Friday, August 1, 2008

"Black Beauty"

I'm sorry to disappoint any horse lovers reading this, but my "Black Beauty" is not a horse! It's the name we affectionately refer to when we are speaking of my car...a 2004 Mazda 3 Sport (that we drove 5 hours to see and pick up last year)!

Since we were leaving to go out of town, I wasn't planning on posting anything today, but I decided to do this at the last minute. Last night, as I was coming out of my mom's house (next door) where we left Joy while we went out for dinner...I pulled my camera out of my purse and snapped some pictures (my spur-of-the-moment-just-in-case camera) because I wanted to share something with you!

Jason has a "thing" about our car being clean before he takes me out (on a date) or before we go on a trip. Honestly, it wouldn't really matter to me if it was dusty or dirty at all, but it's important to him! It must be a "man thing". As a matter of fact, it's Friday a.m. now and we were supposed to leave over an hour ago, and he's out there rinsing it off well as Colt's car! So I grabbed a minute to do this post! :)

I got to thinking though...I can't say too much...I have a "thing" about leaving my house "somewhat" picked up and tidy when we leave to go out of town. Now that doesn't always happen, but it makes me happy to return home to a picked up clean house. At 11:00 last night, I was vacuuming and picking up around the house....So are we any of you do these things?

I've learned to just appreciate a nice clean car (even though we're bound to hit the gravel roads!) and just compliment and thank Jason for washing the car because it IS important to him and really does look sharp when it's so shiny and sparkly!

So we're off this morning in Black Beauty....our CLEAN Black the Ozark foothills (and for some of you that thought this was a romantic getaway for the two of us....we're taking Joy too!) :) Colt has to stay home and work! Hopefully, I'll get a chance to post from where we're going!

I've also been either having trouble with Blogger or my computer in leaving comments...losing connection after I've typed a comment, so if you haven't "seen" me on your blog lately...I'm trying to get there! Maybe I can get "high-speed" internet this weekend and catch up! I hope to "see" you soon!

I hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks also for all of you that left the sweet anniversary wishes and kind comments! :)


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Stush is the same way:) Aren't they great to care! Have a great time!

Deb said...

Hi Tammy, I was thinking I would see a horse, but I think that car washing thingy is a guy thing. Yes it is normal, I think, to tidy up before going on a trip, but it may not be that way when you come back if Colt is anything like my sons were. Have a very safe and enjoyable trip. Deb

Colleen said...

Oh, Tammy -- I always make sure that my house is cleaned up before we go anywhere. It's just so soothing to return home to a relatively clean and orderly house. And how cute that your hubby still cares enough to have a clean chariot awaiting you...

Enjoy your weekend, my friend! Happy Anniversary!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

LOL my hubby is the same way. And I too clean my house and pick it up before I leave. Otherwise I worry about it the whole time I'm gone.


Angie said...

ohhh Tammy, me and the hubby are the exact same way! He always washes the car for me if I am going to visit friends or family! I always have to pick up the house before we leave..and before I go to bed! Who wants to come home to a messy house or wake up to one? Have a restful but exciting trip...take some pics!


p.s. i have been having troubles with comments, too. i had to clear my cookies a few times..and it seemed to fix it..the beauty of living in the country is we get the wonderful gift of!

Bobbi Jo said...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
I am the one in the family who likes a clean vehicle especially when traveling. I too have to have the house clean and things in their place or I stress. But I have been told I am anal at times.
Looking forward to pictures and to be filled in on your good time. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Julie said...

I clean before we go anywhere for two reasons--1) I know it will stay that way and 2) I LOVE to come home to a clean house. Very kind of your husband to take such good care of you. Have a wonderful time together this weekend. Julie

country gal said...

Well, Mom, the car isn't clean now is it? Well, love you!

Joy =D

Linda said...

LOL - yup I AM the same way - DH hasn't washed a car in years. No kidding. My guy is not into boy toys except his golf clubs and computer. I keep my car spotless though. ( I have been known to keep brown paper grocery bags in the back in case we go someplace that has a dirt parking lot and it is raining! I pull them out and protect the carpet. Shh - don't tell anyone or I'll have to explain that too! LOL)

I clean before I leave on vacation - I hate coming home to a mess. Oh boy I am digging myself deeper here!

I hope you are having a great time on your special weekend!!

Deb said...

Tammy! I LOVE CIRCUS PEANUTS, I can eat the whole bag, not the little bag you find at the gas stations, I'm talking about the large bags that you find at Wal-Mart. I love the way they chew, and I just keep on and on until they're gone. Deb

Kindra said...

What a sweet car!! Can your hubby come clean mine? Mine is in desperate need of a bath. :) Have fun this weekend!! Can't wait to hear about it!

Merrie. said...

Hi Tammy thanks for stopping by my blog; the bully babies ALL send their love and appreciation for you comments. Your comments have been coming through on my blog. Have a lovely restful trip and be safe. See you when you get back. Merrie

Leslie said...

The truck, car and four wheeler here and if it's not that it's the grass! Jer's TOP things to worry about around the house. It's funny because I never pegged him to be one of "those"

Have a GREAT weekend!

Oh, and the ebay store that I got my tart burner from....Rusty Star Treasures
The electric ones are $19, the cheapest I found them around. If you want the tea light ones they're $12. I can't recommend the blueberry tarts or any of them! LOL They're made nearby my house and they have a kiosk in the mall but they're not my fav candles!

Tammy said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip to the Ozarks, Tammy! And love Black Beauty!

Hope you have less trouble with comments disappearing when you come back- 'cause I always love seeing yours! :)

Justina said...

Nice horse! he he. Yes, I do pick up the house before I go somewhere, I like to come home to it picked up-only to mess it up again when we unload the car. don't know why.

angie said...

hope you have a great weekend!

Black Sheep Lisa said...

Black Beauty is just that! I Hope you guys have a safe happy trip.
Congrats on 26 years of marriage!
May you have many more.

LINDA said...

First, I had trouble with my internet losing connection no matter what I did yesterday. Perhaps it was a blogger thing.
Second, I truely was expecting a horse story.
Third, I have to leave home clean and picked up. How do you know what happens when you're gone if it's a mess? And there's so much to do with unpacking, too much work!!! When I get home, I want to relax. Never been to the Ozarks. Hope your trip is a lovely one. Will be thinking of you with envy.....

Katy said...

Your car is so pretty! I love black vehicles! My van is black :). I think that is so sweet of your hubby...just an extra lil thing. I love that! :)

Anonymous said...

My mom always said the house had to been clean before we went anywhere and for just your reason, she wanted to return to a clean home, I feel the same way :O)
Hope you have a beautiful time!
Shayne Louree

Raggedy Angel said...

I like to tidy up before I leave but for different reason...I think something could happen to me and I might not make it back...I don't want people talking about my dust or pile of laundry! LOL

Dawn said...

Tammy, I hope you are having a great vacation in the Ozarks, but I miss hearing from you! I check your blog out even tho I know your gone. We visit the Ozark area often as we live only a few hrs. away from there. We went to Branson just a few wks ago. Hope your having fun, talk to you when you return, Dawn

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Hope you're having a wonderful time! It can still be romantic even with sweet Joy!


Tammy said...

Coming back to say, I don't know how I missed your post below with your beautiful wedding pictures, but they are so very sweet! I can't believe you've been married 26 look the same as you do in your sidebar!

Hope your anniversary was wonderful and that your family had a fun trip- can't wait to hear all about it!
~Tammy- (other one)