Friday, August 15, 2008

He Can See!

That's my son, Colt (in his new glasses), and he is amazed that he can now see......things clearly that is!

He has been telling me for a bit now that he couldn't see things if they were very far away. Now, he's a big tease, so you have to figure out if he's teasing or serious sometimes. After a few comments like this, however, I realized he was actually serious about this one. So, a week ago, we made a visit to the eye doctor and sure enough...he did need glasses! So he and I shopped for glasses and picked out some to his liking.

Well they came in today and he went and picked them up. He called me after getting them...amazed at how different everything looked through them! He said, "I can see!" Poor thing...I didn't know it was that bad!

He wore his glasses to church Wednesday night and everyone thought he looked really cute in them (at least a few girls said so...and you know that's who counts with him anyway). That helped boost his ego a little! :)

He's been reading everything "in sight" too! He's so funny! He says, "Ya see that sign over says....(and he proudly reads it correctly) and he said as I was typing, "I can read what you're typing from over here!" As a matter of fact, where he's sitting there playing the guitar is my craft table area (across from the computer where I was typing), so please excuse the mess in this whole area! It's a disaster zone (up in the loft) as it serves as computer area, craft area, library, schoolroom and playroom. He was sitting there serenading me again as I uploaded pictures last night.

I'm SO glad that Colt can see now...especially when he's driving! And he looks quite handsome in his new glasses least his #1 fan thinks so (me)!


Katy said...

Oh my gosh...i TOTALLY remember that feeling! I got glasses in 8th grade...and it was AMAZING how much more beautiful the world is when it is in focus!!!!
I am sooo sooo happy for him! He looks so handsome in them as well!!! :)

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I can totally relate! My daughter did the same thing! She would ask me how I could read the road signs, etc, because she never could. She was having double vision with things up close, etc. She had learned to cope by covering one eye while reading and writing at school. She was in the 3rd grade before I caught on that there was a problem. I sure felt like a bad mommy! :(
Colton looks adorable in his new specs, and I'm glad he is enjoying his new improved vision.

Linda said...

Well I don't know if a 53 year old mom counts, but I think he looks pretty cute too!

Leslie said...

Oh, that's great that he can see now! But it's very common that it goes like that. You go for so long and you just get used to not really being able to see and one day you see the world in a new light! It's amazing!

After getting my glasses and finally being able to see, I never could understand how people could forget their glasses. I mean after getting them and being able to see, why would you want to live with blurriness? Or I have a SIL that tells her DD that she doesn't like her glasses on her and she's prettier without them. The girl can't see unless she's on top of something and her Mom says that?!!!

Have a great weekend!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...
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Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Sometimes I could scream at blogger, anyway I think he rocks with those glasses and guitar!!! I'm so glad he likes them too!

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Colt looks so handsome in thse glasses. I like his choice. Very nice! I bet those girls were just melting around him ... a nice looking young man that serenades his mother? What more could a girl ask for!

... And its really good that he can see now too!


JenW!~ said...

My son got glasses two years ago and he was the same way. He kept saying Wow I can see.
Colt looks handsome in his new glasses.

Colleen said...

Oh, Tammy -- Colt's new glasses really suit him! I remember my first pair all too well. How wonderful that his world is completely in focus now...

Have a fantastic weekend!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

My DD said the same thing when we got her glasses the first time! Don't you feel like a horrible mother. LOL.

He does look very handsome!


Wendy said...

He looks so handsome!!! I remember I stopped reading because I couldn't see the words well amd when I finally got my glasses OMGosh!!! it was awesome!!! Have a great weekend!!~Wendy

Stephanie said...

He does look very nice in them, its amazing how much better things look when you get glasses!!
I need to go and have my eyes rechecked and get some new frames. I have the hardest time finding a decent eye dr. though !

Have a great weekend :)

Julie said...

I got glasses in 9th grade and was thrilled to discover that there were individual trees on the mountains and not just one big mass of green. You picked just the right frames for him--they look great. Way to go MOM!!!! Julie

Debbie @ said...

Hi Tammy, hey Colt looks great in those glasses. Looking at your last post whatever you do just don't make an eyeglass case with "stars" on it! (Big smile) Sometimes I come up with stuff and my 2 boys say "no mom". But it's cute! Oh well, tell Colt he is a very handsome young man and the girls at our church would agree!

Anonymous said...

Colt looks handsome with those glasses. Thank you for visiting my blog and I wasn't available. Now I'm back....misses you all. It's so great to be back. Love my bloggers friend...reading all the posts always lift me up and Smiles! You have a wonderful weekends.

ohiofarmgirl said...

My daughter was the same way, at the age of nine the dr. said he did not know how she was catching the balls in softball!!! I felt really bad about that too.
Also, I do have a request for a special order item if you would email me at I can give you the details. I'ms sure you have link on your etsy but I couldn't find it...sorry! Dianntha

Cottage Rose said...

I was in seventh grade when I got my first glasses. I was so happy to see but did not care for then at school.
Now he looks very handsome in his glasses. So tell him not to worry the girls will love his new looks.


LINDA said...

I remember getting my glasses. It is a big deal!!! And I agree--he is a cutie!!!!

Dawn said...

Tammy, Colton looks great in his galsses. Taylor has had glasses for about 3 yrs. new frames last yr.She gets lots of compliments on them, but she wants contacts. The price of the glasses I told her next yr. Lets get some use out of those frames. You ask if I taught preschool? No I have been a para in a special needs classroom . This is my 24th yr of teaching. I have K-2 grade. I had worked with 9-13 for several yrs, but enjoy the little one. It's very challenging, we have 14 little this yr.which is a lot considering more than half of them require one on one, but with budget cuts we have 5 paras and one teacher in the room. I love the girls I work with, have worked with many of them most of the 24 yrs. We laugh alot in a day. We are tested in patience alot in a day. many kids are violent or have multiple needs, tube feed, wheelchair bound, ect. I hve done it for so long, I love my summers off and holidays, weekends. Its been great having everyday off Taylor is off! Anyway, thanks for stopping by my site. I enjoyed the visit! Dawn

Shirlee said...

Good for Colt to admitting he was having difficulty. Sometimes teenagers let things slide for way too long. Glasses have come a long way and are so stylish these days, Colt looks very mature with his on. I'm so glad he is seeing better now, as I'm sure you are too.
Have a great weekend. :)

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Tammy...he is one handsome! He looks great in the glasses.


Tammy said...

I think Colt looks very handsome in his new glasses. A very nice lookin young man indeed.