Thursday, January 29, 2009

It Snowed! Yay!

We've been doing a little pouting around here because we wanted snow! It seems like it goes all around us and like we're in a little hole that just never gets the snow! Sometimes, we get the freezing rain or sleet, and even worse, ice, but rarely snow. We're lucky if we get one light dusting of snow a year....well I would rather say, blessed. :)

Last night it was predicted, but we've come to not put too much stock into those predictions! But I know many a public school child (yes, our local schools close down for this) that was very happy this morning! It started off as rain last night, turned to some freezing rain, then a little ice, and then we had snow on top of that this morning. Now, I know all of you that have so much snow are going to laugh at my pictures, but I assure you it made us very happy! It's a dusting of snow; However, we had accumulations in places.

Of course, we HAD to go out and play this morning...even homeschooled kids get a snow day! :) Colt opted to stay in his warm bed (he didn't have college classes either).

I thought the snow looked so pretty dusting everything! You can see here in the background where there was alot of rain first (over near my mom and dad's house):

And over at my mom and dad's house on their old lawnmower.

The trees looked so pretty too, but unfortunately, the power lines looked like this too. I'm afraid some folks a little north of us lost power. I'm thankful we didn't. As a matter of fact, our friends, Betty and Richard, in the foothills of the Ozarks, are without electricity and they're saying they may be for a couple of weeks.

Out in the fields behind the house is where we usually go 4-wheeler riding when it snows, but when Jason got home to take Joy out for a ride, the battery was dead, so they didn't get to go.

I did manage to get Joy to pose for a couple of pictures.

...but I had to put the camera away pretty quickly because she found a giant pile of snow up on my dad's pontoon and it was ON!

After this, she reasoned that there would be drifts of snow up on the pool deck, so we had to climb over the gate to get up there (the gate was frozen shut). Our snowball fight got the attention of a little furry visitor that came wandering over from next door and....well you know Joy (and I) were suckered!

I thought, "Oh no, we've just acquired another dog, but after "Jack" (so Joy called him) got his lovin', he trotted back off into the field toward the house below. The neighbors have several dogs, but I had never seen this one.

We enjoyed his little visit though and we really enjoyed our little snow. Thanks for indulging our excitement! :)


Leslie said...

Looks like a fun time :)

My kiddos insisted on going outside last night. They always like to play when Jer's cleaning the driveway. It was soooo windy, though. Looked like a dang blizzard! LOL They had their fun, though :)

I honestly looked over that pineapple so many times before. I think I have seen it there for a good 4 months! It finally clicked in my head that it would be perfect with a little paint. I love it! You just have to go into the TS with the thought in mind that you're going to go home and paint :) I look at the shape of things and not so much what they are or what they were for. (I think I am using a box that holds that large matches for lighting fires to hold my toilet brush in the bathroom! LOL)

Have a great day :)


Jenn said...

Awww, what a great post! Sometimes a dusting is the prettiest snow of all! Snow days are always fun eh!!

Enjoy your day and your snow:)

Kath said...

YAY!!!!! I'm sooo happy you got your snow!! :)
Love the pictures, Joy looks so pretty in her winter attire!!

Have a wonderful day!


Janene said...

Snow is fun no matter how little there is!
It looks like you and Joy had a blast out in the snow! Ahhh the memories you have created!
Opps! I forgot to do my letter! I will do that tomorrow!

CozyCoops Corner said...

Any little bit of snow is fun ! Those are great pictures and it looks like you had a great time out there. I like the furry visitor too. He's cute !
Enjoy your day !
Janae :-)

basketsnprims said...

What pretty pictures and I'm glad you got your snow. Joy looks so cute, all smiles. Have a great day.


Kindra said...

Hi Tammy!

The snow looks pretty in your area. I'm pretty much ready for spring though. LOL I always smile when I see a picture of Joy. She looks so happy. :)

Oh and I'll play along with your "letter game". I loved your list of H's. :)Just let me know my letter. I'll probably get to it next week.

Shellmo said...

Your home looks so beautiful w/ that dusting of white snow! And every time I see your split rail fence, I'm tugging on my hubby's arm telling him we need one of those! Hope the rest of your snow day is just as fun!

country gal said...

I love's pretty, fun, fun, did I mention FUN? lol!

Love ya,

Love, Joy

Sue said...

You and I are SO MUCH alike! I get excited seeing a few flurries because we rarely see any here. I loved seeing your pictures. I'm still hoping that we will get one snow this winter.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy!
How fun that snow looks! We haven't gotten ANY winter in our part of NM this year. Usually we get 1 or 2 light snows, but nothing so far for us, and no rain either. We are desperate!
I know you and Joy had a great time with the snowball fights.
Have a great day,
Janet A.

wrcdgc said...

UGH! I can't get any snow. It snows above us, under us, and beside us BUT nothing here. Give me Snow or give me Spring!

I love the yard you have. Your home is gorgeous! Oh I loved the pup also. :)


Anonymous said...

Tammy, I'm so glad that you finally got some snow your way too! :) It is so very pretty to look at and play in too! I always loved being outside in it when the snowflakes were lightly falling down..

Love your photo's! Looks like you and Joy had a really fun time out in the snow! My kids always loved to start those SnowBall fights too! I recall throwing some pretty good snowballs right back at them too! ;) Lots of fun, & great memories!!

You and your family have a great weekend Tammy!!

Love & Blessings,

The Whites said...

What pretty pictures!

When it snows here my kids always ask me if the "regular" schools are out. Yep, homeschooled kids deserve a snow day too!


Katy said...

Congrats on the snow!!!! I'll try and send some of ours down your way...for alas, I think we have toooo much!!! LOL :)

Laura of Harvest Lane said...

We had snow this week, too. We were thrilled. We've been wishing for it, too. We live in SW Mo on the edge of the Ozarks.

I like your blog. I'm adding you to my blog list. Come on over for a visit!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

the snow is so pretty no matter how much or how little there is...your daughter is just the prettiest..she has such a beautiful smile..glad you were able to enjoy a "snow" day..take care...:)
our state shuts down for a tracing too...:)

Amber said...

Hi, Mrs. Tammy,
I have an award at my blog for you.
Thanks for writing me. I love Joy's blog.

Linda said...

That's the perfect amount of snow! It looks so pretty like that - and then it glistens when the sun comes out. We have so much, therer is no place to plow it now and it's getting dangerous. YOu can see past the snow banks to pull out of your driveway or street.

I feel so for your friends in the Ozarks. I hope they know to drain their pipes so they don't freeze and busrt. In the Dec ice storm here where people lost it for a week or more, many people had that happen. I hope they have some way to get heat as well. I'll keep them in my thoughts.

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Tammy ~ it looks like you guys had a fun time in the snow! I really miss playing in when the kids were all I worry about is where to put it all!

Stay warm!

Zaroga said...

It looks like y'all enjoyed your dusting of snow. I enjoyed the pictures.

Angie said...

Hello, my friend! I am glad you finally got some snow..I know how much you have wanted some! We got about 11" out here..and it is really pretty. The kids have been home so we have had lots of quality time..I have so enjoyed it! I am not homeschooling (as of yet)but I have started my research..and I have already started doing some lessons with my son (handwriting and spelling) so that he may catch up a bit at school. He seems to enjoy me teaching him and I feel encouraged. I think ultimately it may be in our cards. I always worry that if I don't do all I can now..he won't experience the success in learning that I know he is capable of achieving. Now, too bad I can't FedEx Joy some of this snow...

Have fun & stay warm! ~Angie

p.s. praying for your dear friends that they don't have to go weeks without power..that is just too long...

Julie said...

I like snow--most of the time. If it's off the roads and sidewalks. The girls love playing in post. Have a great day. Julie

Carrie said...

Hi Tammy!!

I am so glad to hear that you all got some of the white stuff!! I know I was kinda feeling left out in the whole snow things as well. Up until Monday all we got was the bitter cold and very little snow.

But I am glad to say we now have about 9 inches on the ground. Which is fine, now that the roads are clear but the last two days have been crazy commutes!!

BTW, love the pics. Looks like you all were having a good time!! And Joy is TOO cute!!

Hugs!! Carrie♥

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Tammy... Glad you got some snow. We feel like the snow goes around us alot also. It will be north of us --west of us--east of us--and sometimes even south of us... Drives me crazy!!!!

We got a little snow this week also--but not as much as we had last week, although that wasn't too much either. Maybe--one of these days--we'll have a big one. I just want ONE big snow and then I'll be ready for spring.

Enjoy it!!!

lindanuts said...

We see the neighbor kids out playing and the snowmobiles going around. Actually, they are easier to hear than see. The dogs go crazy when they are in our neighborhood. And the dogs love to get out in the snow and run around. We've had so many snow days, the kids will be going to school in June!!!

JenW!~ said...

It's fun playing in the snow when ya don't have all the ice that goes with it. looks like you had a grand time. I'll trade ya. You can have all of our snow and I'll take your little bitty bit.

Back in the Day said...

You guys sound like us! We get a tiny dusting of snow and we go crazy! Schools are shut down, businesses close, yep we are in the same boat. We had a little snow a few weeks ago and it had started melting by the afternoon. Definately nothing like they were getting up north! But still fun to play in!

Marcia said...

Oh how fun. We had over a foot of snow the week before Christmas, but none since. Homeschooling is so nice when snow days come along, isn't it? Thanks for sharing.

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Everything looks so pretty! Isn't is amazing how a little snow transforms our every day world into something just a little extra special?

So glad you both enjoyed your snow day!


Anonymous said...

What a great post the pictures. They are perfect.
Joy looks so cute all dressed in red and having lots of fun..and Colt was a smart man, staying snug and warm in his
luv Ann.xx

Blessed Beyond said...

I love your pictures. We had some of the winter weather here too finally. I was so happy, and we all the snow we had was a slight dusting. Yes, we are an adoptive family too. I can't contain how happy and blessed I am to have been given the gift of adoption and being choosen as an Adoptive Mom. It makes me feel so happy and proud to know that God trusted me with them! Sorry about that, I can go on and on. All the snow pictures are wonderful! Hugs and Blessings,

Anonymous said...

Hey, Tammy. We still don't have any power and it will probably be a week or two more before it is restored. Thanks to Richard's generator, we can have electricity. Now I have my phone and my computer. Of course, without the generator, I don't have electricity for my computer. A few days ago, we had no power, no phone, no computer and no TV (ice had covered the dish). You can imagine what a horrible time I was having. Things are a little better now. Your blog is wonderful. Love, Betty