Tuesday, July 24, 2012

♥ All Dressed Up ♥

My little girl is growing up! Joy was invited to a friend’s 16th “Sweet Sixteen” birthday party. She’s been so excited about it because it was a chance to get dressed up. It was a (semi)formal dress-up party followed by a swimming party. Great combination, huh? Perfect for Joy anyway, our girly tomboy.

After she was all dressed up and ready to go, her daddy just about changed his mind. He asked if there were going to be boys at the party and then quickly offered to stay at the party.  :)

I took a few pictures. ;)

With her brothers.....Colt and Luke

Colt’s girlfriend, Amber, came over and styled Joy’s hair. You may have seen Joy’s post yesterday that she linked for Pinned it, Made it! Monday. She pinned a hairstyle (on Pinterest) she liked and Amber (Colt's girlfriend), being the talented hair stylist she is, recreated it with Joy’s hair. It was beautiful!

The dress is hanging in the closet and her hair is pulled back in a ponytail now, but it was fun for a day to get all dressed up and feel (and look) like a princess.  Even when little girls grow up, they still like to play dress up.  Sigh…. I guess I can’t keep her little forever. I’m so thankful she’s a young lady with a good head on her shoulders and high standards.  :)


Thank you to those who participated in my first Pinned it, Made it! Monday!  I appreciate you so much!  I had hoped for at least four participants for my first one and there were seven!  Thank you SO much ladies!   I enjoyed seeing what you pinned and made or tried!  Please join me again next Monday as we do the same thing all over again!  So get to work pinning and trying it out!  :)  And if you would help me spread the word, I'd be so very thankful for that as well! 

Thanks also for stopping by today and have a wonderful day!  :)


Wendi said...

I know it is bittersweet watching your little girl become a young lady. A beautiful lady at that!

Enjoy your day!

Trace4J said...

What a shining and beautiful young lady.
You have beautiful children.
Joy in Him


Carmen and the Primcats said...

She looks stunning! What a fun Party!!!

Carmen and the Primcats

Carmen C. said...

Hi Tammy, what a beautiful young lady both inside and out! I LOVE the dress and hair, SO gorgeous!!!!!! I also love that lil' someone clinging to her leg, lol, what a cutie,he has grown so much! I hope she had a wonderful time!!!!!

Karen said...

BEAUTIFUL...goodness Tammy what a gorgeous daughter. How proud you all must be of her.
Hope they all had a wonderful time.

arkie said...

What a blessing she must be to you all! Beautiful too!

Penny said...

Oh my, Joy looks beautiful!! Such a fun party.... a little bit of everything. I'm sure she had a great time!

bettyj said...

Oh you beautiful girl, Joy. Your beauty with in shows on the outside. You remind me so much of "my" girls and their high standards and morals led them to wonderful husbands. I pray, and know, the same will happen for you. That shade of blue is wonderful on you. I will be watching over the months and years ahead for more "dress up" pix!

Sharon said...

What a beautiful girl and dress.
I chuckled at Dad's remarks!! He better start cleaning his gun!lol

Forever Sisters said...

She's gorgeous!
Love the hair!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

She looks so darling. Love her hair!!

Carey's Farmhouse Kitchen said...

She is just a beauty! I know they do grow up so fast, too fast!

Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

Your daughter is a beautiful young lady and I'm sure you are very proud of her. I love the color of her dress and the details at the hemline. Shannon

Donna~One Simple Country Girl said...

Oh my goodness, Tammy! She is such a beautiful young lady ~ inside and out!!! I know you must be so very proud of her. And I am surprised Daddy DID actually let her go. I'll bet he paced all evening! lol!

Cindi said...

Oh Tammy your daughter is so cute! How fun! I just got back from a little vacation tonight so I didn't get in the pin it and make it but I will be in next week! Thanks for the invite! Have a great rest of the week!
Be blessed,

Hollie said...

What a beautiful young lady!!! Poor Jason!! I love the picture with the beautiful brothers!!!

Angie said...

Oh my word! Well someone has been busy growing up way too fast! I do not blame Jason for almost changing his mind....