Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Adventures at Lowe's & Awards

Under normal circumstances, I really do love Lowe's and Home Depot...actually I prefer Lowe's...but I had my fill of them this weekend!

And I should also point out that it's definitely NOT one of Joy's favorite places to go. She will usually avoid it if there is any possible way to do so (as in stay with Grandmama and Pop). She did so on Friday night, so Jason and I had a date for dinner and a visit to Lowe's (which I'm fine with...home improvement stores and bookstores make a good date for that boring?) Anyway, that was a quick trip to get some prices together, so all was well that night.

Saturday morning the plan was to get up and leave at 9:00 a.m. to pick up the countertops for the kitchen and come home and put them in (well Jason, my dad and his dad). The old countertops were pulled loose and taken out (which pulled off some sheet rock and required more mudding and painting before we left).

Joy looked (and acted) horrified when she found out we were going AGAIN! She packed her keep-her-busy-stuff and Jason walked her over next door and got himself a cup of coffee and our 9:00 a.m. leave time had turned into 9:30 or 9:40 a.m. I took advantage of it with computer time! At the last minute, as we were getting in the truck, Joy came out....changed her mind and decided to go. We told her it shouldn't take long at all as we knew exactly what we needed. There would be no trying to decide anything. (Little did we know what we were in for). Now the Lowe's we usually go to is about a 35 minute drive for us. Oh and I forgot to tell you that we were returning a piece of formica countertop that we brought home last week because we found a scratch on it.

So, in the parking lot, we found us a big blue cart. You know the kind....with three bars on it....and Joy got a free ride into the store (and all through the store for that matter). First thing, Joy has to go to the bathroom (that never fails). After getting our money back on the countertop, we could not find a piece that wasn't either chipped or scratched...mostly right on a corner that we had to have. So the associate checked another store on the computer and sent us to another Lowe's fifteen minutes further. The computer "said" they had seven in stock. Well we got there and they didn't have ANY in stock. This guy was real helpful though and called ahead to another store (not trusting the computer) and found out they had three or four. He even asked them to make sure they weren't damaged...and they weren't so we set off to yet another store about 20-25 minutes away. By this time, it was lunch time so we took at break at Burger King (the highlight of Joy's day since she got to play on the indoor playground). We told her, "See you never know what adventures you'll have when you hang out with dear ole' mom and dad!" We did eventually make it to the third Lowe's of the day. We found and purchased the needed countertop and headed home.

Approximately 3-4 hours behind schedule, we got back home ready to begin. After many set-backs, Jason, his dad, and my dad had them all cut and in (but not fastened down) by late Saturday night. Boy what a mess I was living in that day and all day Sunday! Fed-Ex was supposed to deliver our sink on Saturday, but when it didn't arrive by late afternoon, we tracked the shipment on the computer and found out that it had been sent to the "wrong" terminal and we had a new delivery date of September 3rd. They went ahead and cut the hole for the sink anyway (hoping and praying it was right). During all this time that they cut countertops, I cleaned out under all the counters. By Monday noon, everything was fastened down, shelf-paper put in, dishes and pots back in place and my old sink was put back in the hole. I just sat in my kitchen Monday night and admired everything so far. I didn't want to go to bed! I didn't have one prim decoration up on a wall or on a counter, but I could "see" it there!

As I write now, Jason and my daddy are working on getting the old sink out and putting the new black sink in (which arrived this morning). So there you have it....that's how we spent our long weekend!

I concluded a few things from our adventures:

1) Expect the unexpected.
2) Always plan on finishing later than you anticipate.
3) Things will get very messy before you see a light at the end of the tunnel.
4) People can get very irritable in the middle of a remodeling project.
5) There are at least 10 or 12 different ways that a kid can ride, hang, lie or sit on those blue carts (with the 3 handle bars) at Lowe's (and my creative daughter found every one of them)!

**Update...very late Tuesday night....Another unexpected....They couldn't get my sink in because of plumbing issues. I had to take my supper dishes next door to my mom's house (in a box) and wash them. I will apparently be without a sink (with a big gaping hole in my countertop) for at least one more day...maybe two. I guess I'll find out what living primitively is all about.....I think I just like Primitive DECOR! :)

And on another note, among all of this through the weekend, I was so kindly awarded by several blogging friends the Primitive Excellence Award (I just love the picture on this award!) I am very honored to get this!

Here's a big hug and thank you to the following ladies for thinking of me!
Mary of Gettysburg Homestead
Merrie of Where the Blackbirds Sing
Wendy of The Cozy Yellow House
Marie of A Little Bit of Country on the Shore
Sandy of For the Love of Prims
Siri of Gone Country in Bayport
And there really seems like there was one more person...I had a list which got lost in the shuffle of remodeling...and I can't remember it for anything...remember I am over 45 now!) Whoever you are, thank you!
I'm blessed to have so many friends here!

And thank you so much to Kathy of Kat's Corner and Lisa of Black Sheep Prims for awarding me the Smile Award! I love this one just makes me smile to look at it!

And since I'm late posting this, I think just about all my bloggin' buddies have received these awards. If you haven't, then please, please, grab it for deserve it! If you're on my blogroll, it's because I truly enjoy visiting your blog!


Linda said...

So much excitement - just postpones the pleasure of seeing it all done. I hope it comes out just the way you want it - after allthat, you deserve it!

Leslie said...

I feel for you, Tammy! If you go back to when we were doing our kitchen work and flooring re-do it was a LONG adventure! One thing after another...So much fun but I tell you it will be really worth it when it's completed.

I can totally relate to your story about Joy and Lowe's! LOL Shane hates Lowe's and he's not thrilled that Home Depot opened across the street from it so we're gone longer! LOL

Hugs to you!

Jo-Anne said...

Ugh! I got tired just reading about all your driving.... I am with Joy on this one...those kinds of trips are no fun! So sorry about all the trouble you've been having.

It's been my experience that home improvement projects take twice as long and cost twice as much. (I remember washing dishes in the bathtub for about a month during our kitchen re-do!)

I hope yours turns out just as you are hoping it will! I love the black sink and can't wait to see your kitchen all put together! :):):)

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I just can't wait to see everything in place and done:)

I like Lowes too but don't like going with Stush...he can be hours in the tool and electrical department. He is also one to compare prices so we go to different stores to do

Have a great day:)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the finished result!!

Black Sheep Lisa said...

My stepdad works at Lowes as a delivery driver, you can only imagine the horror stories he gets to hear!
Remodels and plans never go as you expect them too. But i am sure the end result will be great!!
Cant wait to see.

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

WOW! What a weekend! So sorry that some of it was disappointing. But hopefully when your kitchen is all done, you will look back and laugh about it.
I hope the sink issue is fixed soon for you!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

LOL Tammy this sounds like our adventures at Lowes. We went to three stores trying to find stone to finish our sidewalk. We too ordered a sink and it came broken, so we had to wait on a new one. Hmmmm... lets see what else. LOL.

The same thing happens to our kids too. Then we do something nice for them since they came along.

Can't wait to see your finished project.


Deb said...

Hi Tammy! What a trip! I so glad you're finally near the end. Get those decorations up on the walls while you're waiting on the sink. I'm sure you'll feel better. Deb

Wendy said...

Oh you just gotta love those home improvemnet stores!!!! We have a Lowes being built right up the road from us so that will be nice but I hate to go in them!!!
Can't wait to see your new counters and sink in!! Although its a pain to deal with all the set backs and messes its so worth it in the end!! Hope you are having a productive day!!~Wendy

Sandy said...

WOW what a adventurous weekend!
It is so true how you can plan out what you want to do but it never works out that way...LOL

It almost seems that your kitchen is falling into place rather well...looking forward to some picture updates.

And Congratulations on your Awards. I always love checking in with you and seeing whats new :)


Colleen said...

Isn't that ALWAYS the way, Tammy?! I"m glad your misadventures are coming to an end so you can start enjoying your "new" kitchen. I can't wait to see it finished!

Have a great week, my friend!

Tammy said...

Tammy, would you believe this is exactly what we're going to be doing- probably this weekend???
We're picking out the countertops and then I'm supposedly going to be helping my husband put them in...but I'm beginning to think there is a lot more to it than we previously thought! Hubby is very good at home improvement but this is one thing that he's never done before...
It was so cute about Joy...our girls for some reason actually love going to those two stores. They are pretty girlie so not exactly sure why!

Congratulations on your award, Tammy!
The other Tammy

Raggedy Angel said...

I have had some experiences like that myself!
Thank you for the room spray order, it is on it's way.
I wrote you a sweet note before I went to the post home and saw it laying on the table
(forgot to put it in the package!)
so thanks again....and you will love it! Beth

Julie said...

Tammy--Amen to your conclusions about doing projects. I can relate to EACH and EVERY one. Especially the taking longer than it should---oh, man, I need mor patience!! I just keep reminding myself I will love the end results!! Hang in there. Julie

Julie said...

You and your husband have the same dates as me and mine! Except that mine usually includes a Wal-Mart trip (yuck!) But I love going to the bookstore and Lowe's! Home Depot is good, but like you, I kind of prefer Lowe's!

Your conclusions are so cute and too true!

I'll be repeating Job 9:27 for the rest of the day (at least) -- It's perfect for how I'm feeling right now. Thank you for letting God use you and your blog to send me this message!

Many Blessings,

ohiofarmgirl said...

You did have an adventure! I am glad you finally found what you needed but I know what kind of mess you are talking about. Take care. Dianntha

Farmchick said...

I can't wait to see your end result..I am sure it will look beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You did have a long adventures...glad you made it...I f you like won't give up until you find it...That's the way I am. Can't wait to see the result on your Prim Kitchen...Thanks for stopping by....yes, I saw that you all are having the Gustav storm...hope it will not get bad there. It's was not as bad as we thought it would going to be as they had predicted. I did not realize that you live in the south...until you mention you live in Arkansas. I am going to Hot Springs,Arkansas..on Oct.17-19 to a Womens Seminar Fall 2008 at Brookhill Ranch It would be nice that if you were close by...want to meet you in person. Two of my friends is coming too! The speaker of the seminar is Hettie Lue...The name of the seminar is "Downpour" We heard it going to be Great! Do you live close by Hot Springs....You have a Terrific Thursday.... :) Smiles and Hugs...~Katherinellen~

Anonymous said...

Tammy your home is just fantastic. I bet you are just so excited about this kitchen make over. I can't wait to see pics of it all done and everything put back in its place. Good luck girlfriend and God Bless.

CS Forum Girl