Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sunporch Chat ♥ with Francine of Primitive Stars ♥

Good morning!  Welcome to my sunporch!  :)
Today Francine of Primitive Stars is my guest all the way from Canada!  As you all probably already know, Francine is a very sweet lady.    It's always so fun and a honor to be able to share more about my blogging friends and I think you'll enjoy getting to know Francine even better.  Today I'm serving apple pie and coffee, because that's Francine's favorite.  So grab yourself a piece of pie and a cup of coffee and make yourself comfortable and enjoy! 
Meet Francine......

1) How long have you been blogging and what/who gave you the desire to blog?

On what made me start blogging......One afternoon I was looking in the back of the Country Sampler and there was the home directory with Primitive sites, so I clicked on a site and came across one called Firecracker Kid, found myself enjoying this site called a blog, well, scolled down and came on favorite blog posts. Hummmmmm, clicked on one that caught my eye, A Primitive Place, well, I was enchanted by this prim perfect home....... this gal was showing pictures of her beautiful home decorated for Christmas......I was hooked.....From there the names snowballed and then one day my girlfriend came over, I told her about all these great prim blogs and the rest is history. She set me up with my own blog. On March 11,2012 I did my very first post, I was so nervous.  So my first year anniversary is coming up.

2) How did you choose the name of your blog and why?

I chose the name of my blog for I love primitives so I wanted that in my name for sure.....then I also like stars, and since no one had that name yet, it was mine....... all mine.

3) What variety of topics do you post on your blog (examples - home decorating, family, gardening, recipes, adoption, homeschooling, crafting, etc....)

I post about my love of family, home decorating, gardening and what I like to collect.

4) Tell us a little about yourself and your family.

Well, I am 53 years old, live a simple life with a wonderful man.......

My son lives not to far from me so I often go for supper with him at his house. The house was where he was born, so he has lived it that house all his life. When I split up with his dad, my son bought the house from us, so it`s really nice for him. All my family live here in the city to, so we see each other often, love our family get togethers. I have one brother and two sisters and of course my mother.   My father passed on eleven years ago.

5) How would you describe your decorating style?

I would descibe my decorating style country primitive....... love the warm homey look.....But I do like farmhouse and a rustic lodge look too, anything that involves antiques.

6) What's your favorite color and why?

My favorite color is blue, love the many shades of blue..I think they can be warm, cool, blue just makes me happy... .Also like red, my second choice.

7) Tell us a few of your favorite things (collections, things that make you happy, etc.).

My favorite things are just relaxing at home, curled up in my cozy chair reading a good Country magazine or book....Out hunting for a new old treasure at a flea market, antique mall..... being outdoors at our trailer at the lake,

love watching the birds at the feeders.......I am a real homebody, thats what makes me happy.

8) What do you like to do in your spare time (hobbies, crafts, etc..)?

.....I find myself blogging alot on my spare time, made so many wonderful friendships blogging, warms my heart.......gardening in the spring and summer..........

My S-I-L taught me rug hooking so I try my hand at hooking but seem to have a hard time with it.

9) What does your dream house look like? (Describe and/or include photo)

My dream home would be a rustic log cabin nestled in the woods by a lake, always wanted to live by the lake.

10) If you could visit anywhere, anytime, where would it be and why?

.....I would love to travel to the New York Finger Lake regain, heard it is really beautiful....lakes, wide open spaces....I would like that, traveling through the little country towns, quaint antique stores,happy, happy....not big on crowds.

11) Would you share with us a favorite homemaking/organizing tip or recipe, etc..?

Well, I find if I keep up on the cleaning chores and not fall behind, the house stays pretty clean instead of piling this here and that there......I do have many collections so the house does look full thats why I try to keep on top of the chores.
12) Tell us something about yourself that we might not already know from reading your blog. (something unusual, etc..)

.....O.K....something I have not mentioned on my blog is that I do not like to cook.....never did.....Cam does all the cooking, he is very good at it to........I do cook sometimes but don`t enjoy it, but eating, thats a differant story.

13) I know you’re from beautiful Canada. I’m kind of intrigued with that. Will you share a little bit about where you live…we’d love to see pics too …..(in any way or from any angle you’d like, Francine).

.....I was born and raised in Winnipeg, the Capital of Manitoba.......A Prairie Province...fields of wheat, sunflowers, oats, barley, canola, corn can be found growing in our vast farmlands.........Farms abound with dairy, beef cattle, hogs and poultry..........Up north in Manitoba, beautiful lakes can be found, wilderness at it`s best.......Churchhill is the Polar Bear Capital, many polar bears roam on the ice flows there....... And we are known for the long cold winters, thats where Winterpeg came in........

We are hockey crazy, favorite pastime....We had lost out N.H.L. team fifteen years ago, but last year we got our beloved Winnipeg Jets back....Our arena is known also for being the loudest, GO JETS GO!!!!!! 

14) Tell us a way God has blessed you and/or your family.

I feel very blessed by God for giving me such a wonderful loving , caring family......My mother is beautiful inside and out, always there when we need her, my sisters are my best friends to as is my big brother.......We all have our health, so I feel very blessed by our Heavenly Father.

15) Share any words of wisdom and/or a favorite quote you'd like to leave with us.

I really don`t have a favorite quote but I always remember to treat people the way you would want to be treated, with kindness......I do not believe in being rude to anybody.

Words from Tammy:  Thank you so much, Francine, for being such a lovely guest.  I'm so like you in that I'm a homebody too!  And of course you know I love your rustic dream house!   Your lake getaway is so cozy and welcoming too!  Thanks again!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Thank you all for stopping by and joining us on the sunporch.  I hope you enjoyed the visit, the apple pie, and the coffee.  :)   You know I always love your comments here, but be sure and also stop by Francine's blog, Primitive Stars, and say hi and I know she'd love for you to follow along with her on her blog as well!
♥ Tammy ♥



Sandra said...

Thank you Tammy, I enjoyed meeting Francine, going over to see her blog now :)

My Colonial Home said...

What a wonderful post about Francine.
I follow her blog and always enjoy her posts.
Thanks for letting us get to know her a whole lot better...and for bringing our world closer together by doing this...we have bloggers from all over the world.

Beth said...

I enjoyed Francine's blog! The photos are lovely!

bettyj said...

Another good Sun Porch Chat, Tammy. This was a wonderful idea. We learn so much about our blogging buddies. Francine has beautiful dimples. Hope Joy is feeling much better.

Anonymous said...
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Little Penpen said...

I enjoyed meeting Francine.... I am definitely a home body, too. Some people just don't understand how we can be so content at home. Loving the trailer at the lake too.... looks fun and cozy.

Trace4J said...

Another wonderful Sunporch visit.
Francine is such a sweet friend.
I am a homebody too.
No place like HOME!
Woolie Hugs

TexWisGirl said...

she's a dear! :) thanks for featuring her.

Unknown said...

Thank you Tammy, what a wonderful idea of getting to know everyone better! Great post:)

Cindi said...

Oh Tammy I just love your Sunporch chats, there is nothing better than getting to know our blogging friends better! Thank you for this!
Be blessed,

Unknown said...

Tammy I loved your sun porch chat with Francine.
Waving at Francine """hello""""
To much fun lol

Pendleton Primitives said...

Francine is such a doll and always a joy!

Michelle said...

I enjoyed reading your post. I was nice meeting Francine. Will be visiting her blog.

Anonymous said...
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Chenille Cottage said...

Hi Tammy,
I am so happy to read more about my sweet blogging buddy, Francine. Her blog is a delight and one of my very favorites! Isn't it amazing just how God sends precious people into our lives...and, all the way from Canada?
Blessings and Happy Valentines Day, my sweet friend,
Carolynn xoxo

Sunny Simple Life said...

I adore that sunporch. Is that hers or yours? Thanks for introducing us. I will head over and check her out. Happy Valentines Day!