Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Whatcha Workin' on Wednesday

It's been awhile since I've participated in Leslie's Whatcha Workin' on Wednesday. I really haven't been up to anything crafty or especially interesting, but I decided to go ahead and bore you with something anyway! :)

Remember the desk that Jason (I mean Santa) made for Joy? Well it has been painted and finally moved into her room. We found a wall for it. Now this is just a peek at it, because it will look totally different when you see it all together. It will have a "window" above it on the wall. Actually it's framed to look like a window with each pane being a bulletin board. Then at the bottom of the window is a "window box" to hold stuff. There will also be a little added back to the desk against the wall of cubbie holes for additional stuff. But this is the basic desk. Joy is especially excited that she will have a place for the computer her brother passed down to her.

Here's a little closer look at the desk. Can you see the trim? I love this trim that Jason used! It goes in her room really well.

Probably the thing Jason and I have been working on mostly around here is our willpower, determination, and self control. Like alot of you are doing, we are trying to be healthier. We wanted to exercise everyday and drop some pounds!

So this has become a daily friend......our gazelle. I really don't mind it all. I like to think while riding it. Actually, I feel so much better when I start exercising. Jason and I are encouraging each other!

And these have become very close friends.....(I love this cinnamon pecan flavor)!

I guess you could say we're doing a combination of a Special K diet and Weight Watchers. We kind of keep up with points, but for me, it's easy to follow the Special K cereal twice a day and eat a normal meal once a day. Of course, I get a couple of breakfast bars throughout the day if I want or need them. Jason is doing the same. He, of course, gets to eat more than me!

So far, Jason has lost about 11 lbs and I have lost 10.5 lbs. And yes, that .5 is very important to me! lol! I know I only need to weigh every week, but that's hard. I tend to step on those scales everyday and I'm impatient...I want to see it go down everyday, which I know isn't supposed to happen. We've lost this amount in four weeks, so I think that's pretty normal.

Jason wants to lose about 20 lbs more. I want to lose about 10-13 pounds more. So that's what we're working on around here......lots of self discipline! :)

Be sure and check out what everyone is up to with Leslie's Watcha Workin' on Wednesday! :)


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Tammy,
I'm doing the same and I'll have to try the pecan one, right now I'm eating the almond which is really good!

The desk is wonderful and the trim is so delicate great for Joy to have a place for her lap top:)

Have a wonderful day!

Kath said...

Hi Tammy!
Joy's desk is wonderful!
Jason did a beautiful job on always :)

I have a gazelle too, it's actually FUN to use! although I admit, I don't use the tension shocks-it's too hard for me :)
Do you?
You guys are doin great!!!
Keep it up-I think it makes it a lot easier having two people working together like that, rather than by yourself...
anyway---Great Job to both of ya! ;)

Have a wonderful day,

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great post, Tammy... Good luck with your exercise and healthy eating.. Cinnamon is so good for us!!!!

Love that little table.. Can't wait to see what comes next!!

The Whites said...

Beautiful desk and way to go on the weight loss! I really need to start exercising so I'll have more energy!


Bobbi Jo said...

The desk is cute! Good luck with the healthy eating and exercise. I does feel good doesn't it. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Shellmo said...

I have that same exercise machine you do! I love it! A little more exciting than the treadmill in my opinion. Joy's desk is wonderful!

wrcdgc said...

Ummm your Santa must be different than mine. :) Your Santa builds mine just finds things. The desk is beautiful, I love it! It's hard to tell online I was wondering what color is it? I know Joy is going to get a lot of use out of it. I can't wait to see it with the window.

Congratulations on the weight loss! I think being healthier is always a plus. :)


Tami said...

The desk is cute and it sounds like it will be really adorable when completed.

We are getting healthy too! No, Special K, lots of oats or cherrios! ;o)

Have a wonderful day!

Leslie said...

I like Joy's desk! How wonderful :)

DH and I love Special K Red Berries. The yogurt one is yummy, too.

Have a great night :)


basketsnprims said...

Tammy, Jason did a fantastic job on Joy's desk and I love the trim. When you get the window/bulletin board up her room will be every little girl's dream. Good luck witht the weight loss, you two are doing great. Have a great evening.


Colleen said...

Way to go, Tammy! And that new desk turned out so well...

Raggedy Angel said...

Ya'll are doing twq are gonna be a couple of hot bodies before spring! Beth

Linda said...

The desk came out so nice. Jason is so talented. What treasure that will be for Joy!

And congrats on the weight loss! Very good!

Anonymous said...

Tammy, Joy's desk is really beautiful and I love the trim that is on it! So pretty! Santa sure does have great taste!! :)

It sure was nice of Colt to give Joy his old laptop... and that Joy has her own laptop now too..which makes it so nice! And..I absolutely *LOVE* your new laptop Tammy! Sooo pretty!! Bet you are really loving it too!! :)

Congrat's on both yours and Jason's weight loss! That is so good! Losing that amount in a month's time is fantastic!! I would love to have a gazelle. My neighbor across the street from me has one, and she loves it, and uses it daily! I use to have a treadmill, but think I'd like using the gazelle better.. We sold our manual treadmill, as it wasn't automatic..and was just too hard for me to use. I just didn't have the umph that it took to make it work right.

I'm still on Weight Watcher's. I made my goal weight back in June, but gained 3 pounds over my goal pounds, and had to pay for a couple weeks. I am now back to my goal weight and back to not having to pay once again..Now, if I can stay and do the Lifetime member mateience program the right way is the next question! Sometimes, I find that it's easier to lose the weight instead of trying to maintain goal weight.. Wish me luck Tammy!! Your kellogs cereal sure does sound good! I will have to pick me up some today to try out when I stop at the grocery store! I usually have Total cereal most every morning..

Have a great day too Tammy! You & Jason keep up the great work!! You both are doing absolutely wonderful on your diets!!

Love & Blessings,

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Tammy...congrats on the weight loss...that's fantastic!

Have a great day!

Zaroga said...

The desk is beautiful... love the trim.

Congrats on losing the weight.

Angie said...


I love the desk and the fact that her daddy made if for her is so special. Oh, I don't know if I could do that gazelle..I am so not coordinated! :-) I am fitting in exercise as much as I can and I am working on moderation when eating. It's hard cause I just love to cook and bake (and eat!). Congrats on your weight loss...that is just awesome!

Love, Angie

p.s. I am using Handwriting Without Tears for my son, too. It has turned out to be much easier to teach him cursive with this!

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Wow! You are Jason are doing so well. That has been such an encouragement to me. Thank you so much for sharing. I know I need to change my eating habits a bit. I still eat like a 20 year old ... at 43! Not a good thing! I'm getting Miss Piggy legs. LOL

Well that desk is just gorgeous. I can't believe that trim. Those little details just make such a difference. Love it!

Keep up the good work!