Monday, July 14, 2008


A little over a month ago, well maybe even a month and a half ago, Joy and I were on our way to town when we saw a dog almost a mile down the road from our house. The dog was dragging a chain behind it. Joy, being the animal lover that she is, begged for me to stop and get the "poor little dog" and bring it home with us. The dog did look confused and like it was on a mission to get somewhere. Well, I told her that we could not stop and pick up the dog for several reasons. It obviously belonged to someone since it had a chain around it's neck...besides the fact that we didn't need a dog. We already have two cats inside (that I ended up feeling sorry for and bringing inside). A dog presents all kinds of problems when you go out of town. Not to mention the fact that all of the stray dogs so far that we've had....always end up getting in the road and well you know what happens. One in particular I had really gotten attached to and it was really hard!

Anyway, back to the trip to town.....we went on our way. As we did, Joy remarked that she thought the dog would probably come to our house anyway....that it was okay. (I learned later that she did a little praying of her own).

We were gone less than an hour....probably about 45 minutes...for a quick run to pick up a friend. When we pulled in the driveway, there was that little dog, chain and all, waiting on us, just like it knew what Joy said....or like this was home. I couldn't believe it! The girls got out of the car and called the dog (after instructions on being careful with a strange dog). The dog acted like it was scared and pulled know like a dog does when it's not trusting of humans. The girls immediately came to the conclusion that it had been mistreated. It didn't take the dog long to learn that these girls could be trusted! I helped them remove the chain (no collar...just a chain looped around and latched) because I was afraid it would get caught on something. We gave it food and water. We discovered that "it" was a girl.

Joy asked if she could be her dog. I figured the dog would be gone when we took her friend home later...but she must have liked us. She hasn't left since. She acts like this has always been her home and we have always been her "family." Even Jason has been "suckered". He's been feeding her in the evenings and Joy feeds her in the mornings. Colt loves her too! She acts like such a "faithful" dog. She waits on Joy at the door when she goes in for a minute. She sleeps on a doorstep and greets us when we come home!

We've been waiting to see if she stays around longer and stays off the road...or if someone claims her....and so far she's done well with the road and no one has claimed her. We've asked around. We really weren't looking for a dog, but what do you do when the dog lands on your doorsetep, is so cute and friendly and decides she's staying?

Oh, and since she took the liberty of making our house her home...we named her "Liberty".

She follows Joy's every step.

Then waits on her until she comes back outside!

She even "dances" with her!

Actually we've discovered recently that Liberty (Libby for short) is a "thief" dog too. Who knows what kind of life she lived before..but she's good at snatching food! She's so fast that you don't realize you've been swindled until she's gone!

We've had two different instances of having company over and she stole their food! One of Joy's friends, Molly Grace, left her package of twizzlers on the pool deck while she was in the pool. Liberty just walked up so non-chalantly and appeared to be "visiting" with us....then snatched the package and was gone! We didn't find her until those twizzlers were long gone!

Then a week or so later, we had friends over to swim. We were having lunch outside on the patio. She did the same things with little 5 year old, Tyler. She leaned up like she was being the friendliest little dog....then snatched a piece of pizza right off his plate and was gone again!

So....I guess the name fits too. She came to us on a broken she takes the liberty of helping herself to our home, our yard, our food, but mostly our love.

Look at almost looks like a smirky smile, don't you think?


Gettysburg Homestead said...

Oh yeah I have a soft spot for dogs. We have people who just drop them off in front of our house. However, at this time I can not have another dog becuase of my lab. The last one was sick and limping so I called the dog warden.

What a great story and pics.


Raggedy Angel said...

I have 4 formerly homeless pets,and they make the best ones, I guess because they are so grateful, and as in Joys was just meant to be!

Heather Graves said...

That's an Adorable smile!! She is a cutie!

We seem to be that way around here with cats, they show up and never leave..hah..We must have the best cat food in the neighborhood!

Have a grand Day,

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

She does look like she is smiling... I know why, because she found a sweet, little girl who will love her:) I'm so happy for Liberty (I love the name BTW)Buster and her would get along so great:)


Katy said...

oh my gosh...that is sooo incredibly sweet!!! What a wonderful answer to Joy's prayer! :) That lil pup is absolutely ADORABLE!!! :)

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Oh, what a sweet dog! I hope she sticks around and stays out of the street! Pets are truly part of the family. We have two dogs here and don't know what we would do if something happened to one of them.

Stephanie said...

I LOVE dogs and you did the right thing. She looks like she has some german shepard in her, that is horrible tho that she had a chain around her neck. The poor thing wanted away from where she was, thank goodness she picked a good home to run to! Her name is the best too!!

Good Luck with her !

Jean said...

We have soft spots in our hearts for animals too, and who could have resisted Miss Liberty. She is precious.
Jean in Virginia

Wendy said...

Oh she looks so sweet!! And her name fits her well!!! I had so much fun doing the contest!!!:0) Katie will probably be busy for awhile!!LoL....Have a great day!!~Wendy

Daffodil Hill said...

She is adorable! Looks like she's yours, but at least she should be a good pet. We're suckers for animals here, too. Sometimes the ones that find you are the sweetest ones. : )

Anonymous said...

wow! was that meant to be or what!!?? How cute & she is adorable!! I love dogs & could hve a whole housefull of them!! I m so happy you are taking care of her:) I am having another doll giveaway this friday it won't be a hard this time. Just wanted to give you a heads up:)

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Me again! LOL! Thank you! Your commetns made my day! You amy ahve missed me because I have just started blogging again after almost a year. And my blog name was different. I saw your link on someone's blog and saved it to my blog list, because I see that we have a lot in common just from reading yur profile.
Hubby & I have been together for 27years this past June. So we have a year on you guys!
I look forward to getting to knwo you better! Have a nice evening!

Sandy said...

Hi Tammy,

Well we tried to win :)
It was alot of
She is having another giveaway this Friday, it will be interesting to see what she has up her sleeve for this one.

I am a dog LOVER!
We own our very own mini-poodle...Daisy. We love her to death and couldn't imagine the house without her. I would own a ton of dogs but my hubby has Asthma really threatening and it seems that our little Daisy does not bother him at all so I guess we will probably always own a dog such as Daisy. She is the best with kids and adults. Her licker is always on the

Have a great evening!

Until next time...Sandy

Tammy said...

Oh, Tammy, this was such a heartwarming story. I am a big dog lover...I've had some really special ones growing up, and a year and half ago, the girls and I picked out a black lab mix from a litter. She's been a handful, however, but is just now starting to calm down...

I love how Liberty picked your family...the pictures are wonderful!
And she does have such a great face and "smile"!

(Oh, by the way, the Kit movie overall is very good...just a couple references I didn't like, but the good far outweighed any negative, I thought. Let me know what you all think!)


Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

Oh, Boy, do those rascals know just how to do it!!!!!! I think when they are weaned they get a list of instructions from momma dog on how to melt hearts, get doors open, and get on laps, etc. She knew a sucker as that car was going down the street and just followed the scent to where your home was. She's no dummy!!! Great story and loved the pictures!!!! SOOOOOOO glad she got a good home . . . . so many don't!

I've learned a lot about a child's prayer this week! Watch out when they start prayin'!!!!!


Primgal55 - Linda said...

What a sweet story!! I hope Libby brings you many years of Joy!

Thanks so much for the sweet comments - I really appreciate it. I am still in shock - Country Sampler coming to MY HOUSE!

hugs, Linda

Julie said...

Oh, Tammy!
Libby really is beautiful! Her colors are just so pretty! I hope she'll stay safe for y'all -- Miss Joy is just precious with her! What kind of dog is she? I just love mutts -- they are really the sweetest, most faithful dogs. Don't you think?

Oh! Thank you for the birthday wishes! And, girl, go get yourself a Po-Boy!!!!


Kindra said...

Well she does look like she's smiling in that last picture! What a cutie! Joy seems to have found a new best friend. I hope no one claims her. She definitely a keeper!
I would love to see some old pics of your son in his cowboy hat! :)

Colleen said...

Oh, Tammy -- she's irresistible! I have no doubt that Joy's prayers were answered.

It looks like Liberty's were as well....

Have a great week, my friend!

Julie said...

I love stories like that!! That dog is one lucky dog--NOW!! We have a dog, and life is one big adventure with her. We have laughed, cried, become frustrated and loved her. Joy and Liberty sound like a great team--what a kind Mom and Dad to let her stay!! Kudos to you!! Julie

Angie said...

hey tammy!

what a cute story! i have always thought that animals pick their people..and it seems as if that is truly the case here. i am sure that little dog knew all along where she was headed..and i think she made the right choice!


p.s. i mean, cute is that smile? hehe!

Raggedy Angel said...

I have an award for you!
Come see!

Jo-Anne said...

Adorable little doggy. She is lucky to have you and your family. I hope she blesses your home with much love.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE this post!!!! Your dog looks exactly like my dog Lady!!! We rescued her from a shelter and she is the BEST dog I have ever had! What a touching story! It sounds like Liberty found the perfect home!!

I think she is smiling, Lady does that too! The vet told us she is half German Shepherd, half beagle. A funny but beautiful combo, lol!


LINDA said...

Oh my, you know I couldn't let that dog go hungry. She looks so sweet in the pics. Her eyes are so soulful and I think she has found her happiness. I pray she is never recovered by anyone that would put a chain around her neck!!

Marie said...

What a wonderful experience for your family and for Liberty! What a wonderful experience for me too! Your blog brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face all at the same time!!
I'm new to this land of blog - what a wonderful place it is!

Thanks for sharing.