Tuesday, February 26, 2013

♥ Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 82 ♥

I enjoy jumping in and joining Patrice's Chats on the Farmhouse Porch.  It's great because ANYONE can participate!  I love seeing what questions she comes up with.  I'm glad to be able to participate this week.

Everyday Ruralty

So here we go.....here are Patrice's questions (and my answers).......

1. Is there a room in your home that you'd like to redecorate or remodel?

Why, yes, of course!  Isn't there always?   We can barely finish one thing til I have the next one planned out in my head (poor Jason)!  :)  Okay, the next one won't be the one that I really WANT to do, but probably the next one that needs to be done.  Next on the list will be Colt's old bedroom.  He's been living out in an apartment for over a year and a half now, so it's time.  I suppose if he's not going to move back home (hint, hint, Colt), we really should do something.  It is serving for a collection of stuff right now.  But the room I'd really like to redo is the master bedroom and bath.  But at least I'll have that one to look forward to in the future!  :)

2.  Did you watch the Oscars?
Nope.  Not interested.  I totally agree with Patrice's words on the subject.  Way too overrated; those folks are not the role models I want my kids fashioning themselves after; and they are paid way too much.  Anyway, just sayin' that I totally agree with Patrice.
3. How many pair of blue jeans do you own? 
Quite a few, but I tend to wear about the same four or so.  They just feel good.  They're broken in.  :)
4. What was your favorite toy as a child? 
Probably dolls.  I liked to pretend to be a mother and a school teacher.  I knew from a young age that being a mom was definitely for me!  I tended to like the names Rachel and Rebecca for my dolls back then.  :)  And another thing that was a favorite was playing school.  I liked to "write books" and always had pen and paper in hand. 
5. If you could visit a country in Europe, which would you choose? 
 Well since my first choice in a place to visit is not in Europe, I will have to say Ireland.  Ireland has always interested me.  Scotland sounds pretty interesting too.  And now because I have a good friend, Sarah, (made through blogging), I'd like to visit her in England.
Remember, you can participate too!  It's fun.  Just answer the questions and link up with Patrice of Everyday Ruralty
Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a great rest of the week!  :) 


jennifer768 said...

How fun!I enjoyed reading your answers.Hugs,Jen

Cath said...

I could totally relate to your answer to #4. I only ever wanted to be a mum when I grew up.

Patrice said...

I used to fancy myself a write when I was a kid. I also liked dolls to pretend to be a mommy. There's too much technology for kids today. I think they need to use their imaginations more. I hope you have a great week.

Mary said...

Enjoyed your answers and visiting with you on the porch!!

Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...

This was so fun! I need to join in one week. :) I love reading your answers. :)

Love you! 8!

Joy :)

Prims By The Water said...

I would love to redo almost every room and redo and then do it all over again. LOL I don't like watching any awards show. Take care and loved reading a little more about you. ;0) Janice

Susannah said...

Nice to know more things about you , Tammy. I could redo some more rooms around here....but just finished a whole remodel on our kitchen /familyroom so I have had it with carpenters and mess for awhile. Haha!

Beth said...

I have always wanted to visit England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Sandra said...

Ugh can't stand the Oscars either.

And I would have to pick England, without a doubt :)

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

oh, i love good broken in jeans. so fun!! ( :