Friday, January 16, 2009

Laptop Research and Reviews

We've been looking at laptop computers in stores and online. Of course, we've asked the sales reps what their picks were, which computers seemed to come back more for repairs and such and got a few varied answers, yet most seem to put HP, Dell and Toshiba at the top of their list. We now own two Dells, one desktop and one laptop. The desktop is still fine, although the resolution has improved in newer computers. However, our laptop is probably in its last days, although it has been a very good computer. It has seen lots of use and probably abuse as it has been hauled everywhere and used by the whole family at times. It's doing some strange things lately though, so we're in the market for a new one. So this brings me to our search again. Like we are with anything, we have to thoroughly research our options before we will sink any money into it. We plan to purchase in a month or two.

We have pretty much narrowed our search down to Dell and Toshiba. I'm pretty sure I want a 17" screen since this laptop will pretty much be staying at home (except for maybe when we travel). Isn't this red pretty? After all, red IS my favorite color!

But then this Toshiba gives you just about the same features (very very close) for less money. It's not the pretty red, but I don't want to choose a laptop based on color only. (The exterior of this one is called onyx blue).

So I'm asking you all....what type of laptop do you have? Why do you like it? Can anyone compare Toshiba and Dell? All reviews are requested and welcomed! I can't wait to hear from you!

And I'd like to thank everyone for the comments on yesterday's post. I appreciate the new "followers" as well! I hope you all have a great weekend! Stay warm! :)


Kath said...

Good Morning!
I have a's a 17" and it's RED! LOL! I didn't just choose it based on the color ALONE;)
I got the 17" not only because of the screen-which is great, but I needed to have the the "numbers" key pad on it-for bookkeeping and and number crunching...makes it so much fast-in my opinion.
I can't speak for Toshiba, I haven't used one, my S & BIL have a Tosiba Notebook tho and they seem to like it.
I have an HP desk the office, Have had that thing for years....I haven't had ONE SINGLE problem with it...I think DELL and HP are both good ones...
Good Luck with your 'search' :)

Enjoy your day!


Linda said...

My hubby uses a Dell laptop for his work and it has tons of software added and does things we wouldn't think of doing on a personal computer and he swears by it. We have used it all over the place and last year he flew halfway across the country weekly and that thing went on buses, trains, and planes and it still runs like a dream.

basketsnprims said...

Hi, Tammy. I still use a desktop but both of our daughters have Dell laptops and our son just got a new laptop, the new MacIntosh that just came out and they all love them. Good Luck. My next one will be a laptop. I stil have the bulky monitor but everything runs like a dream (knock on wood) so I will keep it until it runs no more.


Sandy said...

Hi Tammy,

From my past experience, I will never purchase a Toshiba again. My first laptop was a Toshiba and it would keep heating up on me. And we started having other problems with it. It was only 6 months old. My husband called the company, they were very rude and claimed there was nothing they could do for us. We called them 3 times demanding to speak to someone hire up but got no customer service and like I said they were very rude with us. Could care less to help. So hubby went back to the store where we bought it and they were nice enough to take it back and we went with a Dell. I love it! I have not had any problems at all with it. So we swore that we would never purchase a Toshiba again.


wrcdgc said...

Hi Tammy,

My daughter Jessica has an Apple MacBook. She loves it but the majority of my friends have the Dell. I haven't heard any complaints. Plus I like the red Dell. :) My house computer is only a couple of years old and it's still working great but it's a Gateway. I would definately go with an Apple or Dell.


Sandra said...

I'm actually looking for a laptop for myself right now.

One thing though, everyone that I know that has a DELL, has had nothing but problems with theirs, so I know for sure I'm not getting a DELL.

I'm probably going to end up getting a Sony Vaio or a Toshiba OR an HP...I want a pink one though LOL

But yeah, I'm going for the price and what it can do, because in case you didn't know yet, you CAN buy different color plates for the laptop, so you can get your red one after all :)

kim said...

We have the Dell Inspiron 1725 with 17" screen and it is great! I am sold on Dell but I still like HP. We got the kids a Dell 1525 for Christmas. So try for the Dell! take care Kim

Tammy said...

Hey Tammy...well, you knew I'd be giving advice on this, right? :)

As a brand new laptop owner, I have to say that I am loving my 17 " Toshiba! And knowing my husband, I'm guessing he researched it very well beforehand...(of course the after Thanksgiving deal helped a lot!)

How exciting that you'll also be getting a laptop soon!

The other Tammy

Berte said...

I've got a Compaq 16" notebook and I love it. It goes everywhere with so it's been banged around pretty much and keeps on ticking. I would think that just about every company has their lemons - you'll just have to find one that is a right fit for you to type on.
My kids have Macs and love them...too much for me.
Good luck finding the right match.
RiverBend Farm

Zaroga said...

About a year ago we bought a HP 17". I don't know the model number, but they change that so often that it doesn't matter :-) We hauled it all over on our trip last year. The only downside is that it is large and makes a bit heavy to tote into McDonalds to hook up with wifi. I do like the large screen for editing photos and viewing the web.

lindanuts said...

I'm guessing the color doesn't matter because they make all kinds of covers. I just have a desktop and it is a combination of Dell and HP parts. Works great for me. My Sara has a laptop--a Mac, I think--and she loves it. I know her new desktop is a Mac and she really loves it.
Good luck. Hope you find one that's right for you.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well Tammy--Whatever you get, I'm sure you'll love it. George and I are 'mac' people and they are SUPER.. I wouldn't go back to a PC for anything.. BUT--my son has a Dell and loves it!

Linda said...

Morning Tammy - We are not spoiled - we deserve those little things the guys do - just like they deserve the clean laundry and hot meaks we make sure they have right?!! Okaaaaaaaaay maybe just a little teeny bit spoiled... but we can't let them know that!! hehehehe

Have a great weekend!! hugs, Linda

In His service, Anne said...

We have a dell inspiron 1525, with a upgraded dual core processor. if you don't go with the upgraded processor, your laptop will be a little slow. I love it, we take it on trips, with broadband, we connect to the web in the car without a prob. My mil has a toshiba and hates it.

NanaNor's said...

Hi Tammy, I just got my hubby a laptop for Christmas because our desktop is old and slow and we were fighting over whose turn it was anyway. I knew I didn't want Vista because I know so many people who've had problems with it. I also wanted to give him the laptop on Christmas day and not wait. Unfortunately Dell was out of stock until the end of Jan. so I ended up getting a 15.5"Sony with XP. It is very nice and under $900. so I liked that part as well. I'm sure you'll enjoy whatever you get-we do and the laptop is so much faster than my old dinosaur. I got a smaller screen so we could take it on trips and it wouldn't be to heavy.
Have fun.

Shellmo said...

I have a Sony laptop which I like! But I've heard great things about Dell!

Heather said...

Hi Tammy, the first laptop we bought was a Toshiba. Within the first 2 months, the CD/DVD drive stopped working. It was still under warranty, so we got that fixed. Then about 6 months later, the "6" button on it fell off and we could not get it back on. I will never buy another Toshiba. We bought a Dell 1525 last fall, and I love it. It has the 17" screen and the duo processor...oh and it's pink I highly recommend a Dell. Have a great day! Heather

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Sadly, I don't much about them but I sure do enjoy a laptop. I borrow my son's whenever I can. I can hardly wait until springtime to enjoy the front porch and my friends all at the same time!

I think I would like a hot pink one if I could choose!