Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Max PJ

Max PJ is our "home tree". "What's a home tree?", you ask. Well, it's a tree that declares you're home, of course!

Our home tree is a strudy oak that towers along beside the road on which we live. It's the place we turn a little over a mile from our house. Our home tree makes it easy for me to give directions to our house too. just turn beside Max PJ, the big tree, I say and we're about a mile and a quarter down on the right.

Have you figured out where that name came from yet? Have you ever seen A Goofy Movie? Well we have (lots and lots of times, I might add), thanks to our son, Colt. He loved that movie! Remember the character's names? There was Max, who was Goofy's son, and then there was PJ, who was Pete's son. (Recognize the theme song in the background?....sorry if the beginning of it scared scared me to death when I came back here with the beginning drum sound...forgive me..but I had to put it on here!) :)

When Colt was only two years old, he named the tree, Max PJ. When we would make that turn, he knew we were getting close to being home. So one day as we passed by it, he said, "That's our home tree!" "See it's got it's arms reaching out saying....Welcome Home!" "It's giving us a big hug...It's our home tree!" He thought a minute and added, "His name is Max PJ." It didn't take me long to figure out where that came from!

So that day, that huge oak tree because OUR home tree, our Max PJ. To this day, that is how we refer to being home, or to tell others where to turn. I found this picture of Colt when he was about 7...May of 1996....taken beside Max PJ.

That was so far's a little closer of him...I guess I was trying to make sure I got Max PJ and Colt kind of looks like a munchkin'...well he was! :)

Then here he is (at age 19) the other day beside Max PJ. I stopped the car and pulled out my camera and he posed for me! (He doesn't look very happy here...but he really didn't mind...I think he was asking where he should stand and turning different ways and I snapped the picture).

Now if I had really been thinking...we would have yearly pictures of Colt beside Max PJ. Actually I did think of it later on (after the 7 year old picture), but it seemed to always have tall grass growing around it and we were always afraid of what was lurking in there! Plus you know how life day passes...then the next...then you turn around and they're 19 years old! Sigh!

Max PJ is special to us and I hope he stands for many years to come...because I hope to introduce my grandkids one day to our home tree, our friend, Max PJ.


Raggedy Angel said...

What a sweet story, and I know my baby boy is 17!

Leslie said...

What a cute story!!! Thanks for sharing :)

I remember 'A Goofy Movie'! My Dad's ex-girlfriend's boys (what a mouthful!) watched it constantly. Shane actually owns the movie and has watched it on occasion and Aften, also :)

Have a great day!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

What a smart little boy to look at the tree and think of the movie:)I've never seen the movie but it sounds cute. Now he is 19 sigh, they do grow so fast.
Have a great day Tammy.

ohiofarmgirl said...

I can just hear him saying at least that what my girls do when I want them to do something that they feel silly doing. It is a great memory and a wonderful pic too. Dianntha

Colleen said...

What a sweet post, Tammy. I love the photos, too!

Happy Wednesday, my sweet friend :)

Deb said...

Hi Tammy! 7...19 Wow! Time does fly, but atleast you have those two pic to compare. It's a lovely tree, lovely story to pass on to the grand. Deb

LINDA said...

I love to read the stories of life, a small piece of your history. And now it is recorded forever. That makes it come alive every time someone reads it. Thanks Tammy, for evoking memories of our own special times and sweet things our own kids said over time and inspiring us to put them down in written history.(((HUGS)))

Farmchick said...

Loved this sweet. I hate how fast my babies are growing up!!

Anonymous said...

see?? that is what life is about, right??? the little things that seem minor to others are really so special to us!! what a wonderful little tidbit of your life to share!! thanks!!

We have something similar but it is not a tree but huge electric utililty poles that look like giant robots that line the when those come into view, we know are are close to our exit on the highway!!

what will you ever do if someone chops it down? you will have to have a funeral! oh my!! how sad that day will be!!

Jill G.

DebbieCalif said...

Very very sweet, love the home tree.
Blessings, Debbie

Shirlee said...

What a cute story. Kids come up with the darndest names for things. We have a tree beside our house that I call "sideshow bob". We had it trimmed last year and when the branches grew back and fanned out, it looked just like sideshow bob's hair (from the Simpsons). It's filled out even more this year and looks more tree like, but I still call it by name.

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

That is precious ~ yes, they do grow up so quickly, don't they? My oldest is 18 and I miss that little boy sweetness of him though I am blessed that he is still lovable and sweet to his mom!


Tammy said... very sweet, Tammy!
I am beginning to see first hand myself how quickly they grow!

tumbleweed said...

Oh my that is soo sweet!! I love stories about how lil kids think of things and how they relate, so different then adults-so pure!
Shayne Louree

Dawn said...

Tammy, what a wonderful story. And for him to have thought of the limbs as outstretched arms, Tammy you have nurtured him lovingly. What a sweet sweet story. Dawn