Wednesday, July 9, 2008

~ Watcha Workin' on Wednesday ~

I've always had a flag hanging on our house...but I've also always wanted a flag pole in our yard. There is a house near our home that has a giant flagpole and I've always loved seeing it towering in the field.....waving in the breeze! There's just something majestic about it! My mom has always wanted one too.

So today, I want to show you what my dad and Jason did while Joy and I were gone to camp. I actually took some photos of some of the materials daddy was using before I left, but I was pleasantly surprised to pull into our driveway Thursday evening and see our very own in Mama and Daddy's yard and one in our yard...wecoming me...waving me home!

Daddy was able to get some salvaged pipe (at no cost to him) for the poles. They're all 21 feet tall with 3 feet in the ground leaving us with a flagpole 18 feet tall.

Jason painted them white while I was gone (with paint we already had, so again no cost).

Daddy also had the idea of using a softball for the pole topper. Now we just so happened to have two softballs lying around here (I think that's how he came up with the idea...just looking around!)

He spray painted it gold:

What can be more American than baseball...right? They even play the Star Spangled Banner at the games....and then PLAY BALL!

We didn't, however, stitch our own flags. We did buy those. The most we paid for a hand embroidered flag was $27 for a 4' x 6' one.

But what I didn't know Jason and Daddy were going to do is to add the planter landscaping box around the bottom of the flagpoles. I love it though! Jason built them. Here's a picture of our planter:

And Mama's planter:

Now this is where my part of the Watcha Working on Wednesday project comes in....Today after my morning dental appointment, I plan to work on staining the planter(s). They will be stained to coordinate with our house and fence. (I'll also be using stain we already have.) The plan is to plant some Nandena bushes in there. We've always had good luck with those and I love how they get that fiery red look to them in the fall.

Daddy just yesterday finished a 3rd flag pole straight ahead as you come into our shared driveway between our houses. It looks so patriotic at our house now....I just love it!

So....thanks to my Daddy and mom and I got our flagpoles we've always wanted (and more) at a fraction of the cost of what local home improvement stores are asking (the cheapest we've seen was one on sale for $120). We figured up the things we had to buy...pulleys, rope, snaps, flags, and cost of one softball for the 3rd pole....and it was less than $40 per flagpole. Now that's more in our ballpark!

Our flagpole:

Mama's flagpole:

Now when I get the planters all stained and our Nandena bushes planted, I'll share the finished project with you all! But that's what I'm working on this Wednesday!

So.....what are YOU working on today?


Anonymous said...

WOW-what a great savings!! Isn't it wonderful to be able to do such amazing projects and save so much! I love the flag poles-enjoy!
Shayne Louree

Kindra said...

It must be nice living so close to your parents. I would sure enjoy that! My mom and I are best friends. :) I love your flag pole. So nice of your dad to help out and use salvage materials! They look great!

Katy said...

WOW! Awesome savings and your flag poles and planters look awesome! I bet you and your mom are thrilled!!! Could everyone come over to my house and make me one now too? LOL

Leslie said...

The flag poles in the planters that match the rest of your edging around your beds are amazing! Very nice and it's always great when you can make something out of very little, isn't it?

Enjoy your planting and enjoy watching your flags whip in the wind :)

Have a great day!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I love those flag poles and the planter will look so nice. The idea of the softball was wonderful that's the first I looked for when I saw the pictures! Just great:)


Cheryl said...

What a nice surprise to come home too. I love the recycled materials and the planter is going to look so nice when you have it stained and planted. Looks great. Those men need a pat on the back. Job well done!

Colleen said...

What a wonderful Wednesday project, Tammy! Everything is looking great!

Have a good, productive day :)

Anonymous said...

That looks amazing! Have agreat wednesday!

Stephanie said...

That is so cool and patriotic all in one! I really like the baseball on top! That was clever :)

We have intentions of putting one up also, we even have the pole..... its just another project on the list!

Have a good day,

Nancy M. said...

So beautiful! It's wonderful you could do this for so little money.

Shirlee said...

What a nice surprise for you when you came home. I love the added bonus of the planters at the base of the pole. What a great idea.

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Very cool... but don't forget the spot lights... need to keep that flag lit up unless you take it down every night.

I really like the planters... red, white and blue flowers I see in the future maybe?


Wendy said...

Hi Tammy how awesome that your daddy and hubby did this for you and your mama!! And so cheaply!! They did a wonderful job, can't wait to see it completed with the plants!!! And I love that you are right near your parents!! Have a great day!~Wendy

Black Sheep Lisa said...

Love those, and the price! WoW!

Julie said...

I love them!! What a talented Dad you have. I really like the flower box around them. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day. Julie

Wendy said...

Hi Tammy I painted it a medium tan and distressed it by sanding it then dry brushing black on it and then a stain over that, so thats why you couldn't tell the color!!LOL Have a great Thursday!!~Wendy

Tammy said...

Tammy...I can't believe how far behind I've gotten!
I just scrolled down and tried to catch up...
The kids church camp sounded the pictures of the girls!
And a belated happy birthday to your brother, serving over in Iraq.
I just heard from someone else about the high temps over there...I can't imagine! I'm so glad they got to have homemade icecream for the 4th...if anyone deserves that, it's them!
How wonderful to come back from camp and have your flag pole! And how wonderful to live so close to your parents, too!
(The other) Tammy

Farm Chick Paula said...

That is awesome! What a great idea witht the baseball!!