Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Woolie Apples

Good morning! I’m getting the idea from visiting many of my blogging friends that, like me, you’re ready for fall! As I type this, it’s a lazy rainy day which gives me just a hint of fall. It’s so fall(ish) and snug right now in our home, with the darker skies outside and the cozy lamplight inside.

Fall is my favorite season! I get excited just thinking about those cool crisp days and that certain look in the sky, the feeling in the air, and the sound of the cicadas/locusts in the background are really loud right as fall approaches.  That sound always takes me back to the sounds of cool nights at Grandmother and Grandaddy's house on the lake.  I especially love the colors of fall – all those gorgeous variation shades of red, orange and yellow!

With fall in mind, I wanted to share with you my newest purchase…….these woolie apples lovingly made by Trace of Granny Trace Scraps & Squares. I already have them displayed in my living room, in the treenware on my cedar chest coffee table.

There was no way I was putting these beauties away and waiting until the first of September (when I break out the rest of the fall décor). They make me smile every time I walk by them. Don’t you just love the colors? I sure do!

Speaking of Trace, or “Granny Trace” as she is known, she is a precious lady. She is one of my newer blogging friends that I’ve met over the last couple of months, but one I feel like I’ve known forever. I immediately thought of Trace as a “kindred spirit”. Many of you may already know her, but if so, maybe you'll learn a little more about her, and if you haven't met her yet, you’ll get the opportunity to do so tomorrow! She will be over here at Country Girl at Home for a Sunporch Chat. I love Trace’s heart…..it’s a heart anchored in the Lord Jesus and bubbling over with love and joy for family and home. Won’t you come join us tomorrow?

And thank you so much for stopping by today!

♥ Tammy ♥


Angela said...

Good morning Tammy, Loving those woolie apples from Trace. I have been blessed to have a few pieces of her work displayed here at the homeplace. I think after the summer most of us have had, we are all ready for fall. Yesterday there was a hint in the air. Can't wait to visit with you on the sunporch tomorrow. Have a blessed day.

Sandra said...

I love those apples, they are so cute :)

I'll definitely have to come back and get to know Trace better.


bettyj said...

Love Traces apples. I love her! Like you I felt she was a kindred spirit and we have been prayer partners. It is amazing how close you can feel to someone you haven't met. Felt the same about you before we met, now I feel even closer. Can't wait for the chat tomorrow. I am having surgery on my nose in the morning.A long procedure, but not serious. Basil cells removed.

Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

Love your apples!! Can't wait to visit tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

Autumn is my favorite season too. I am making myself wait till September to get out the "fallies" so hard to do!!! Love the apples ♥

Wendi said...

Cute! I am getting the fall bug too. It is hard not to when all the windows are open and it isn't 80*. Yes!

Enjoy your day!

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Fall is my favorite time of year too. Those apples are so cute, just the right colors for fall...and the cinnamon stick stem is the perfect touch. :)

Laura said...

Hi Tammy, the apples are really cute! I love them!! :) :)

~Sara said...

HI Tammy~ Love all of the apples! Trace makes some of the nicest creations. I love them in that trencher bowl that you have.Trace has the biggest heart, what a sweetheart. Can't wait for tomorrow. Blessings~ Sara

Fran. said...

I love Fall too Tammy! And Granny Trace' can really rock ut the woolies!! Your apples look great in the trench bowl and I don't blame you for not puting them away!! Too cool!! XOXO Fran.

Tina Leigh said...

It's so hot here and my mind will not focus on anything BUT FALL! That's what happens to me this time of year. I like to go to the mountains at the end of summer...it helps me get over the hump til Harvest Season gets here but I don't think that will be in the cards this year. Sigh....lusting after those apples!!

limestone columns said...

Loving those woolie apples from Trace. I too like Autumn.

- Herman Swan