Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fall Evenings

Although the weather hasn't cooperated with fall these past few days, (we're having upper 80 and 90 degree weather), all of the other signs of fall are all around us! The other day, I listed some of autumn's blessings, and I mentioned tractors in the fields and cotton fields ready to be harvested.

The very night of that post, (Monday), Jason, Joy & I went for an evening walk down the gravel road near our house. Well....Joy rode her bike and Jason and I walked. It was almost dark when we got back. As we walked back, we heard the familiar sound of tractors working late hours in the fields. I went and grabbed my camera so I could share a picture with you. I stood up on our pool deck to take this picture of the tractors out at dusk harvesting rice in the field behind our home. I love to hear the tractors back there!

While we were out for our walk, we were serenaded by the locusts singing. I just love that sound! Then when we came home, our cats,(Mattie and Bambi), were waiting patiently for us in the only spot that they're allowed to climb! That's their window sill that they're allowed to perch on. That's where they sit and dream of the outdoors! lol! At night, the tree frogs tease them. On any given night, there are at least eight to twelve tree frogs. By day, it's the birds that tease them! Since I had my camera, I snapped a picture of them waiting. Aren't they sweet?

Then on our way to church we pass many cotton fields! On our way last night, we pulled over so I could get a picture. I think they are so pretty....white as snow! I really need to go get some pictures of the kids there before it's harvested, which will be soon. I always love this time of year and driving the backroads flanked by cotton fields!

Take a few minutes this evening to look and listen for the sounds of fall. It's a simple pleasure, but a beautiful one!


AnnaSam said...

Love your pics. When re lived outside of Fayetteville NC about 15 years ago we had cotton fields surrounding us along with tobacco fields.And I remember the sounds of the tractors in the evening.Thanks for bringing back that mamory for me. Now that we live in the mountains of Sc we don't get to experience that.Have a blessed day.

Jenn said...

Hi Tammy!

Beautiful pictures!
Can you believe I have never seen a cotton field? I too, would be out there snapping pictures. We're a big corn state and there really is nothing pretty about a corn field:)

basketsnprims said...

Good morning, Tammy! Those pics turned out beautiful with the lights of the tractors & the sun setting. I expecially love the one with the kitties in the window waiting for you & your children to come home. Thanks for sharing.


ohiofarmgirl said...

It is funny because our tree frogs are here earlier in the year...spring and mid summer but are long gone.
No cotton here but plenty of corn and bean fields but most are not ready for harvest just yet.
I love fall and am enjoying our weather but we are to be in the 60's next week....Dianntha

Linda said...

Just last night DH and I were listening the frogs in the brook at dusk. You are so right - there are a lot of fall sounds!

Black Sheep Lisa said...

Love those pics, MaKayla came in
yesterday and said Mama come look at the pretty sunset! We also have fields around out home, so tractors are normal for us, we live in a farming community. Which i love!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures! Those cotton fields are so white and soo very pretty! You are right, there are so many neat sounds for one to hear during this time of the year!! I, too, love the fall season!! :)

Have a great day Tammy!

Leslie said...

Very nice pictures! Cotton fields aren't something you see around here at all. It does look like snow :)

One thing about blogging is that I am looking at things through different eyes. I started looking at things, wondering what was around me that others would find interesting. I'm beginning to appreciate everything around me....

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

First of all I LOVE your kitties!! I am a cat lover through and through!! I forgot you had cats, you rarely talk about them!!

And I love the pics,thanks for sharing. Of course, we dont have rice or cotton up here so those cotton fields are pretty cool looking.

Our temps have been great, in the 40's or 50's at night and 60 or 70 in the daytime...I just love sleeping with the window cracked open and a cool breeze blowing in and snuggling in the blanket!!

Thanks again for sharing!!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I think I'v seen a cotten field once when I was about seven, we had went to see my oldest brother, in the army at Fort Bragg, NC. Very hot and sticky there is all that I can remember.
Love the pics and the kitty's looking out the window.

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Tammy...beautiful pictures. I cracked up at the kitties at the window!!! I love the sounds of fall too...I could sit out on the deck for hours.

Have a great Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy, It's Cindy (aka Scrappy) from the CS forum. I love your pictures. I have been coming to read your blog faithfully, but so far haven't figured out how to post a comment. I'm just trying again.


Julie said...

Amen, tammy. I love the sounds, sights and smells of fall. It is a wonderful time of year. My first time to see cotton fields was in Texas last September. I loved it. julie

Debbie @ said...

Hi Tammy beautiful pictures! I would so enjoy looking at all you get to see. We do live in the mountains, I enjoy all the starlight at night, the owls, ok sometimes the coyotes....
My hubby would see that picture, shake his head and say 'man that is soooo beautiful'. A true farmer's heart!!!

Sue said...

The cotton field looks like you made that picture from my house! Right now I am listening to the sounds you described with my windows open. It's supposed to be in the low 50's tonight...YEA!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy,

The pictures you took are gorgeous. The sky looks amazing. My favorite is the picture of the cats. We are just starting to see signs of Fall here in VA. I love the cooler weather.


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Great pics! I grew up surrounded by cotton fields and love them. Simple pleasures are the best kind!