Friday, July 13, 2012

Faithful Friday - "K-Love"

It’s Friday! I’m not really sure where this week went, but Friday is a good day too. (Jason is taking me out on a date to Outback Steakhouse tonight).  :)

Friday is the day that I participate in Faithful Fridays, which is a day set aside to share something from our Christian Walk. It was started and sponsored by my daughter, Joy, so I am linking up with her .   We would love for you to participate too! Just grab the button and link up on her blog, Doodlebug .  Joy finally got the linky thing figured out.  We're really thrilled about that AND since she got the linky thing figured out, she'd REALLY love for you to participate!  :)  And she'd love for you to come over and check out her post, even if you don't participate.

I’ve mentioned before that music really speaks, inspires, and sometimes even convicts me. And I've mentioned K-Love before, but I have to do it again.  K-Love is the radio station that our car stays tuned to, as well as the computer at home (when we are listening to music there). It is positive, encouraging K-Love. And positive and encouraging it is! It’s Christian music that feeds the soul and sends the message of hope to those who need it.


Jason and I decided that we wanted to be part of K-Love by pledging a monthly gift to them because we want to give back. I know if K-Love blesses me the way it does, it has the potential to reach so many others that need to hear the message of hope through Jesus! And I want to be a part of that, even if it is a small part.

Do you already enjoy K-Love?  If you’ve never tuned in to K-Love, you really must check them out! You can go here and find a station close to you. I promise you that you will be blessed!

On another note, there are a couple of our blogging friends that we need to remember:

Linda of Behind My Red Door - Linda lost her dad this week.

Sheila of Seasons of Thy Heart – Sheila’s husband had an aneurysm and is in the hospital.

Would you agree together with me to pray for these sweet ladies and their families?


I'm also linking up today with Lois over at Walking on Sunshine with my chocolate gravy recipe for her Foodie Friends Linky Party.  Come on over and visit Lois.  She has wonderful recipes!  :)

And as always, I truly appreciate you stopping by and for every comment. I always look forward to reading each one. Thanks so much! And have a great weekend! :)


Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...


You know how much I love K-Love! I'm so glad we found it. :)

Love you! 8!

Joy :)

bettyj said...

I haven't heard of that K-Love. Is it an internet station? We have Joy62. I have been praying for the husband and of course for Linda. Bloggers are prayers, I found that out. I am looking for company any minute. Have a great one.

~Sara said...

What a great idea! I love K-Love!! It is on in our car all the time. Our college son has all of his radio stations in his car tuned to all christian stations. Air 1 is another of his favorites.I guess we are in the same blog circles, because I have been praying for those mentioned as well.Bloggers are awesome people!I love it! Blessings ~Sara

Shannon said...

We (as a family) LOVE K-Love! It's all we listen too. We are a family who enjoys music, very much and I am also inspired by it. I often find that I am more inspired by listening to music, then reading a devotional book. It speaks to me! Thanks for sharing!!

jane walts said...

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Sammons said...

Couldn't drive my car again without K-Love :)
Love your sweet girl Joy!! She is a masterpiece!!!!!
Love your heart for Gods waiting treasure :)
Mama to Lexi and Ivy ( formerly Cheryl with BAAS)