Friday, June 20, 2008

A New Bike and Summer Fun

Do you remember your favorite bike from your childhood? You know the one that holds many memories of days gone by, especially summer vacation? I do. And it seems like summer lasted longer then. I remember mine well. It was green and it had a white basket on front. I carried all sorts of goodies in that basket.

Those were the days when my mom would let me ride my bike around the neighborhood without worrying. The neighbors would wave or speak when I rode by!

Those were the days when we'd go outside and play all day. We never just sat inside. There was always something fun going on...I mean we had adventures on our bikes. We rode each other on the handlebars. What were we thinking? And we had a few accidents. I particularly remember my brother having a huge egg shaped knot on his head one summer. I think he was just learning to ride his bike that summer. Poor fellow. That knot turned every color before it was over!

We'd even play barefoot (gasp)! Then when we'd get too hot...mama would bring us some of those "homemade" popsicles...remember the ones from the tupperware sticks made from koolaid? The only times we were called in was to fold clothes (our chore) or to eat. The kids in the neighborhood knew. If they heard our names called, they'd ask, "You gotta go fold clothes?"

Sometimes, I wish my kids could experience those kind of long summer days like we did. Oh, my kids haven't been deprived at all and they have their own version of fun, (which they'll probably blog about one day), but we do live in an age of TV, video games, computers and ipods. But some things never do change.....the thrill of a new bike.

Joy just got her first "new" bike she's had in quite awhile. The last one was a used bike that she bought herself from an elderly man on the corner repairing and selling bikes. He gave her a great deal (I think he sold it to her for $10) and it was definitely used and loved. Here's the old faithful bike.

But...this is the coolest bike (according to her and her brother). Colt is 19 and even made the comment that he never had a bike that cool (sorry, Colt, they didn't make them that way!)

Joy is what I call a "girly tomboy". Now my definition of that is a girl that loves pink, loves fashionable clothes, loves to wear her hair long and hair barettes or headbands; she loves dolls, makeup and dance....but....will do anything right along beside a boy (in a dress if need be) and try to do it as well or better. So this bike just fit her. It's the best of both worlds. It says Glamour Girl, but it's pink AND blue, has a backpack on front to carry her stuff, and has the coolest monster tires with hand brakes to boot.

Her Pop (my daddy) made her a trail along the edge of the rice field behind our house with a ramp type hill coming up our side and his side of the yard. She's loving it.

I watch her enjoying her bike and I know that some things just never change.


Wendy said...

What a cool bike, just in time for summer!! I too remember the days of being outside all day and not come in til supper and even then we hurried up ate, did the dishes(that was our chore!) and back outside we went until mom called us in for the night! I too feel bad that my kids never really got to be as free as we were growing up. Thamks for bringing back great memories!! Have a great weekend.

Juri said...

Your post brought back memories of the long summer days of my youth. I remember going outside to play in the morning and my mother ringing a cow bell to call us all back for dinner! What a great looking bike! I also enjoyed your Americana post....actually, I have spent quite some time reading your posts...great blog!


Primgal55 said...

Awww what a great post - bringing back sooooo many memories! I am glad my kids are old enough to have had some kind of freedom - not as much as I had, but more so than today. But you are so right - the thrill of a new bike is still special!

hugs, Linda

Stephanie said...

She looks so happy on her new bike! I remember my first bike, in fact my parents still have it. It has a "banana seat" too! My parents fixed it up for my daughters to use at their house and now my daughter ( teenagers now!) laugh at it !!
I do remember the freedom I had as a child, my kids definately didnt have that freedom, sad isnt it?!I could be out for hours on my bike with my friends, riding all over and meeting new friends. Its not like that anymore.
Have a great weekend and keep on enjoying that new bike :)

Tracy said...

Looks like she really likes her new bike! I remember the days when all I would do is ride my bike everywhere, seems like just yesterday!

Vickie said...

Nice bike! I have tons of wonderful memeriors of spending my summer on my bike. I love your little Americana spot it's beautiful.

Katy said...

love her new bike! My BIL was here (he helps me feed the chickens etc in the morning since chris isn't here) and he accidentally ran over X's bike! So...since X's bday is in August...i think his early bday present will be a new bike!

It looks like she loves it and I think bikes are such GREAT things for kids...great exercise! :)

Thanks sooo soo much for your sweet comment about chris being gone. I am glad you would feel the same way I do. Sometimes I feel so stupid for missing him so much...but i realize that I can't help how much i love him!!! LOL Hope you have a good weekend! xoxo

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I have to show Sydney she will just love it!

Remember getting your barefeet stuck in the bike spokes? I did that riding on the back of the bike:)

Love your yard too!
Blessings Rondell

Shirlee said...

Joy looks so happy on her new bike and it looks like she has lots of room to ride it. The "ramp" looks like tons of fun.
I remember getting what must have been my first bike. My dad taught me to ride it in the backyard while my Mom and lil' sis watched. I also remember eating watermelon that day. I'm sure that was almost 40 years ago but it was like yesterday.
Summers were great when I was growing up, so much freedom and no worries.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy, I found you at Katy's blog! I'm really enjoying your blog...stop by and visit me any time!

Love, Tina :)

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Oh my word... The Kool-aid popsicles..LOL I had forgotten about them. We too played outside all day everyday andnever watched a lick of TV in the summer. Oh how I wish the kids did that nowadays.

Tell your daughter she has a really awesome bike! I remember the day when I got my first new 10 speed bike in 3rd grade.


Primgal55 said...

Good morning!

Tag your it - stop over to my blog to join in!

Hugs, Linda

Stephanie said...

Happy Sunday :)
I've chosen you for an award, hop on over and check it out !!

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

I just love that happy face! I do remember my favorite bike. It had a banana split seat ... remember those? We lived in the city but my sister and I drove our bikes up and down the alley. Congratulations Joy!

I laughed when I read about "folding clothes". My dad loved to work outdoors. The homes on our block were like row houses and you could look from one backyard and see all the way down the block. I remember my sister visiting our friend all the way at the other end of the block and Dad would somehow still see us to call us home to haul boards and cinder blocks! LOL

Thanks for the memories! I haven't thought of that in years.