Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kids' Church Camp Fun

Joy and I had a great time at kids' church camp this past week! It WAS tiring, but really FUN. The church services were great! The speaker was a fabulous annointed ventriloquist. She was so talented....The kids had a lengthy discussion on where the voice for "Ralph" (the dog) came from...she was THAT good! One little girl, Sydney, told the kids, you know she's a therapist. (well you know ventriloquist...therapist....they do sound a little alike!)

The kids were fun AND funny (interesting and entertaining)! We had 18 girls in our 3 counselors including myself. The girls were great! They ranged in age from 6 years old to 10 years old.

In the picture below from left to right on the back row - Sydney, Bryanah, Joy, Haley, & Mandy. Sitting is Eryn and on the floor is Katie Beth (Joy's close friend from church):

Circle of friends:

Girl talk on the bunks: (Left to right - Sydney, Eryn, Katie, Joy & Hannah)

And all 18 girls: (my lens cover on my husband's camera was stuck on a few of these pictures...thus the dark spots on the corners)

We had a whole day pretty much devoted to water activities..Our Aquatopia Day! There were giant water slides....the blue monster....water guns, water syringes, water buckets....if water could go in it...they pretty much had it! The counselors decided pretty early on that day that we were much wiser and better off getting wet by way of volunteering on our own for water slide fun. If the kids saw us WILLINGLY getting wet, we were less likely to be targets of their water mischief! I don't think there was one dry person on the campgrounds that day and we all had our share of sunburns too! One of our girls went to sleep on her beach towel in the middle of all this madness. We had to cover her up to keep her from getting so burned! I wished I had taken a picture of that (too much water around to have a camera then!)

We were also treated to a fireworks show over the lake on the last evening.

The food was even good...except did YOU know that they don't give you forks at breakfast...not allowed....?? Have you ever tried eating french toast with a plastic spoon?

Joy claimed a bed that was on one side of the cabin and I was on the opposite end. When it came time for "lights out", Joy decided she didn't like that arrangement very much and guess where she ended up? the bed with me...this very small bed...with me...every night.

At least it WAS against the wall which gave us a little more room to move. Thankfully, I don't really think either of us moved much...we were so worn out every evening!

I did have to keep my eye on one particular boy that followed by daughter around the campgrounds though! He spotted her the very first day on the swing and asked, "Don't I know you?" He was a gentleman though because when I asked if I could take their picture, he said, "If it's okay with her." I guess she had been making it a little clear that she was getting tired of him following her around, knowing Joy. He was really sweet and cute though. (But try telling daddy that!)

Joy & Jared

When it came time to go home, I was definitely ready. I was tired and ready to get home to Jason and Colt. Joy and the other girls all made friends and it was hard for them to leave each other. This is a picture of a little girl named Bryanah that Joy met and made friends with...saying their goodbyes. the saying goes...there truly is NO PLACE LIKE HOME! Although Joy would disagree and it was fun, I am glad church camp only comes around once a year. I love MY home, MY bed and MY shower (even if it isn't always as clean as I would like). And I especially love having all my family together under one home (all my eggs in the nest I say). But Joy and I just made memories at our first week of kids camp. I'm certain there will be plenty more to come...she just asked, "Mom, you WILL GO WITH ME every year, won't you...I don't think I can go without you?" And I think you know my answer.

And this says it all about a week at camp...Thursday evening when we got home:


Colleen said...

What a great post, Tammy! I'm glad you and Joy had such a fun, memorable time together at camp. It must feel SO GOOD to be home though...

The last photo of Joy -- fast asleep -- is too precious.

Have a wonderful day!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

The picture of Joy sleeping is priceless! Glad your home too we all have missed you:)
Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

glad you guys had a good time!! looks like you had fun:)

Primgal55 said...

Aww nothing sweeter than a sleeping babe!! I am so glad you had fun together and now you are back home in your nest.

hugs, Linda

Rosemary said...

How fun!

I love church camp!!!!

Thanks for sharing Tammy!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Oh how wonderful. I never got to go to camp and if I did I would have gotten homesick. It sounds like you two had fun. But like you I like my home my stuff. LOL.

Check out my June 22nd post on colors. The wall color is the one in the middle. It's funny my hubby said it looked green too after I painted the woodwork, but it is actually a taupe color. It took on a totally different color. Wait til I post my living room pics as it is the same color, but looks different.


Kindra said...

It was fun to read about the adventures of camp. I wish my mom would of went with me! It sounds like it was a lot of tiring fun! The pictures are great! I think the little boy following around Joy was a hoot! I hope my boys aren't busy chasing after girls at camp...will they let moms go with boys to camp. :) That would be interesting.

Wendy said...

So glad you and Joy had a great time together at camp!! And how special she wants to share it with you! But your right there is no place like home and I am so glad you are back!:0) Have a great day my friend?!~Wendy

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that sounds and looks like so much fun! Would love to be able to volunteer at a church camp sometime. I love the circle of friends picture-how clever!
So glad you all had a good and safe time!
Shayne Louree

Julie said...

Oh, Tammy!

first, I have to tell you thank you for your sweet words of encouragement! They mean so much to me!

Next.... Joy and Jared sittin' in a tree... just kidding! But seriously, don't you ever wonder about who your babies will grow up and marry? And just think, IF they do, you'll have this picture for them and your grandbabies! I know, I'm really silly, aren't I? I do that alot, with my girls... I still think that my oldest is going to marry this beautiful little blonde haired boy that we saw in "What-a-burger" the day before she was born!

It sounds and looks like you had the best time! Thank you for sharing it with us! It really does make me smile!