Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Kitchen Update

A few of you have asked how the kitchen was coming along, so I thought I would give you all an update today.

This past weekend, the only real visual accomplishment was the completion of the back door and pantry door and putting a little shine to the trimwork (hubby HAD to have this). We did come to some decision as far as countertops (I think anyway) and a kitchen sink and faucet.

Saturday, Jason took the pantry door down and "spruced it up". Now if you remember the before pictures, this door was a plain flat interior door. I knew I wanted it to have more character. We had talked about what to do to give more interest. Jason took it out to the garage and worked his magic on it. He planned to add trim to the door to make it a raised panel door. What I didn't know is that he used the old trim that used to be above the cabinets to make the panels (repurposed trim). Now that makes it even more special in that he used a part of my "old kitchen" on the door. And he purposely left me a 4 1/2" opening or space below the first raised panel for a "Pantry" sign (that I don't have yet but have always pictured there and plan to purchase).

Then came the paint. We had chosen Cabin Red, also Lowe's Eddie Bauer paint. Everyone that came around agreed that from the paint sample, it complimented the bittersweet paint very well. However, one stroke of it on my door, and I knew I didn't like it! I was trying to be positive and convince myself that it would dry differently and that it would be okay. Well two doors painted later and dried, I was SURE it wasn't going to work. It looked pink! Jason agreed. Here's what it looked like:

So off we went to Lowe's again late Saturday evening. I didn't expect to get my money back, but I hoped maybe we could tint it some. I put the paint on the counter and proceeded to tell the guy why I didn't like it...and before I could get it all out, he said, "And it was pink." He said that I was about the fourth person in a couple of months with that same shade/color that brought it back for the same reason. He said they all complained that it wasn't the color of the was more pinkish. That made me feel a little better because the sample swatch really coordinated. He was willing to trying tinting it for me. He started to add more red, but I told him to try brown first. After a couple of times of tinting with various amounts of brown drops, we had a shade I thought would work. Had it not worked, I was going to Sherwin Williams on Monday to buy what had been my second choice of all the paint samples against the kitchen color.....Sundried Tomatoes. But we brought it home and Jason put on the "new color" and it was SO MUCH better. Here's how it the doors turned out:

However, I still thought they would coordinate even better if the color wasn't so bright...muted some. I told him I thought we should try antique glaze over them. He wasn't fond of that idea. Remember he isn't real keen on the old, distressed, grungy look of too many things! I convinced him to do me a sample on a board lightly brushed on with antique glaze (I had not been feeling well during all this...sore throat, headache...etc..). He did it for me, but brought it in and said, "There's your glazed one....see which way you like it better, but I hope you don't like it this way!" lol! Well which way do you think I liked better? Yep, the glazed one! I knew immediately that I liked it alot better. It just seemed to compliment the wall tone! I told him so, and asked him to trust me. I told him I thought he would really like it better in the end. And whew, was I glad when it was finished and he DID like it better. He liked the way the glaze brought out the wood grain on the pantry door, and that fact that it toned down the color a tad bit and made it go better with everything.

I have no idea why that circle is on the wall...the flash I's not really there in person:

A little closer can see the wood grain Jason likes:

And after all of the painting ordeal was over, late Saturday night, Jason brought in a piece of formica countertop that we had been considering at Lowe's. Remember I told you earlier that we came to some decisions? Well one of them was that we didn't like the tiles for the countertop. The more we looked at them all week and "lived with them", they just didn't make us happy. They seemed to compete with everything! The four color combination was too busy. The two color combination (the floor tile color and terra cotta color) just made me think of a checkerboard and the one color (terra cotta) was best but still just seemed to take over everything. Maybe it was because there was tile on my floor. I'm not really sure. We also decided against the three formica countertops that I showed samples of in an earlier post. I think because my cabinets are so light, the countertops needed a darker contrast, so we had pretty much decided on a black(ish) countertop from Lowe's. A couple of friends from the Country Sampler forum have this countertop, and I loved the way it looked. It's called Labrador Granite. Here's a piece of it lying on my counter. What do you think?

The plans are this weekend to put in countertops and hope that our ordered kitchen sink arrives from Home Depot. The original sink I wanted just didn't coordinate well with the countertop, so I researched and looked....and researched and looked some more. In the end, we ordered this one.

It had good reviews. We sat the laminate piece near a similiar black sink in Lowe's and it seems to work best. We're hoping we made the right decision and that it arrives this weekend in time. If not, Jason plans to just cut the place for it and drop it in when it does arrive. I'm nervous about it all coming together, but I feel fairly confident and excited about it.

Then the next decision will be curtains. Too many decisions to make! Any ideas on curtains? My dining room burgandy sturbridge valances look great in there against everything, but that's just it....I already have them in the dining room and I have the navy sturbridge valances in my living room.

So that's the kitchen update....oh and just last night, Jason painted the pantry door knob black. He was going to buy a new one. I suggested we at least try the $1 Walmart black spray paint and see how it looked. I think it's fine.

And Jason got a big hug and kiss for doing the majority of painting everything this weekend when I wasn't feeling well....I got to be supervisor pretty much this I'm really thankful for all his work, and all without complaining at all! :)

And now you know what work is in store for us over the holiday weekend......


Kindra said...

I love that red you chose. It kind of reminds me of our woodwork in our living/dining room, kitchen. The glaze really added a litte extra punch to make it perfect!

Great idea to paint the door knob. I wonder how well that would stay? Did you seal it then? I would like to replace some door knobs but I know it can be pricey. If I can paint them for a much cheaper price then it would be worth it!

JenW!~ said...

I love the door color once you got it straitened out. And the glaze looks fabu. The black knob is perfect.
Can't wait to see what the final finished kitchen.

Heather's Stitches said...

WOW, The door pops now! It's a good thing you tried so many things before buying more paint.

I like the curtains too, I think they look nice against the wall!

Have a good Wed.

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl~~
Wow have you been BUSY!!! Do you even sleep??? LOL!!! Just popin' in to say HEY!!! Love your home!! Too bad we didn't live closer!! Stop on by my house and take a peek around!! I'll be listing some photos of my home sometime this week!!!

Have a GREAT DAY Sweetie......
Lori Hull

Colleen said...

Wow! Everything is coming together beautifully, Tammy! Sometimes those paint mistakes can yield even better results. I LOVE your doors! I can't wait to see the finished project!!!

Have a great day! Hope you're feeling better...

Rosemary said...

I love the door, the counter top and the the drapes.

I think the red touches really pop in there with the counter top and the wall colors!

Great job!!!


Gettysburg Homestead said...

Hmmm... does my paint look pink in my pics??? I'm sorry the Cabin Red didn't look right. Now I feel bad. But, I really like what you came up. Love the counter tops too.

P.S. I just saw your house pics on a website I was looking at yesterday (Christmas pics) they were all fabulous.


Siri said...

Hi Tammy,

Love your second choice of paint for your door. It really goes well with the color on your walls. You are just a busy bee aren't ya. I wish I had your energy. lol Can't wait to see your kitchen when you're done. Have a great day! Prim Hugs,


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I always get excited when I see that you have posted! Love the 2nd choice for your doors and the sink and countertops are awesome! I know you will just love it when it is all complete!
Hope you are feeling better.

Sandy said...

I love how everything is coming all together. All the colors that you have chosen look awesome! The doors all turned out great with the glaze and I love the idea of painting the door handle. A excellent idea instead of purchasing a new one.
The piece of counter top looks great with all the other colors. Can't wait to see the finished project.


Anonymous said...

Tammy, I love the color of the doors and the black door knobs. I like the blackish counter tops too. They are much prettier than what you were trying before. I can't wait to see the finished product.


Black Sheep Lisa said...

I love everything girl! it is all coming along nicely, i know you cant wait to be finished.
I like the red valances, but if you want something different why not try a black homespun or the black and cream ticking in panels.
Just a suggestion.

LINDA said...

I'm not sure about a black sink, but I am an old-fashioned girl that prefers white appliances and sink. Mine is very deep and it looks as though you've chosen the deep one, as well. I love it and you will, too.
The doors look great--not as dark as I would have gone but 100% better than white.
I love-love-love the countertop you've chosen. Ours is similar but different. I use a Windex product for windows and surfaces. It is gentle yet effective. I like to keep it shiny and clean...
I think everything is going swimmingly well and looks fabulous. Decisions are hard to make but when you think of how long they have to satisfy you, it all happens really fast. You are so lucky to have a DH that is sweet and skilled. It's as if he really KNOWS YOU!!!lol
Oh, the door knob looks great. I'm going to do that to our shiny brass ones! Is that a black matte or flat black or some special paint?

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

The same thing happened to my Mom when she painted a wall red in her house it turned out pink..4 tries later the paint store finally got it right.
I like how yours turned out alot...I love the granite and the sink...
Hopefully you can relax some this weekend and enjoy that kitchen!

Black Sheep Lisa said...

I forgot, i have a prize for you on my blog! Come see me

Daffodil Hill said...

Love it ALL! Great job. Perfect choices. Very warm and inviting. :)

pinetrees on the moor said...

Hi Tammy the colour you have chosen for your walls and doors they look great,we just can't get any colours like that here except the barn red i have came across and they call that lacquer red and even if i try and get it mixed up it just doesn't dry the clour you think it should.So if i come across any colour that i really like i buy a few tins.Take care~Kate~

Nicole said...

Wow, you kitchen is gorgeous and I love your red door. I think I need to start using some red. I love how you painted your door knobs, I am way sick of my gold ones but to cheap to buy new ones. I may have to try your idea.

Linda said...

WOW - it is really coming along! I have the Cabin Red in this room above the yardstick molding and it took 4 coats to look like the sample. Reds are often are like that when you go over a light color though. That's not all all unusual. But your color turned out great and how nice they added the tint and worked with you!! The doors came out great. The counter looks good too. And I can sure see how the other sink would clash. You got black and Jason got his shiny so you both win! Oh and what a great idea to spray the knob!! I am thinking I need to do that to about 35 of mine now.

Thanks so much for missing me. My folks have needed some more help but I dont post about it because my mom reads my blog. And I am doing extra work for ChemoAngels while another Angel in on maternity leave.

I hope to have more time the rest of the week to catch up now.Thanks so much for stopping by and I can't wait to see the rest of the kitchen come together!

Cottage Rose said...

Great paint color. It looks so pretty and the glaze is perfect. You and hubby did a great job. The door knob is perfect in black. I really love it all. Thanks for the update on your hard work. It is paying off big time.


Debbie @ said...

Wow Tammy, what a great job! Love the paint color, and the countertop. It all looks great together. And I love the black spray painted no less door knob. Way to go girl! Spray paint saves the day!
PS Thank you for all your sweet comments. I love to hear from you.

Julie said...

Your doors look great- your hubby is one talented and thoughtful guy--nice of him to repurpose the trim. Your kitchen will be so beautiful. Julie

Sue said...

Love that color--my daughter used the exact color in her kitchen. For the flower pots...I put tape on the lip of the pot first and then I sprayed the pot with a gray primer. I only let it dry about 15 minutes before I sprayed the chalkboard paint on it. By using the primer I only had to put one coat of the chalkboard paint. The chalkboard pens from Michael's are wonderful...You get 4 colors for $9.99 but you can take a damp cloth and remove the writing and it doesn't smear like regular chalk.

Jenn said...

It looks so good with the glazr Tammy! Especially next to the wall color, they compliment each other!
Im beat today so my kitchen is on hold, I did something to my neck and cant move it, its ALOT of work:)

Leslie said...

I love it all! It has really come together nicely! Are you enjoying your new kitchen? I still walk into mine and smile and it's been two months :)

Julie said...

Oh, Tammy!
Your home is some beautiful AND comfortable! That's a hard balance to find -- but you've done it! Can I see more? Pretty please?

And painting that doorknob...... what a great idea! Don't you just love spray paint?!?!? I'm a nut with that stuff. The checkers at Wal-mart look at me soooooo funny when they're scanning all that spray paint!
I've never thought of painting a doorknob, though. Thanks for the great idea!


Anonymous said...

We are in the middle of redoing our kitchen. It has older oak cupboards. We are trying to choose new countertops and paint colour that will "update" the older look. I stumbled on your blog becuase I put in the search "labrador granite". I saw your paint colour chose and I was hoping that you could share the colour name (I believe it is bittersweet) and the details of it. I live in Ontario, Canada and I would love to be able to get a sample of that paint. Would you be able to help?
Thanks - and by the way, job well done. So great to see you working and enjoying the time with your husband.