Wednesday, September 10, 2008

O Happy Sonlight Day

When the Fed-Ex guy brings THIS box to our house, it's truly a happy day! I don't know who gets more excited....Joy or me. Judging by the picture further below, you would probably say Joy (my excitement came when we started unpacking the box)!

Somehow last week, we missed seeing or hearing the Fed-Ex guy leave this treasure on our front porch. I just happened to look out there and find it waiting for us. I hurriedly opened the front door and brought it in. I called Joy and showed her the box sitting there and this is the reaction I got:

She was saying, " Sonlight books!", as she affectionately hugged her box of treasures. No kiddin'! She loves them that much!

Sonlight is the core curriculum we use in our homeschooling. It's not just's history, geography, literature, and Bible come to life! It's living books.....literature rich.....and it makes learning fun! Everyday is an adventure with Sonlight. Their motto is "The way you wish you'd been taught....guaranteed."

Here are the books that we'll be reading this school alouds and independent reading combined. As we checked the packing list to make sure we had everything here, I remembered reading so many of these books with Colt when he was younger and oh...the memories they brought back (this is the part where my excitement came in)! We didn't find Sonlight until Colt's high school years. Before then, I had always put together our own curriculum, spending much time in research, following a Charlotte Mason method of lifestyle learning. I really don't know how I had missed Sonlight all those years! I was so excited to discover Sonlight....exactly what I would do if I had put my own together....except all the work was done for me...all the books chosen and scheduling to fit our lifestyle! Sonlight is a perfect fit for us! The last two years, Joy and I have studied World History. This year begins part one of American History.

This picture above is Joy after coming in from dance class last night. She went immediately to her room, changed clothes (into her winter robe), grabbed her book, A Lion to Guard Us, and started reading (way ahead of schedule). Sonlight sure does make learning fun! She could have chosen toys or TV, but her activity of choice was a book! And I'm having just as much fun learning and taking adventures right along beside her. It really is a happy day when books bring THIS much joy to MY JOY (and me).


Leslie said...

That's too cute...Joy hugging her box of school books :) That's wonderful that she loves it and it works for you guys so well! I can see why you both get excited to see that box :)

Have a great day!

Linda said...

How wonderful you found the right curruculum for your family. I can almost hear the excitement in your 'voice' as you typed that post!!

MamaCat said...

We homeschooled our daughter all the way through to graduation. Your post today sure makes me miss those days! She's in college now. Her entire life I was always making the comment "books are our friends"--sort of as a joke. Not long ago she was sitting in the livingroom with me, both of us reading, when out of nowhere she said "books are our friends"! We both had a good laugh over that! Treasure these days, Tammy, cause they do go by way too quickly!

Wendy said...

How awesome that she loves homeschooling as much as you do!! Love the picture of her reading all on her own, thats when you know you its good, when you don't even have to say anything!!:0) Have a great day!~Wendy

Darlene said...

Hi Tammy,
I hopped over here from another blog to meet you and what a FABULOUS picture. That is just adorable. I just think you ladies that homeschool your children are so special & fabulous! It is so cool that she has so much "JOY" over learning.

Gettysburg Homestead said...

It is so awesome to see your child so anxious to learn. Mine son told me he actually liked school this year.


Anonymous said...

Tammy, I really agree with Linda when she mentioned that she could almost hear your excitement in your "voice" as you typed this post! I sensed the same thing! It is a wonderful thing when our children love to read. The picture of Joy hugging her box of books is great! :)

I recall back when Daniel was about 6 or 7 years old, when he was really first learning to read, when one morning during the summer I peeked into his bedroom and there he was sitting up in his bed reading his own Bible. It was a Children's Bible. Oh my goodness, such a great feeling I got, and still do when I think of that day! He still loves reading to this day!

The picture of Joy reading her new book is so precious! She looks to be totally into reading her NEW book! It means so much when they enjoy reading and learning new things! I definately can understand why you and Joy got so excited when you saw that box! :)

Have a great day Tammy! Tell Joy that I said Hi and that I am so tickled to read and see that she loves to read good books too!

Love & Blessings,

Tammy said...

Tammy, that is wonderful! :) I just showed this to my nine yr old....she's not quite as enthused right now and hopefully seeing your Joy all excited will somehow rub off on her! LOL

Also, I was going to say that I thought it was so cool that your family got to meet the gal who played Zuzu! A few yrs ago, I found her website and thought it was so neat...but I'd love to meet her person some time too!


Angie said...


I just admire you so much for homeschooling (among lots of other reasons to admire you!) and often think about it for our own family. We struggle each school year so much with our son that sometimes I wonder if he would be better off here at home with the person who knows him better than anyone in this world. Some kids are so mean to those that are different and it breaks my heart. I know several families here that homeschool, but I don't agree with their methods. My son needs structure and routine like we need water and oxygen. I think I will look into it some mind just can't let go of the possibility...thank you for the inspiration...


Sandy said...

How CUTE...hugging the box.
I wish my oldest was that excited about school...

It is always nice to see a child reading instead of watching TV or other things as you mentioned. I can admit though, my oldest loves her books. She reads only in French right now and I am pushing the English but she gets nervous about it because she is not all that comfortable with it. I just keep telling her...practice makes perfect!

Have a great day :)



wonderful! so good to see children so excited about reading!!

Debbie @ said...

Hi Tammy, yes new books are wonderful. I remember my mom ordering books for me in fourth grade and I felt like I was at the toy store! It was wonderful feeling excited about reading all those books. Great picture and very sweet.
Blessings, Debbie
Thanks for stopping by and your sweet words!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

That is awesome! What a wonderful curriculum to use! I wish the churches I worked for all those years would have used something like that. I always had to make my own curriculum, but I enjoyed doing it. But having your's would have saved me so much time.

Sounds like school is off to a grand start!

LINDA said...

Just like my Sara's boys. They wait for that box to come....The homeschooling works out so well for them. They love reading. They do well on the basic skills tests. Joy looks like she loves it, too. It really warms the heart.

Daffodil Hill said...

I LOVE Sonlight! It wasn't around for my older kids, but the younger two loved it. It was always a happy day indeed when that box arrived. We would dig right in and start reading. Hope you have a great school year!

Colleen said...

It doesn't get much better than a good book -- unless, of course, it's a huge box filled of them! What fun!

I'm glad my messy cherub got you both smiling today. He's truly a hoot!

Enjoy the rest of your day, my friend...

Julie said...

Loved the picture--I feel that way about books, too and so do my girls. Reading opens a whole new world. Great post. Julie

Sue said...

This sounds like a wonderful curriculum. It is great that you have the opportunity to homeschool because the time you have with your children goes too quickly as it is. Enjoy every minute!!!!

Deb said...

I'm so glad that you've found books that will keep your daughter interested in her school work. It's look like they will make learning fun. Deb

Nicole said...

That is so cute. Your daughter is beautiful. I just looked at your post below, you have some of the cutest fall decorations. I love your kitchen and that chandelier over the table, it looks so warm and inviting.

Cottage Rose said...

your Joy reminds me of me when I get a box in the mail. ha ha she is so sweet and cute. You are blessed having such a wonderful little angle.
I love your fall deco.too. Every room is so beautiful looking not over done but just enough in each room.
Have a great week.


Andrea said...

I love seeing how families homeschool, and what curriculum they use. I sometimes wish we homeschooled. I think my boys would be a lot better behaved, instead of being influenced by what they see from kids at their school. My boys aren't that bad, just disobedient. Thankfully they aren't like most kids at their school. I am always surprised at what I see kids do there, and they don't care if anyone sees them acting up.

Sorry if I rambled on too much.

I always love visiting your blog, and seeing all your awesome photos of all your prim goodies!


Farmchick said...

Such sweet pictures of your Joy...isn't wonderful when our children just want to soak up information and learn! Hugs!

Luke said...

Happy Box Day! And I love the photo of Box Day love [smile]. Great picture. Thanks for sharing.

I just found your blog, and I look forward to reading about your adventures to come.


country gal said...


Yep, that's about it...I LOVE BOOKS!!!!!!!! Just like you! I finished A Lion to Guard Us and started Pocahontas and the Strangers!! I love it!

Joy =D

Julie said...

I just love that book, A Lion to Gueard Us!
Our children are always so excited when new books come, too! I don't recall them hugging the box, though. She is precious!!!
They all read alot and I'm just so proud of that!

I love Sonlight's curriculum although we use ABeka and unit studies. I love the way Sonlight puts theirs together. I would be hugging that box, too!


kristi_temple said...

AH, Core 3! We loved Core 3. I love that she is hugging the box. My boys like to open the boxes with me and look over all the books. They get so excited about learning new things. I love your kitchen. I am trying to get ideas for mine.