Monday, August 18, 2008

Help in the Kitchen

First let me say, that there are many areas in my home that I'd love to tackle and remodel to give them more of a prim look, but our budget says "take it easy and slow and pick one to begin." So, I narrowed it down to three...the downstairs hall bathroom, the staircase (doing hardwood & barn red) or the kitchen. Now having my rathers, I'd choose either the kitchen or staircase because they're all connected and open into our living room and dining areas. (Although the bathroom would have been the least expensive). But as it turns out, the decision was made easier when we had to get the new appliances recently. It just seemed sensible and even exciting that the kitchen should be next to go ahead and complete the "new look". Even Jason is excited! (I'm going to show you pictures of the kitchen as it is now...throughout this post.) started with me wanting to paint. Now I also need to point out that my cabinets are oak...kind of a honey oak. Jason has a "thing" about painting over oak or lots of different woods, for that matter. As good as he is about letting me do pretty much what I want with our home and paint whatever I want (and whatever color), he just doesn't want the cabinets painted. And I could only enjoy it anyway if we were "in it" together. So it's about compromise sometimes, isn't it? I figure it's a challenge anyway, but I can still get the primitive look I want...I'll make it work! (It may actually make it even more fun!) We'll be changing the hardware on the cabinets to a black with a sort of aged bronze coming through (so sort of a distressed black, I guess you would say).

Anyway, back to the paint....all of the tones I liked...the tans, mustards, goldish tones...just do nothing against the cabinets because of their honey tone. Anything like that just looks blah or blends or fades together. I thought about the barn red/burgundy, but I have that in the living room in a fairly large area and both Jason and I agree it would be "too much". Besides, I love to accent with reds in my kitchen and that's kind of hard to do if you already have red on the wall. So, we were thinking a prim colonial shade of green would be nice. I see alot of trim painted like that in magazines and in old homes, so we set out looking and nothing really seemed just right. Recently, though, I got my summer issue of Mercantile Gatherings and Kathy Lemay had photos of her shoppe, The Olde Homestead, in it. She had two greens that caught my eye and I called her and mentioned I was calling about a green paint I saw. She immediately knew which one I was referring to because evidently she gets lots of visitors to her shop that ask what color it is and compliment that shade. It is Lowe's Eddie Bauer called Bittersweet.

Jason and I went to Lowe's looking for it (in the greens) and was about to give up when I looked down a bit and saw Bittersweet in the sort of gray areas. I didn't think that could possibly be it, but we brought it home anyway, and I emailed her this time asking her if she was SURE! (lol!) She said, no question, no doubt, do'll love it! When we hold it against our wall and cabinets, it does look the colonial green shade. I've never had a color this dark, so I've been a little apprehensive about that, but everyone that sees the paint sample so far against my cabinets and floors likes it. So, we're going to try it.....Jason has assured me that if it's too dark for me or I just don't like's okay, we'll just get something else. We do get alot of light streaming in through the bay windows in the kitchen and through the sunporch and then from the living room because we have a dormer sky light window in there.

These are the rooms adjoining so you can see the color of the paint in there....the living room (color called New England Red) and the dining room (this is called Island Sand and is a tannish, goldish tone):

This dining room color here appears more yellow than it is actually sort of a tannish/goldish tone:

Same thing here: This looks more yellow than it is. I wanted you to see how the kitchen is visible from the dining room. This is looking through the pass-through:

While at Lowe's we also looked at the countertops. You know one thing leads to another. I have the old butcher block look now. It's not that bad and I could live with them, but new ones would be nice. We looked at laminate and of course, I picked out the most expensive laminate there was (without seeing a price tag). Jason says I'm really good at that! :) We also have a new sink and hardware picked out (like Linda's of Behind My Red Door, if you remember hers). After looking at the laminate and picking out samples to bring home, we also saw in the kitchen display area, a countertop done with the 6" ceramic tiles. We really liked that. It really began to grow on me, so we brought home samples of that. We figured it all up and it would cost half the price of the laminate counters (with us supplying the labor). So, I have samples of all of these laminate AND tiles and it starts to get confusing.

So I need some help in the kitchen. What do you think? I've talked to a few people that have ceramic tile counters that love them. Any thoughts or comments on tile versus laminate for countertops?

Here's a couple of the laminates that we liked (if we went with laminate...we were leaning toward either the left or right one):

Here's the bittersweet paint color against the cabinets (and then against the trim in breakfast area):

Here's the tiles against the cabinets:

This shows all the samples together. Here you can see what the tiles and bittersweet look like against the cabinets, the tiled floor and the bricks under the stove. (One of the colors of the tiles...the one on the bottom left is almost exactly the color of the floor although it doesn't look it so much here):

We're thinking of painting the pedestal of the table black as well as the chairs and distressing them. Do you think that will be too much black with the black appliances and against the bittersweet color?

Here's a little more of the old kitchen decor (now all gone off the walls)...they look so bare, but I'm ready for a fresher, cleaner, simpler prim/farmhouse look.

So tell me what you think....I'd love some help in the kitchen! :)


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I will have to come back and read your entire post. Looks like a good one! Just wanted to ask you to drop by my place. I have a little something for you! :)

Colleen said...

I don't know if I'll be of much help, Tammy. I oohed and aahhed over ALL of your options. Everything is so appealing -- and I really like your paint color. IT compliments your other room colors so well and really pops against the cabinets.

Our wood cabinets are ancient and blah ... so I know that we'll be painting those. I know how you feel about wanting to get things fixed up. Our wish list is long, but we also try to go room by room. We've never tackled a kitchen before though. So that should be fun ... when we finally get there.

Go for the black table. It would look fantastic! I can't wait to se your progress!!! I'll be watching closly for tips :)

Black Sheep Lisa said...

I think it is a man thing about painting over wood surfaces! My husband was like that, but i finally changed him! LOL We have oak cabinet too, it took me 10 years but i finally painted them!
Anyway, I love the paint color it does look great with the wood. I think the tiles blend in too much with the cabinets, I would try to stay away from bringing more brown tones in there. Painting the chairs and table base is a great idea, that way you would have black on that side of the room to anchor it down and tie in with the appl. I know you much be so excited, cant wait to see what you choose!

MamaCat said...

JMHO, but, I would NOT go with the tiled countertop! Keeping the grout clean--& germ free--is really hard. Tile on the backsplash is great, just not the countertops! I love the looks of everything else you picked out, though. Can't wait to see, & read, all about this journey! LOL!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Tammy,
I bet you are so excited!!! I know I would be:)
I also know what you mean by not painting the kitchen cabinets, we have oak too and he is not in favor of painting them.
I would go with painting the table and chairs black, I love my painted black chairs at my diningroom table makes such a statement.
I would go with the lamiment counters myself...if it is more work with having tile why would you want that extra thing to do? Just my opinion:)

Linda said...

Well some of the gals brought up the cleaning aspect of the tile which never occurred to me - maybe because we never had it. Hummm - that does complicate things huh?

I love it all! By the way, the sample of counter on the left - is it Giallo Granite? If it is, that's mine.

Good luck with your decision. All the choice would look great!

CozyCoops Corner said...

I love that paint color ~actually I'll be going to the Olde Homestead in about 2 weeks. Can't wait! I would definitley go with painting the table black. I'm in the process of doing that to my dining table and hutch. I've only gotten the chairs done so far, but I love it ! I've enjoyed reading through your blog and have added it to my blog list. :-) Janae

Anonymous said...

How exciting Tammy!! I love the pretty green paint color that you are thinking about using in your kitchen! In my opinion, I would either leave your countertops the way they are or go for the lamanite top for over them. I like the one on the right side. My sister in law has the tiles down on her countertops and says they are a real pain and if she had to do it all over again, she'd definately not go with them. They are extra work to keep clean, and they don't stay down real good, as they loosen up are just a few things she told me she didn't like about them. I don't think I'd want them. Maybe as a backsplash, but not for on the counters.

I really think your table base and chairs painted black and then distressed, would look fantastic!! They would go with your new appliances just wonderfully, and wouldn't be too much black in my opinion! :) I am sooo anxious right along with you Tammy!! I know that your kitchen and table and chairs are going to look beautiful once they are all finished! You and Jason have done such beautiful work, on everything that you've shared with us so far!!

I absolutely love your new black appliances!!

I will also be watching for lots of great decorating tips from both you and Jason!! :)

Love & Blessings,

Debbie @ said...

Wow,love allllllll those pictures. I am coming back later to look at it again. How great.
Hey I have laminate similar to what you are looking at. It looks like granite, has black, rust, beige or honey flecks in it and a tiny bit of sage green flecks. I love it. But from a distance, this is what I wanted to say, it looks rust! Stand away from the samples and see what color it is from a distance.
Blessings, Debbie

Wendy said...

The green is gorgeous and will look awesome in your kitchen!! Black distressed knobs will be just the thing to update the cupboards!! As far as the laminate or tile I think either will look great!! I can't wait to see it all completed!! Have a great day!!~Wendy

Sandy said...

I just love everything you have chosen. My countertops are the same that you are looking at...hard to tell which one out of the three but one of those ones. I also have the same granite sink as Linda. And I LOVE IT! Easy to clean and goes so well with the decor.

I can not wait to see the finished will all tie so well together.

Have you thought about the little stand going in barn red...just a thought...

Have a great but yet busy day :)

Anonymous said...

Oh great choices!! go with thetile, because in the end you will get more money for your house! I love how it looks, but have heard it's hard to keep the grout clean! I would also paint the table. I just did mine not long ago & love how it turned out! I like the eddie bauer paint. Ialways get his colors. I can't wait to see it whan it' done:)

LINDA said...

I have to say that I would NOT go tile on the counter. Laminate is definitely the way to go. And I would look for a more contrating color. If you can't do anything to the cupboards, you gotta put contrasting color on the counter. Look for something darker--brown with colored flecks, maybe the greens and reds you love. Get seveeral of those samples and tape them together from the back. Step back--even into the dinig room and seewhat it looks like.
Changing out the handles is easy but can be very expensive. Mine are the black and we love them.
Will Jason let you wax the cabinets? Maybe with a black wax? Kind of distress them?
Love the green-my dining room/ great room is called EARTH but looks gold to me. Names are confusing.
I think painting the table and chairs is a great idea. Maybe add your living room red to the chairs to bring in some of your fav red color with the black pedestal. You can teast that too by drawing a picture and trying the colors.
You know with your black and white/cream stove, that color would work , too.
I envy you having a major project. I love remodeling and decorating....
Your taste is impecible. Don't second guess yourself, girlfriend.
You and Jason should take everyone's suggestions with a careful eye and make your own decisions. Men usually are easy to please; can be convinced to go our way; and adjust easily to our schemes. This from the voice of experience.

LBP said...

I love everything you picked out but must agree with mamacat about the tiled counter top. I have one in our pool house and it is a bear to keep clean. I like the laminate you picked out. I think it is the same as I have in my craft room. I love the green color with the honey colored cabinets.

Mandie said...

I agree with Lisa, It's a man thing about painting wood, My hubby freaks when I paint over wood.

I ended up painting my kitchen cabinets and he ended up liking them after it was done :p

I love the green, definitely country cozy welcoming color.

Have fun with the changes! :)

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I love everything you have picked out! The only change I would personally make if it were me, is to make the bigger tiles all one color and use the smaller tiles as an accent. It may look too busy with all of the different ones together like that.
I also would prefer laminate over tiles for the countertop. I think it would be so much easier to keep clean and would last longer. I hate sealing grout and cleaning it! UGH! Tiled backsplash would be great though!
I love the green color and I think it will be perfect with everything else.
I also think painting and distressing the table & chairs black will look awesome and will also help to tie everything together.
I am in love with your stove too!

Daffodil Hill said...

I really like your choices! The green is perfect with your cabinets. My only advice is to start with the paint, THEN decide about the counters, etc. Everything will look a little different with green walls. I'll enjoy watching your kitchen evolve.

Oh, and Colt DOES look cute with his new glasses. : )

Sandy said...

If you go on over to older blogs dated July 20 and April 19 and click on the pics you will see the counter top better. My counters are not laminate but the same colors. We bought ours already done. But I love them, they match with anything.
Hope this helps...


Kindra said...

That colonial green is going to look great! It will go so well with your other colors and decor, I think. One of those countertop samples looks like mine! I love my new countertops. It made such a difference.

Can't wait to see the finished product!

JenW!~ said...

I'm not much help cause i have no sense of style when it comes to decorating. But I must say i love the stove and I want one.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hey Tammy,
Stop over I have something for you!

Elise said...

I just love these kinds of questions! I used to have tile countertops and they seem less high maintenance than the other that you are looking at. As in, I could sit a hot pot or dish on them and not burn a whole through. I love the granite look of the other you are looking at though. Do you think you would get tired of the colors in the tile?? Also, I would probably not paint both the table and chairs black. I would pick one or the other. Or you could do the table an antique white and paint the chairs black. I have an oak table and painted and slipcovered chairs. Look at my blog and see what I mean-its in the June or early July posts. I like that green you are going with. Reminds me almost of the green in our old home.
Can't wait to see what you decide to do!!

Deb said...

Hi Tammy, I love all of your prim decorations. I also love the both the tiles and the laminates. The paint color you chose, bittersweet, is what I used in my den. Deb

ohiofarmgirl said...

Wow, You have gotten so many opinions but I was wondering if you looked at black counter tops?
My sister has black app. and I did not want her to get black counter tops but she did and the are wonderful...they do get alittle dusty but when you walk in it makes a real statment...I could probably get a pic if you want to see! Dianntha

Angie said...

Hi Tammy,

I like the green alot. I think it will compliment the honey tone of your cabinets. I can't say I blame Jason for not wanting to paint them....they are in great shape and oak is such a pretty wood. Have you ever thought about stripping them and maybe choosing a different stain? That would make a huge difference. As for countertops, we have laminate and it is sooo easy to take care of. I like your choices. Kitchens are one of the places we spend most of our make sure you get what you want...


Joy said...

I love your kitchen now...but I bet it will be great with all the nice things you are picking out too. I just popped in from another blog. You have such cute decorations in your kitchen.

Shirlee said...

Decisions, decisions, decisions but what fun you'll have putting it all together. I'm a "green" kinda girl, so I give a thumbs up to your wall colour choice. From the pics, it looks wonderful with the cabinets.
We were planning a kitchen update (new cabs, counter, etc) this fall, but long story short..I changed my mind and decided to try and work with what we have. I'm looking at tiling the countertop so I'll be interested in seeing what you decide to do. Personally, I love the look but you have to be sure to seal your grout.
You and your hubby are a great team so I know it'll turn out fab!

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