Thursday, July 19, 2012

Days Around Here

I was so thrilled to see that you enjoyed my first Sunporch Chat as much as I did! It was so much fun. Ms. Betty was a wonderful guest! Thank you all for stopping by and for the kind comments! I know Ms. Betty appreciated them as well!

I enjoyed it so much that I know I can’t wait for an entire month to do another. I’m going to have to do this at least once every two weeks because it was just so much fun. So stay tuned for the next Sunporch Chat (which I will announce beforehand). I'm going to keep a link to each Sunporch Chat on the page above titled Sunporch Chats for future reference.  :)

These days I’ve been keeping cooking to a minimum, or as simple as possible,so as not to heat up the kitchen. It’s been so terribly hot and humid here. A lot of humidity came after the rain. I love my George Foreman grill. I used to have a smaller one, but treated myself a year or so ago to this one that I picked up at the day after Thanksgiving sale. It’s big and it’s RED.

It takes less than 4 minutes to make our hamburgers and it holds about 5 of our large sized ones. We like our hamburgers cooked on it with worchestershire sauce and/or Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce. It’s an easy quick supper, which leaves time for our bicycle ride before dark sets in. Do you have a George Foreman? Do you use it?

I have flowers again, actually Joy and I have flowers, compliments of Luke and picked off my crepe myrtle bush. “Just for the ladies”. Aren’t they cheery?

I’m kind of excited about a little something too…..Lois of Walking on Sunshine urged me to enter my chocolate gravy recipe in the Foodie Friend Friday linky party. So I did. I actually was one of the top three for the most clicks. Could be that folks were just curious about such a strange and fattening dish. Lol! Oh well, it was different among those healthy dishes. For whatever reason, I’m still excited. I even earned this button.

Foodie Friends Friday

The rains brought blessings with it from our garden.

 We’ve gotten a few peppers.  They looked so funny that we couldn't figure out if they were bell peppers (they smelled like it but were shaped a little like jalepenos (see above).  We tried one and they were hot so we were stumped.  We only planted a couple of jalepeno plants and more bell peppers (right beside each other).  So we were thinking they were bell peppers but since they were hot, we just didn't know.  We're wondering if they could have crossed over somehow?  Anyway, with our peppers, we decided to try a little something.   :)  I took the following ingredients:

Cream cheese melted (I melted a full bar)
Bacon bits (real ones) (about a half of a little bag)
Creole seasoning (didn’t measure…just to taste)

 I mixed all that together and just stuffed in on those halves.

It would have made a better picture to get it BEFORE putting it in the oven, but I forgot!

They were good! And best of all, they were grown in our garden. They were a little spicy, but we like spicy. (Well, Jason and I like spicy).

Just waiting patiently now on those tomatoes!

We had a kid on loan too. You may remember seeing his picture here on my blog from awhile back. He belongs to one of the servers at our favorite Chinese restaurant. He’s only been here from China for less than a year. Well we love him and he likes hanging out with us when we go to the restaurant. He sits with us the entire time we're there. Anyway, his dad let him spend the day with us. His English name is Jason, but we still call him Heng Heng (pronounced more like Hong Hong). He’s five.

Anyway, after picking him up, we had lunch out, went to a playground, had Baskin Robbins ice cream, went to Dollar Tree for picking out a toy (because I know in Dollar Tree I can tell them they can pick any toy in there they want and I know it's within my budget),  :)....and then here to the house. He and Luke played all the rest of the afternoon.

After supper, he joined us on our bike ride. Jason sure got his work-out. He was pulling 100 lbs worth of boys in the Little Emperor ride – except he had two Little Emperors. They loved it.

Then we had to take him back. Wish we could just keep him. Lol! He’s a good playmate for Luke. And he's so adorable. We were probably pretty funny trying to communicate. One thing for sure, it was interesting!

Well as always, I appreciate you stopping by today and I hope you’ll come back tomorrow for Faithful Friday. Or better yet, join us!  (The button code that links back to her blog is now on my button page for you to grab).

♥ Tammy ♥


Karen said...

Morning Tammy...what a delightful post.
I love all sorts of things to read about and today you had it.
Love the recipe you stuffed into the pepper....sounds delish.

How fun for Luke to have a little playmate with his same background. You are such wonderful people.


Paula said...

I love my George Foreman, Tammy~ especially right now because it's too hot to fire up a grill! *UGH*
I saw Lois' post and I saw your chocolate gravy was up near the top! I've had chocolate gravy before and it is so delicious.
Luke and his new best friend are so adorable~ I'll bet poor Jason really got a workout!! :)

Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...


Too much cuteness in the Emperor's carriage! :) Maybe we should keep him for a month, huh?

Love you! 8!

Joy :)

~Sara said...

What a fun time with new friends!Sounds like you are enjoying the summer and making the best of it all.Great ideas for dinner ideas as well. Everything is better from your own garden!I will look forward to meeting "new friends" with your porch chats.
Blessings ~Sara

Cindi said...

I love the picture of Luke and Jason. With the activities you all did today I can see why he likes coming to your place, a kid's dream day. Thanks for sharing.
Be blessed,

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just found your blog and am now a follower ; )
Such wonderful pictures and stories. I love the filled peppers and the flowers are beautiful.
The boys seem to have had great fun. Great pictures !!
Have a wonderful day.

Nancy M. said...

Love the pretty flowers! Such a sweet little friend for Luke! The dollar store is great for toys cause at any other store it would take forever trying to talk them into a cheaper toy, lol.

My simple life said...

hello tammy
love the stuffed peppers.and the flowers are wonderful.great blog!
wish you a nice weekend,