there she stays.

Then there's the times that we just have to annoy them a little. We turned on our Robomaid and they weren't too sure about that.

They love to play dress up; Can't you tell? :)

Bambi especially loves Polly Pockets and all their clothes. We put them upstairs and she drags them right back downstairs and plays with them. She's a girly cat.

Apparently, Groovy Girls are more Matty's style. She's was caught lounging in the groovy girl tent.

Bambi "thinks" she can play the piano. We're trying to teach her chopsticks.

Occasionally a furry visitor makes it in from the fields around the house, and they enjoy "toying" with the poor thing. (Please disregard the dusty floors...we were putting out Christmas stuff at this time...we had boxes everywhere with lots of dust!)

After all that playing, a nap on the sunporch is nice.

Or maybe in that sunny spot in the bedroom.

Then maybe lie in the windowsill and see what's happening to the not-so-lucky creatures out in the big world.

Ah....this is the life!


Janene said...

Ahhh! To live the life of a cat! Wouldn't that we wonderful!
I really enjoyed this post...Your daughter loves those kitties, it shows on her face!
Have a great weekend!

Zaroga said...

Wonderful pictures of cute cats. A very enjoyable post.

Your letter is H. I hope that isn't too hard. I had a hard time with G.

Shellmo said...

Those 2 beautiful kitties have it made! I enjoyed all these photos - laughed at the one w/ the kitty on its back - too cute! And What a great life they have! What's that saying - you can never own a cat - but a cat owns you? LOL!

CozyCoops Corner said...

What a fun post ! Great pictures of your kitties too! Looks like they have a pretty comfy life !:-)

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Tammy ~ I just love the pics of them cute little kitties...I can tell Joy has a blast with them and loves them to pieces!


Dawn said...

What lucky kitties!! Meow, Dawn

Jo-Anne said...

What precious kitties. They are lucky to have you for their "people".

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cute post, Tammy, of your cute little kitties.. I've heard of the "Life of Riley"---but now I need to think about the Life of Matty and Bambi!!! ha

Have a great Sunday.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh you have beautiful maine coon kittys.your gray one looks just like our Pody Ann and she sleeps like that too..on her back..they are so cute..thanks for sharing your furrys with us...that was soooooo nice to see..
Gina ;)

country gal said...


They have it made, don't they? lol!

I remember when Mable was still alive, I was on the pool deck with all the kittens, and one of the mean dogs started coming towards me and I started crying....Mable chased that big 'ole dog off!!!

Love, Joy :)

The Whites said...

I have thought about doing a similar post. We don't think our cat Stripes even realizes he is a cat!

They do lead leisurely lives that's for sure!


Homespun Simplicity said...

Hi, Tammy,
I really enjoyed reading about your cats. I especially liked the pictures of them all dressed up--and Bambi with the Polly Pockets clothes in her mouth. SO CUTE!

Amber, my daughter, is SO glad to have found Joy. She loves chatting back and forth with her! :-)


Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

I loved all the kitty pictures! I put a pic of my white kitty in a post this past year of him playing dead too! Goodness sakes, they have us trained!!

Linda said...

Awwwwwwww I love those kitties pics! I love kitties but Jay is very allergic so none for us. Joy looks like she is has fallen in love that's for sure!!

the primitive country bug said...

Oh Tammy, your kitties are so cute. We just went through quite a time with one of our little ones. Thankfully, we hope she's finally on the mend.

I really enjoyed looking at your fun photo's of your kitties. they brought smiles to my face.

Hope you'll stop by to visit sometime. Hugs & blessings to you~ Birgit

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Tammy; What a cute story. Your cats are so beautiful, the black one is just gorgeous. I love all the photos of them how cute they are, we used to have a cat and she was such a funny little thing, miss her lots. but now we have two doggies to keep ups up and running... lol


Anonymous said...

Aww those are the cutest kitties =D

Stephanie said...

How cute & fun that you can dress up your cats! Very clever !!
Thank you for the nice words you left about my daughter, she is very excited about getting her dress. One of those is similiar to what she actually picked out!!
Have a great Sunday ,

Green Gables Girl said...

Although we're "dog" people, this was so fun to see! Love the ones where they're wearing the little knit hats! :)

Thank you for the birthday wishes...

And because of Joy along with her other penpal, I have just caved under the pressure...hehe...and started a blog for my daughter too!
But her's is by invitation only so am going to e-mail it to you and Joy!

Country*Road*Primitives said...

LOL!! I loved looking at your pictures :) Sweet ~ You are blessed... xox

Anonymous said...

Tammy, what a wonderful post!! Looooveee the kitties so much, I wish I could come and visit so I could pet and play with them....I am SUCH a cat person...if they didn't shed so much, I would be that crazy cat lady with 20 cats in my house, LOLOL! Can never get enough pics of cats, thanks for sharing!! My cat is very spoiled too!!


wrcdgc said...

Those are some lucky and beautiful cats. I love the black cat I had one the looked a lot like her when I was about Joy's age. Joy makes a good Mother.


Daffodil Hill said...

Love the cats! They are adorable!