Friday, July 25, 2008

Big City on Tour

Big City on Tour. That's the name of the Kids Ministry that lead our four day Kids Crusade at church this week. Usually we have VBS, but this year we went a different route, and although I do love VBS, this was so much fun and different! Plus all the adults (that are usually teaching in VBS) were able to sit back and enjoy it all too! It was SO much fun....even for the adults (or maybe I'm just really a kid at heart)! They definitely had a way though of reaching kids! Their show had comedy, great characters, puppets, praise and worship songs, interactive games with the kids, puzzles and object lessons and the message presented in the simplest manner! There was an ongoing contest....boys against girls....all week! If the girls won, our pastor got a pie in his face....if the boys won...our pastor's wife got a pie in her face.

Each night two of the characters came out in the foyer to meet the kids and sign autographs. Joy loved this and got her picture with some of them. We didn't have our camera the first night, so we missed having her picture with my personal favorite, Professor P.P. (He was the old professor that was always trying to invent something to solve people's problems...and it usually ended up disastrous!), and Gilbo (the giant blue monkey that talked gibberish). However we did manage to get her picture with the others.

This picture is Reba McIntired. All she wanted was to be a big star...she loved to act and sing...and she was looking for a "handsome man" all week! :)

This is Ding E. Clutz. She was the director that wasn't the brightest crayon in the box, but she tried so hard to help poor Reba McIntired fulfill her dreams!

This is Stella. She was always into trouble...Can you tell? She was a bad influence on the boys and girls and she is handcuffed in this picture to the wheelchair (by granny).

This is Granny. Don't make granny mad! She had to keep Stella in line, even if it meant handcuffing her to the wheelchair. Granny "preached" to Stella all week and even got after her with her cane down the aisles!

And I didn't mention Bro. Chris but he's the guy in the picture here. He was the children's pastor and "emcee" that brought the message and presented the object lessons. He often had to "keep peace" between some of the crazy characters! He had a heart for kids and he was a kid at heart! This is a picture of the stage set.

And so now are you wondering who got the pie in the face??????.....who won??....girls or boys?.......

Well.....unfortunately......the boys won.

Na-Na-Na-Na!! Na-Na-Na-Na! Hey-Hey-Hey! Chocolate Pie!

Poor Tonya! She was a great sport though!


Gettysburg Homestead said...

What a cute idea. Love all the characters. What a beautiful church. It's so quaint looking.


Raggedy Angel said...

Looks like fun! My children love Drama! Beth

Colleen said...

What fun, Tammy! Joy is just adorable :)

Have a great weekend!

Black Sheep Lisa said...

Looks like it was alot fun!

Kindra said...

That does look like a lot of fun. Bible school is definitely different from when I was little. Themes and more hipper songs seem to the the in thing now. :) Kellon enjoyed his week at Bible school. I'm Joy and Family got to enjoy too!!

Deb said...

Great fun! but poor Pastor's wife. Deb

Tammy said...

Hi Tammy!
What great pictures! Looks like SO much fun!

Did I miss something? In your reply you mentioned having mono??? I didn't realize that! I've heard that it just zaps your strength for a long time, so hoping you are over that whole thing soon!

Your 40 yr old dryer made me smile...that is amazing that it held up for so long! Your attachment to it is just like me to my workout tape from 1991! ;)

~Other Tammy

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Oh what fun! I still remember my VBS days from childhood. Those moments leave such a "forever" impact. Wonderful!


Cottage Rose said...

What a great time, every one looked like they were really enjoying them selves. I used to teach VBS at my old church years ago. I had so much fun, one year we had a contest like yours, except all the male teachers got a pie in the face, by the ladies. It was lots of fun. Your little angle is so cute and sweet looking. What a beautiful smile.


Primgal55 - Linda said...

That sounds like so much fun. I am glad you got to enjoy it as well!

After you tell Jason I said you can redo the kitchen, can you tell my DH David that it is OK for me to paint my cabinets finally - even if it is too late for CS?? LOL

hugs, Linda

Anonymous said...

very cute posts....glad you all had a great time. Love your blog... have a great day... :) Smiles Kathy

Siri said...

Looks like a ball. Love the costumes.


LINDA said...

I just love VBS. Why the plastic drape? It would be so much more fun without. The characters are really fun....

Angie said...

ok..i don't think i would mind having a chocolate pie in my face...yummy...hehe!


Shay said...

How fun! It looks like they had a blast!! Love the pie in the fact pict! Too funny!

Ericpwdk said...

Looks like a ball. Love the costumes. Siri