Thursday, October 9, 2008

And the Winner is.............

First of all, let me say that I'm so sorry to keep any of you waiting! It certainly wasn't supposed to be that way! We had circumstances not expected, so the drawing of a name was a little different than what I anticipated.

It was supposed to be a typical Thursday around here (that's why I chose this time). We would take a break from school to draw out the winner. But instead we were at the Dr.'s office in town. My hubby, Jason, has been off work sick since Tuesday with bronchitis and a bursted blood vessel causing much pain in his leg....and the cure ended up being worse than the sickness...bless his heart! He had an allergic reaction to one of his medicines (which one we don't know) and he's just been sleep for him (or me for that matter). Good news was that he did not have a blood clot in his leg though! So long story shorter, we were back in the Dr.'s office this morning at 9:30 a.m., but we did take the laptop along with us so we could check for last minute comments before the drawing and add them to the bucket and choose a winner.

Here's the bucket of entries. We really did need the bucket (for room to mix them), as we actually had 181 entries total. Jason mixed them up really well numerous times!

Of course, Joy "had" to be the one to pull out a with eyes closed, she reached in.......and pulled out a winner!

Would you like to know who it was? hee! hee!

Okay, well it was..............

AnnaSam (It's Harvest Time)! Congratulations! I hope you love your goodies! I was looking on your blog and everything looks so fall festive at your house! I'm so glad these goodies are going to a great home! :) Email me from my profile with your shipping address and I'll do my best to get this out to you tomorrow!

Thanks to everyone that left such helpful ideas for us and especially for your kind comments! I appreciate each and every one! Thank you to all the faithful blog readers as well as those that just found me! Now I hope to catch up on blog reading and visit all of your blogs.....after a very unusual week! I'm having and forum...withdrawal! lol! We're supposed to be visiting our friends, Betty and Richard, this weekend in the Ozarks, so we're looking forward to fellowship and relaxation! (And did I mention that she has super fast internet's like computer heaven there!)

So "talk" to you all real soon! Thanks again and I hope you all have a wonderful day and upcoming weekend! I hope to be back posting again tomorrow!



Colleen said...

I'm so glad to hear that Jason is okay now, Tammy. What a trooper! Congrats to your lucky winner and thanks again for such an amazing giveaway.

Enjoy your trip!

AnnaSam said...

Yay!!! I'm a winner!!Thanks for the giveaway Tammy-I'm jumping around here looking like anidiot and calling everyone!! I just emailed you!Have a blessed day.

Janel said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Jason is not well but glad that he is on the mend:) Congratulations to AnnaSam on the giveaway! Have a great time on your trip!!

Heather's Stitches said...


Hope that your DH mends fast..Congrats to the Winner! Great goodies!


Jenn said...

Tammy, I hope Jason gets better fast! Congrats to AnnaSam:)

Shay said...

aww Sorry to hear Jason isn't well but that's wonderful he's on the mend!! Okay I'm dying to know where in the Ozarks!?! I'm from it would be nice if it was around that!! And~ Congrats to the winner!!

basketsnprims said...

Congrats to AnnaSam. Tammy, sorry your hubby isn't feeling well but glad he is on the mend, too.


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I hope Jason is feeling better soon Tammy and congrats to AnnaSam she so deserves to win your great giveaway. Have fun on your weekend with friends, we are going to be on the boat looking at the fall trees they are really getting colorful now:)

Kath said...

Congrats Annasam!!!
Lucky girl!

Tammy-Hope Jason is feeling 100% very soon.



JenW!~ said...

Sorry to hear Jason isn't feeling well but god to know he is on the mend. Congrats to AnnaSam for winning your giveaway

Linda said...

Congrats to the winner and I am so glad DH is OK! Blood clots are so scary so it's great it wasn't that. have a great visit with friends!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Wow, Tammy- what a terrific giveaway!!!
Congrats to AnnaSam!!

Anonymous said...


I'm glad Jason is feeling better. I hope you have a great weekend. After this week I'm sure it's needed! Thanks for including all of us in your give away. Congrats to Annasam.


Terry said...

Congratulations to Annasam!
So happy to hear that your hubby is on the mend. Oh that bursted blood vessel sounds so painful!
Have a wonderful trip!

WoolenSails said...

Glad your husband is ok and doing better.
Congratulations to Annasam for winning the beautiful prizes.


Back in the Day said...

Tammy, I am so glad to hear that your hubby is getting better! Sometimes it seems the medicines make us feel worse that we started out!

Sara said...

Hopefully Jason is feeling better soon!!!! I swear, its always worse when they are sick!!!

Congrats to annasam!!! Im green with envy.. jk!!! lol You won a terrific giveaway!!!! =]

Tammy said...

Oh no...I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's illness and complications! I am so glad he is finally on the mend!

Wow, you had so many entries! But it's no wonder, with such an incredible custom made prize! Congrats to the winner!

Now, before it's too late, come on over and enter my giveaway...I'm closing it at noon on Friday so hopefully you'll get a chance!


Tammy said...

Glad to hear that hubby is okay.

Congrats to Annasam. WTG Girl. Thank you Tammy for a wonderful giveaway.

Laurie from Amish Country said...

I hope your hubby heals quickly.
Congrats to the winner annasam!

Lynn said...

Just read about your hubby.. I am sorry to hear that he's been ill and that he had a bad reaction from one or more of his med's... Also real glad to hear there isn't a blood clot on his leg.

Glad to hear that he is on the mend now! I will keep Jason and you & your family in my prayers Tammy..

CONGRATULATIONS goes to ANNASAM for being the lucky winner of your wonderful giveaway!

Love & Blessings,

country gal said...

Congrats, AnnaSam!!!! I can tell you're excited!! Man, I was so scared about daddy having a blood clot I was hardly breathing when they did the test! I mean SCARED!!!! But I think Where we are going with all that fresh air will make him better!!!!!!! Love you!

Love, Joy =D