Saturday, April 27, 2013

♥ Update on Bedroom Makeover ♥

When we start a new project around here, it seems like something always slows us down, but I guess that's pretty much the normal for everyone.  Also, we should have learned by now to only have one project going at a time.  But it seems we haven't learned that lesson yet!  In the midst of this, we have been doing some projects outside as well, or at least starting on them. 

But........the bedroom is painted.  The floors are down.  The trim is stained and back up.  The furniture has been moved into place.

Now it's time for the fun part......decorating!  The furniture was inherited from Jason's dad.  See the brass hardware?  It's getting a makeover.  I also just purchased bedding yesterday.  It was meant to be.  :)  I'll have to tell you more about that when the bedroom is all put together. 

So there's still work to be done, but this part is the part I really enioy!   :)

Have a great weekend! 

♥ Tammy ♥


Susannah said...

All clean and painted! I love that when that happens. The bedroom furniture is extremely nice. It fits well in the room, too.I can not wait to see it when you have it all decorated. Floor is beautiful.


Beth said...

It will be so nice when finished. I like the mirror on the dresser.

A Primitive Place ~ Tammy said...

Looking great so far. Can't wait to see it all finished.
I completely understand! I try to tell myself Not to start something else until I get all these half finished projects done, But...
It never seems to happen. Then in top of that, Life always seems to throw curve balls to slow me down even more.
Such is life, I guess.
Have a wondeful weekend.

Sheila said...

How exciting! Can't wait to see the finished room ;-)

Laura said...

The furniture is very nice... I can't wait to see the whole job finished! :) :) :) Enjoy your decorations!

Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...


It's going to look so great! :D All those colors look really good in there. :)

Love you! 8!

Joy :)

Hollie said...

I can't wait to see the finished product!! Enjoy!!

Jill said...

So far, so good. Can't wait to see the compledted project!

Tanya said...

Amazing! I love it! I am so like you in projects....I get really ansy waiting to decorate! My husband always says "She puts the bathroom rugs down and the floor hasn't even been installed yet!" HA!
Can't wait to see!
And can't wait to hear about outdoor projects!
If we could get ANY decent weather, we would do some outdoor projects! Arghhhhh this weather has been A W F U L!!!!!!!!!!!

Holly said...

It's looking great! Can't wait to see it finished.

Raymond Homestead said...

Yes, decorating is the best part, can't wait to see pictures!

Simply Shelley said...

Looks wonderful...can't wait to see the decor....blessings friend

Dawn said...

Looking good, the floors are just wonderful. Can't wait to see it all come together. I bet you are getting excited:)