Monday, July 28, 2008

Our "Turning" Staircase

Have any of you ever sacrificed living or storage space for the sake of decorating? I did when we built our home in 1989/1990.

In my mind's eye, my dream home...the home where we'd raise our family...should be a two-story and have a "turning" staircase. It was important (to me) that there be enough bedrooms on one floor (bottom floor) for the master bedroom and both kids. Now mind you, we only had one child then...but my faith assured me that there WOULD be another! Finding a floor plan that suited both Jason and me that fit the bill in all these areas wasn't easy to find. We wanted three bedrooms downstairs and one upstairs.....most had either all upstairs or the master down and the others upstairs. And a few had all of them upstairs.

Well long story short...we found a one story house plan that had the layout we liked..but remember I wanted TWO with the help of our contractor, we designed an upstairs to our liking. However, there was a dilemma about the staircase. It would go straight up (no turning) in the foyer. Now that wasn't the way I envisioned our staircase, so after some re-evaluating, it was determined that if we wanted to trade some living and closet space in one of the bedrooms downstairs, I could have a "turning" staircase.

Why you ask, was a "turning" staircase that important?'s because I could have a landing to decorate! I know you decorators understand that, right? So..Joy now has a smaller bedroom (than average) and an even smaller closet than most. Now she doesn't always appreciate that trade..she's just now to that age where she cares, and she has plans for Colt's bigger room when he moves out one day (hopefully a LONG time away). But, I think she loves to decorate that staircase too...she had it all decked out with her own crafted goodies including a giant paper chain for her birthday sleepover! :)

All of that said on the "history" of my staircase...I'd like to share the staircase landing decor with you. It has pretty much had an Americana decor to different degrees. It's especially fun at Christmas with a little tree there. I love my staircase still...I love the character and atmosphere that it adds to our home. I like the way it looks down onto our living room. NOW my mind's eye is seeing carpet gone and beautiful wood stairs with barn red in between each step! Well I figure I can dream for now...because that's where it starts!

The quilt (hanging over the railing) is an antique and my very favorite of all my quilts. It's from the 1890's.

I just noticed that Joy added the country blocks to this picture. They used to be in my kitchen (on my refrigerator) and when we got our new refrigerator, I took them down "looking" for another place for them. She went around trying places and it looks like she found one! lol! She just sat the stuff I had on the shelf directly on the blocks making it sit higher! Oh well! (I think she might be into decorating more than I thought!)

I found these I took this past Christmas:

Sometimes trading living space/closet space for decorating space/character/atmosphere is just worth it!


Dawn said...

Tammy, I know how you fill about the landing just for decorating. I wanted a fireplace just for the decoration of the mantle, but now i love the warmth of the fireplace! Great photos! Dawn

Stephanie said...

Im so with you on that one! It is all about the decorating and we women have that sort of brain, men dont understand. My husband doesnt even question it anymore, he is so good , he just does it!!

I love the staircase by the way, very very cute :)

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

It is perfect Tammy. Closets are overrated anyway! LOL It looks especially nice at Christmas. Love that quilt too!


Kindra said...

Yes, I love that quilt too! Did you make it or is it an heirloom? I love big staircases like that. It sure makes and entrance and for decorating, of course. :)

I didn't see an email link. Could you get it to work? Let me know if you need any help.

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Tammy, I know exactly what you're talking about. I wish I had a staircase like that in this home, but no. I keep thikning I need to put something at the top of the stairs, but it is just to skinny. One day I will find the right thing. You're pictures are gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing... now where's the rest??? LOL.


ann said...

So what are you waiting for , take up that carpet and paint the stairs. Paint the steps in a chocolate color and in between in red.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Everything looks wonderful Tammy, the stair case is so nice and the steps would look so prim painted:)

Colleen said...

What a fun and versatile space, Tammy! I'm with you about the importance of spaces to decorate ;)

Great new header, too! I saw Mandie's post about it earlier. How sweet!

Heather said...

Your staircase is beautiful!! I'd love to have one like that, I bet it is alot of fun to decorate. The only staircase we have, is the one that goes down to the basement, and it's decorated with lots of icky

LINDA said...

It's great-perfect for you.....We had a stairway with a landing growing up. Mom wasn't much of a decorator, though. Mostly, it was stuff that needed to go upstairs. I have had stairways in different places but when we built this house, we went with all on one floor. But I love nooks and crannies. We had quilt racks installed over every window and shelving in several closets. I'm with you. I love to decorate.

Deb said...

Great pics, I love the staircase, and I love your new banner. Deb

Shirlee said...

I totally agree and understand your thinking behind the staircase. We had our second home built and had the same type of stairs. I wasn't into decorating back then so I didn't appreciate the valuable decorating space.
I love the quilt at the top. What a great place to display it. :)

Andrea said...

Gosh Tammy, you just have the most divine house ever!!! I am always in such awe. You need to be featured in a prim magazine for sure! You sure have a knack for decorating! I wish I did. :-) Thanks for sharing your gorgeous house again!


Julie said...

I really like your new banner-it is darling. I LOVE the antique quilt. How fun to have a turning staircase--our stairs just go straight down=)!! Thanks for sharing. Julie

jaxonsgram said...

I love the staircase and the way you decorate it!! I agree, giving up the space was worth it.

Black Sheep Lisa said...

I dont have stairs, but i understand what you mean, that landing adds so much, rather than a straight shot up the stairs!
Your eye has a place to rest for a moment.

Sage said...

Your home looks great!! You have decorated it so well.