Friday, September 5, 2008

"House of Angels"

My mom's brother, Uncle Harold,(and his wife, Aunt Mary) spent many years in Colombia, South America as a missionary. They still go back every once in awhile and travel to conventions here in the states. When they go to the conventions, they pass through this area and stay next door with my mom and dad. One particular time, they had a native Colombian pastor and his wife with them. We enjoyed listening to them talk and we learned a little more Spanish. When they were leaving my mom's house, he smiled as he waved his arm in a gesture toward all her angels, and said, "House of Angels". That's a very appropriate name for my mom and dad's a collector of angels and firm believer in Psalms 91.

My mom and dad live in a modular (or double wide) home. My mom has made their home really cozy and inviting. I took some pictures to share with you all. She doesn't decorate necessarily prim country....but it's country. I thought you might enjoy a tour and mom agreed to the "photo shoot". So....come on along with me and I'll take you a tour of mama and daddy's home next door....(and if you'll'll see angels everywhere!)

Here we've come in the front door and this is an overview of the living area and dining area. It's an open floor plan which makes it feel and look really roomy.

This is the built-in entertainment center that spans the entire wall. These aren't the original cabinets, but were custom built later (as the cabinets were also refaced in the same way in the kitchen). This makes a great focal point for the room!

This picture was taken from the living room looking into the dining room. The couch acts as an instant visual divider between the living room and dining area and has a sofa table directly behind it. Notice the shelf above the window with the graniteware. Jason made the bar stools over at the bar.

This is a picket fence chair that stands right beside the front door. Here she also has angels watching over! That's a piece of driftwood my dad brought home and fixed up for mama with the birdhouse (it also has a light inside and it's really cozy all lit up).

This is the shelf that her favorite son-in-law (umm.that would be my Jason again) built her to showcase her angels....she has just a few! lol! It started with just one here and there and people buying them for gifts! She really likes the more rustic ones and willow tree angels alot!

This is the telephone table that used to be my grandmother's. I remember it well and always loved that table. I remember their old phone sitting so neatly on it in the kitchen area.

This is the master bedroom which is on one side of the house off the living room. It is really a big room. Jason also made the bed. Can you find the angels?

This is the hallway on the other side of the house that leads to the other two bedrooms and bathroom. I love this wash stand cabinet at the end of the hall. It is her americana accent area! I really love this! There's even a little angel hanging out there in the middle of the shelf.

This is a shot of her dining area. From here you can see out the window into the back yard where they have quite a few birdhouses. Lots of bird watching goes here and this is where the family gathers for meals when we have get togethers at mama and daddy's. The corner cabinet was also made by Jason (there are in each corner).

This is the coziest accent piece. This is the electric stove. It makes it feel so homey in there in the winter with it going. I had to get a picture of it. Can't you just imagine sitting in there in the dim lamplight with your cup of hot chocolate watching a Christmas movie? I want one of these for my bedroom!

This is the opposite view of the living room. It was taken from the side of the entertainment center looking toward the front door and master bedroom.

This is what you'll find on the opposite side of the entertainment center from the little black stove. This is a rocker glider. There is another arrangment of angels there on the wall right behind the chair.

This is a picture of the guest bedroom on the other side of the house. I don't know if you can see it, but my favorite picture of my brother and me hangs in this room on the far side of the bed. My mom loves anything with hearts on it too! You'll see the heart shape showing up in many places!

This room is my dad and the grandkids' room. It's where you'll find his gun cabinet, John Deere stuff, and hunting stuff. It's also houses the computer desk. It is most definitely the grandkids' hangout with it's own TV and box of toys. As a matter of fact, you'll see the three youngest ones in this picture....Kemper, Joy & Laci (over there in the corner with the toys by the TV).

With angels sitting on beds, perched on shelves, hanging on you see why it was lovingly called......"House of Angels".


Anonymous said...

Tammy, I really enjoyed this blog. All the pictures of your Mom's house are great. I like the way you used the words "modular" home. That sounds so much better than "double-wide". It is hard sometimes to tell someone you live in a double-wide Looking forward to the next blog.


Farmchick said...

Wow that's a lot of angels! Loved the tour...thanks for sharing! Have a great day!!

Debbie @ said...

Tammy, I enjoyed all those pictures. The angel collection is beautiful. The home is so warm and inviting. Beautiful.
Have a wonderful day

Deb said...

Hi Tammy, I really enjoyed the tour of the House Of Angels. Your mom has made it very homey and it's great that you two live so close. I hope you all will be having a great weekend. Deb

Jessica said...

There home is just adorable! So much space, too. There are a lot of nice double-wides out there. I really enjoyed the tour!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

You are so blessed to have them near, loved the tour of the "House of Angels" so warm and cozy. Hard to believe it is a modular home, enjoyed this post so much.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

Thank You goes to both your Mom and you Tammy for this wonderful photo shoot tour that I just went on!! I absolutely loved each and every room you both shared with me! Your Mom's angel collection is absolutely beautiful, and especially those darling angels in your Dad's room and grandkids room!! I saw 3 darling angels that were in the room playing, and having a great time!! :)

Your Mom and Dad have their home looking so warm and homey!! I just fell in love with all of it!!

I can see why your parent's home is called, The House of Angels! There are alot of beautiful people living inside that "special" home and lots of wonderful angels that come to visit there often too!

Thank you both again!!
You all have a wonderful weekend!!

Love & Blessings,

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Tammy is this where you grew up or have they moved? It is beautiful!!! Love the all the wood pieces and floor. I have one of those electric stove looking heaters in my bedroom out of necessity for the winter. It is very cold in an old farmhouse I found out last year. LOL. We are hopefully going to fix that here real soon.


ohiofarmgirl said...

Tell your mom thanks for sharing! It is fun to see others homes.It does look cozy. Dianntha

Linda said...

You can tell that your folks home is filled with love and treasures. How sweet that your DH has put his personal touches on some things as well!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Your Mom & Dad's home is really sweet! My Mama loved angels too.

Anonymous said...

Tammy, love your mama and daddy's home!! It is decorated wonderfully and so warm. Thanks for sharing, I'm sure those who live in modular homes appreciate this. It's hard to shake that "trailer" image. Always sounds so low class, but they are anything but low class. I use to live in one myself. Bought a brand new one right after my divorce and it was wonderful. I really miss the nice sized kitchen and bathroom that it had in it. Thanks again for sharing. JAX

Colleen said...

It certainly is "una casa de angeles"

What a warm and inviting home your parents have, Tammy! I really enjoyed your tour! How wonderful to have such a special haven right next door. Thanks for sharing!

Cottage Rose said...

What a great looking home. Love all the Angles, how sweet they are. My your husband sure can make beautiful things out of wood.
Have a great weekend,


Raggedy Angel said...

Thanks to Mama for letting us in...I have that same electric stove in my shop...everyone loves it! Beth

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tour of House of Angels...Your mama and daddy home is beautiful~ The three angels that I saw in your dad room are adorable. The home was warm and cozy..thanks for sharing it with us...You have a wonderful weekends..Katherinellen

Kindra said...

Your parents have a lovely home. I grew up in a modular home and my parents still live there. My parents have always kept it up so nice and prim/country. :) Have a great weekend!

Raggedy Angel said...

Did you get your room spray?

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh they have an absolutely adorable place!!!
You must have inherited the decorating flair from your Mom, Tammy!!