Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Watcha Workin' on Wednesday & Kitchen Update

I thought today would be a very appropriate day to catch you all up a few things that I've been working on lately. Some of it has been repurposing projects, some has been just shopping for a few kitchen treasures, some of it kitchen remodeling and some of it has been exciting new pieces of furniture that Jason has been working on for me! So today on Leslie's Watcha Workin' on Wednesday, I'll show you a few pictures. Please keep in mind that I've just been playing around with some of the purchases and where they sit is probably not where they will stay when I get everything in here and am able to buy more and rearrange.

First of all, here's the new curtains. I ended up buying the Park Designs Cinnamon Pattern. I am so glad I chose it. I really like the way these curtains coordinate with everything.

Here you can see the curtain closer to the red door. I didn't order a valance for the back door...only the bay windows....but now I'm wondering if I should order one for the back door.

What do you think? Do I need one or leave the door as is? Also the wreath that is on the door will probably be replaced with something else...this is what I have for now.

You can see here that the shades on the chandelier coordinate well with the curtains. I didn't know how this would fit in...but I think it will be least for now.

Here's a picture that shows the countertops against the cabinets and the new black knobs. And there's my redware platter from Wendy's giveaway that I won! Yay! I have it there for may not stay in that exact spot, but it IS going in my kitchen! Actually I just sat a few things there on the counter to get an idea of what my prim items would look like on my countertops.....

This weekend, Jason made my shelf for above the bay window. We painted and antiqued it. I got a couple of shots of him putting it up. I love the red shelf up there too!

Sorry this picture turned out dark...but the shelf is done and up on the wall:

Now I get to fill it up with goodies....the fun part!

This is the tart warmer that I bought off of Ebay and the sweet home checkerboard that I bought from Kindra. I just love them both! It's all sitting on the telephone table that has always been here. This is the spot where my new cupboard will go.

Do you want a sneak peek of the cupboard that Jason is building me? Keep in mind it's still a work in progress.....but here it is! I have always loved the one that Linda has in her dining room and I showed Jason a picture of it on the computer awhile back and told him I love to have one of those for that spot....he got started on it this weekend! I'm so excited over this!

Then while he worked on that Saturday, I worked on a few pieces that I bought from Goodwill and the Flea Market. Do you remember the wooden birdhouse that I found and wanted to turn into the wall candle holder? Well I painted it black, primmed it a little and I plan to add a rusty nail with some grungy candles hanging from it, and rosehips in the bottom tray. That's the plan...but I'll show a picture when I finish! The bucket used to be silver with a rooster on the side. I just spray painted it black. I will be adding fall decor to it for now....

This was just an old beat up bread board that I picked up at the fleamarket. I painted and primmed it, and added the homespun bow and rusty star.

I also painted my paper towel holder black. Jason is cutting out a prim star for the top and I'll paint it and add it later (it will probably either be black or red glazed).

And the last thing to show you that we've worked putting up the new punched tin switchplate covers that we ordered and got in from The Primitive Country Bug. It's amazing how such a small thing makes such a big difference.

And that's what I....(well, we)....have been up to lately! I wanted to wait until I had more to show you all on my kitchen, but so many of you have been so nice to ask about the kitchen that I decided to share the progress. I am always so impatient...wanting everything in place and all decorated first...but it's coming along!

Thanks for stopping by! :)


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Oh my goodness! Your kitchen looks GREAT! And howe wonderful to ahve a hubby that can build the things you want! He is very talented! And so are you!
What a blessing!

Siri said...


You're kitchen is really coming together. Ooh girl, you are so lucky to have a hubby that is so talented that he can make you furniture. It's absolutely beautiful and I know when its finished it will be wonderful. Love the color scheme in your kitchen too. Have a blessed day.


Leslie said...

It's all very beautiful! I love everything :)

You're doing what I love to do now....take those items that we already have but make them fit in in the new room :)

Love the tart warmer...I have the same one in navy blue :)

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Tammy, everything looks wonderful!! I'm glad I stopped in here before posting on the CS forum. I was going to ask you about the kitchen, and here it is. I love everything. Not so sure about the valance on the door. I like my door with the valance on it, but I always seem to need a visual. Maybe Jason could hold one of your valances up there and you could step back and take a look. I have to have John do that for me all the time. Again, it's the visual. LOL. Love the cabinet Jason is building and the shelf. I REALLY need to borrow him. He's so fast at building, I won't keep him for long!! LOL. Have a great day, Tammy. Jax

Linda said...

WOW girl - you have been busy! I am so impresed with Jason's woodworking skills copying the step back cupboard. It is one of my favorite pieces! The shelf is great and the curtains are perfect. It all looks wonderful!!

Kate said...

everything looks great!! I love it:)

CozyCoops Corner said...

Tammy, I think it all looks so great and I don't think you need a valance on your door. I just love all the colors you chose for your kitchen!How fun to be redoing it all like that. I'd be so excited about that cupboard~wow! I really enjoy seeing the updates !

Mom in Sahuaritaville said...

I LOVE the cupboard. Can't wait to see what it looks like finished!!

Colleen said...

You and Jason make for a wonderfully creative team, Tammy! I LOVE all of your projects and I think that the kitchen looks fabulous so far! I can't wait to see it as you add treasures and finish up those projects. Wow!

Have a great day, my friend!

Back in the Day said...

Tammy ~
Girl I love the kitchen! The curtains look really good with everything - great job picking those out. The shelf above the bay windows looks great - can't wait to see what you put up there!

RoBiN said...

Hi Tammy!

Been watching your blog...was SO SURPRISED to see MY curtains hanging at YOUR windows!!! I have the matching towels AND Wallpaper, too! You'll have to come over to MY BLOG and see the mess! My stuff is a bit "tired" now. Just can't seem to part with the Red for my Kitchen! I'm in a slump as to what to do, and until I am CERTAIN of my plans for paint on all the cabinets, I am never getting anything else done! LOL!
Red Cabinets? White Distressed?
Black Crackled? Aged Taupe? Got NO Clue!

As for the back door...YES! Get a magnetic rod and hang ONE more valance there. Usually whenever you have a bank of windows, even a door, you want to continue that scheme. You can ALWAYS just do a "napkin-on-angle" over a rod at the top if you can't find another valance. I've had to resort to that dilemma a few times.

Great work!

Jacquelynne said...

Beautiful kitchen! I love red! We are in the planning stages of remodelling ours, and it will definitely involve red- either in the wallpaper or a new hutch. Thanks for the inspiration!

Black Sheep Lisa said...

Your kitchen is looking great, i am loving that cupboad that Jason is building. Oh and the tin switch covers are awesome!

Linda said...

LOL - well I figured it out the first time I read it but it does look better now! I have no problem with you copying my cupboard - I am thrilled you like it enough to want one. Can't wait to see it done!

Humm - I thought I showed our bedroom several times. If you click on either of my slideshows on my blog, there are several master bedroom pictures on it. You can tell by the black dressers, and the gold chimney cupboard and the red nightstand with the whale shelf over it. The second bedroom is now my office/craft room with the day bed, and the third bedroom is hubby's den/office so they don't look like typical bedrooms now that we have the house to ourselves.

Cathy said...

I absolutely LOVE your kitchen!! It all looks sooo amazing! Both you and your husband are so very talented!!!

Im just know learning to crackle and paint my own stuff so can you share how you antiqued that breadboard?

sandi a. said...

What a lovely kitchen! We have a bay window similar to your kitchen and I put valances only at the windows not the door. But now may husband wants one at the door, too. He may be right. When I saw your photos and you asked if you should have a valance on the door, my first thought was "yes" and then, hmmmm, my husband might be right about our door. He'll be glad to hear that I'm going to add the valance - and all because of your blog!!

Sandy said...

I just LOVE your kitchen so far!!!
The curtains, wall color, counter top...well everything ties in so wonderful!

I really like the shelf above the window...can't wait to see if filled up...

I am really liking your got quite the handy husband. I only wish that when I would tell my husband he would make it for me also. But lately he is so tired and not feeling much up to working in the shop for me. Oh well...

All your goodies are so great. Everything is looking really nice. And I love your switch plates, I have the same ones...LOL

I will be looking forward to more...


countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Tammy...girlfriend, your kitchen is gorgeous. Do you think you'd loan your hubby to me, so that he could help me too??? You both are very creative and talented. Love the curtains..and I think the door looks great without a curtain!


Rosemary said...

Wonderful as always Tammy dear!

Love the shelf over the windows. I want one now for my dining room.

Oh and I love the valances too!! I say go for it at the door.

You have another award to add to your collection girl!

Bounce on over to my blog to grab it!


Jenn said...


Im drooling! Your kitchen is AWESOME, everything is coming together to pretty! I cant wait to see the finished cabinet:)

Andrea said...

WOOHOO! More gorgeous house photos!! I always love seeing them!

Yes, we're all over our colds and I am over the pneumonia (as far as I know). Thanks for asking. I sure feel better! I am supposed to get back to my doctor for a checkup though.

As for the weather here in Australia, it's starting to warm up, and getting more humid. Thankfully we are having a couple cool days, but this weekend is supposed to be quite hot, and I am not looking forward to it. I always thought it was hot when we lived back in Tasmania, but nothing like compared to here. UGH! I am dreading summer! I've lived in a few states back there in the US that got pretty warm, but they didn't have the humidity like here.

It will be another unbearable summer.


Julie said...

Everything looks wonderful. Your hubby is very talented. I love your shelf. By the way, I bought the same checkerboard from Kindra--I love it, too. julie

Deb said...

Hi Tammy it comming along great! You both have been extra busy and I love everything you've shown thus far. Deb

Laura of Harvest Lane said...

I love the way you're decorating! The stove made me call my husband in and say look! Look!

I don't think you need the curtain on the back door. It looks so farmish as it is.

This is my first time here. Do you live in town or in the country?

Please come and see me!

Laura of Harvest Lane

Laura of Harvest Lane said...

Wow Tammy!

I've been looking at your blog for the first time. I found you through Kay at Rustic Cottage. I like your blog so much, I'm putting it on my blog under my favorite blogs to visit!

Thank you!
God bless you!

Dawn said...

tammy, the kitchen is looking so great. Love the shelf above the window, love how you have placed it. Im sure you will fill it up with goodies. I guess I would vote for the valance. The curtains are perfect. Id love to have new counter tops, yours looks so charming!! dawn

Raggedy Angel said...

Wow you have been busy! Everything is looking great! Beth

Debbie @ said...

That is amazing. Your kitchen looks wonderful and your hubby deserves an award for building that incredible piece. OOOh La La. How fun to decorate that for the holidays!

Daffodil Hill said...

It all looks GREAT! Personally, I would not add curtains to the door because of the close proximity to the windows, but that's your call.

In response to your comment at my blog, yes, I happily homeschooled all 4 of my kids elementary through high school. Not so terribly long ago my life looked a lot like yours does today. I guess that's part of the reason I enjoy your blog so much. There isn't much left of that life now, but I can come here and re-live some happy memories. :)

Sue said...

IT LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!!! I love your choice for curtains. The shelf over the bay window is great...can't wait to see what you put on it. Your hubby is SO TALENTED. The cupboard is looking just like Linda's. Don't you just love everything about her house??? Thanks for sharing what you are doing with us.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

How wonderful Tammy, just beautiful! The paint really brings out the wood of your cabinets and I love the black knobs.
That cabinet Jason is making for you is fantastic I can't wait to see the finished product!
Love the curtains BTW and I don't know about the curtain on the door, I think myself I'd go with a bigger, twiggy type wreath instead.
The yard sale finds are great I did that to one of my breadboards only in blue with stain on top of it turned out really nic.

Julie said...

Oh, wow, Tammy!!!!
I just love your kitchen!!! The paint color, the accesories, those curtains (even adore the name "Cinnamon"!!!)

Aren't we just so blessed to have such talented husbands?!?!?

I can't wait to see your new cupboard finished! Then I'll show my husband and he'll have to make me one....Ha!Ha!

Oh, I almost forgot! Love those punched tin switchplate covers! I'd like some in a rust finish -- do they have them where you ordered yours?


Peper Creek Gatherings said...

Beautiful kitchen! Don't ya just LOVE black paint? I do! It's a blessing to have your other half be so giving! He does great work! Justina

Kim~"HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs" said...

Tammy, your kitchen makeover is coming along so the new valances.


Love your kitchen...WOW! You and Jason did a wonderful job. I saw pictures of Joy...How sweet she is. ..That is the reason I love your love your gamily and you brighten my day. Come on over to get your award "I Love your blog" Smiles and Hugs Katherinellen