Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Smiles for my Day!

Mandie, and her blog, Life in the Craft Lane with Mandie, is definitely no stranger to most of us bloggers! She is most generous in offering so many of her graphics absolutely free for all to just click and save and enjoy! I've always thought she was almost too-good-to-be-true......you just don't always find folks like that these days! And on top of that, she sometimes just creates special websets for random people just out of the kindess of her heart...what she refers to as R.A.K. (Random Act of Kindness). Now I didn't know about her R.A.K.'s until a few weeks ago when she did one for Beth of Raggedy Angel and then I saw it on Mandie's blog. I was really impressed with her then!

But I was very pleasantly surprised when she contacted me telling me she had something for ME! I could hardly contain myself watching my email to see what it was...like a little kid! Well the surprise came yesterday morning! Mandie created an Etsy banner, avatar and the blog title that you see above for me! I think I grinned from ear to ear all day yesterday....I'm still smiling! I'be been so excited over it! Isn't she just the sweetest person? Thank you again, Mandie, from the bottom of this country girl's heart....I'm so grateful (and excited) over my customized graphics! I'm amazed at what you can do with a computer and I just love everything about the graphics you designed for me! I hope you're blessed twice over for your R.A.K.s! :)

And then to add another smile to my yesterday....I walked outside and found Liberty looking like this:

And on top of that...she loved it! She never tried to get it off! Joy dressed her in pearls and a tutu. She is supposedly getting her trained and ready for the "purdy puppy" contest that our church has during our Harvest Festival. Actually, Liberty kind of strutted around like she was proud of her outfit! :)

And later that afternoon, Joy had her friend Molly Grace over again. When Jason came home from work, they asked him to take them 4-wheeler riding. He took them out in the fields behind the house and evidently, Liberty starting chasing them and was so hot and tired that they felt sorry for her! They didn't think she would want to ride and that she might be scared to be riding...but they tried it anyway...hanging onto her tightly!

And look at her...she loved that too! She sat up there just as content as ever and enjoyed her ride!

See, I had lots of reasons to smile yesterday!


Colleen said...

You deserve all that sweetness and more, Tammy! I love your new graphics :) Hooray for nice people!!!

Have a great day, my friend...

Raggedy Angel said...

I was so happy when I saw what she had done for you, because I knew how much it meant to me when she suprised me with my etsy shop banner...so special!
She is wonderful! Beth

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I love that crow perched on the word "home". Mandie has a good, generous heart, I love her graphics she is so talented:)
Joy is getting prettier and prettier as each day passes:)

Dawn said...

That is so funny, Liberty looks so cute! Dawn

Kindra said...

What a wonderful surprise Mandie did for you! The banner is perfect!! Your right, there's not too many people like that that do RAK. It's nice to get a treat now and then. :) She is so generous with her free graphics, I have used my share for the blog. :)

That is just too funny with Liberty. I used to dress up my cat. Boy, did you like that!

Heather's Stitches said...

Your new banner is perfect!! Mandie did my Etsy banner and she is a sweetie!

My kids dress up our kitty but he doesn't take it as well..LOL..

Have a great Day,

Stephanie said...

She is the cutest dog and Im glad she's still with you guys. She looks very content!!

I do like your new banner, infact yesterday when I clicked on your blog, I thought I did something wrong because it had changed !!lol
She does a great job, she works magic :)
Have a wonderful day and give Liberty a few hugs for me, I love that dog!!


primlin56 said...

how great is that...i love it...i will have to check out her blog and add it to my fav's...i would be grinning too...and i love the pictures of your home life too...adds so much to your blog...thanks for sharing a little of your family life with me...

Wendy said...

I love your new header!!! How sweet is Mandie for doing this for you!! And liberty looks right at home all tutued up!!!:0) Hope the rest of your week is just as Blessed!!~Wendy

Kim said...

I came across your blog and so enjoyed it. Love the way you decorate and the dog is very cute, hope she wins.
I read that you guys homeschool, so do we, my kids are teens and in highschool.
Anyway have a blessed day.
Kim in Oklahoma

Deb said...

Hi Tammy! What a lovely surprise gigt, it's lovely. The doggie in the tutu and pearls, is a hoot! Yes, I'm smiling and laughing too. Deb

Tammy said...

How sweet of her to make you that banner! :D

I just love the picture of your little dog, all dressed up! One my girls had just come over when I was looking at it, so it gave her a smile, too!

Hope you're having a great week!
Tammy (other one!)

Merrie. said...

I love your new banner; that Mandie is sure a sweet girl; And I love your house and your doggie; my bullies will let us play dress up only once in a while :p Have a great week; Merrie

Anonymous said...

i love it! you totally deserve it! and Liberty looks to cute! I love when the kids dress the dogs up. It's hillarious!

DebbieCalif said...

I love the dog in the tutu! And how great you got a great new graphic, that really is exciting! Love your blog, and love that staircase. You must have fun decorating that for all the seasons.
Blessings, Debbie

Shirlee said...

I noticed on Mandie's blog that she RAKed you. Her graphics are great and all the freebies she does are amazing.
I have to say, that it just warms my heart that your family has "adopted" Liberty. It must have been meant to be because she seems to be adjusting to her new life well. And obviously Joy loves having her. I think all little girls dress up their dog.
My son would love to have a dog and we got a puppy earlier this year. We all loved her but our two cats went berzerk and kept attacking her. It was the saddest day having to give her to her new owner even though I new she was going to a great home.
Have a great day!

LINDA said...

I thought yesterday when I checked in that header is sure cute, thought maybe I had missed it before. Mandie is hugely talented and I love her graphics. You are one lucky girl.....
I love Liberty and her guts and her patience. She is a real go-getter.....

Julie said...

What a great post!! The dog pictures made me smile. Our dog has undergone the same treatment--with lots of patience I might add!! Yay for people who are so kind and generous. Your blog looks great!! julie

jaxonsgram said...

Tammy, I love the graphics that Mandie designed for you!! That was so nice of her. I did check out her blog and it's wonderful. She sure has talent.

Anonymous said...

Liberty's pictures are too cute! My animals just sort of lay there when I put cloths on them :O) I only did it when our sheltie was a pup but the cat, it never gets old wtih her:O)
Shayne Louree

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Awesome banner!!!!

Oh my word love the dog dressed up. I used to do that to my dog as a kid too. I'll have to see if I can find the pic. LOL.


Anonymous said...

ok my heart is bursting with happiness that you saved this dog and gave her a loving home!!that alone makes me smile, ALOT!!

isnt it great when little things make us so happy???

LOVE the banner and how nice that someone made that for you!! what a talent!! it looks great!!

Jill G.

Andrea said...

Hi Tammy! Your new graphics are absolutely wonderful! Mandie always makes amazing graphics, and she's so kind to offer them for free. I really like what she did with your banner.

Love the photos of Liberty. :-)


This Country Girl said...

Jax & Jill,

I'm glad to see you two on here! Thanks for stopping by! I enjoyed your comments!


Angie said...

i noticed your new banner right away..i love it! what a nice gift! i am so glad that liberty found you guys..look how happy she looks! too darn cute! and how many dogs do you know like to go wheeling...lol