Monday, June 16, 2008

$7.20...and Progress on the Fence

I would call this past Saturday a success. Not all Saturdays turn out this productive.

It WAS a full day for us. While Jason spent the morning hours at Home Depot picking up supplies to work on the fence (on the east side of the house), Joy and I hit the yard sales.

Here's a picture of what I hauled home (in my little Mazda 3). What you see here cost a grand total of $7.20.

I got the bench for $3.00 and the four Americana baskets for $3.00. Neither of these were for sale (when I walked up anyway). They were using the bench to display dishes for the yard sale. I asked the lady about buying the bench and she said, "Yeah, I'll sell it to you for $3.00." Sold. Same thing with the baskets, I was paying for 5 pairs of shoes and a tote bag (which was a grand total of $6.00) and saw the Americana baskets on a high shelf in her garage. I asked the same question. "Are those for sale?" She said, "Well, I suppose I could sell them to you." They still had the little plastic holder binding all 4 baskets together, so they couldn't have been used. She said, "How about $3.00?" Sold. The watering can had a tag of $2.00 on it. I asked if she would take $1.00. So I brought it home for a $1.00.

But the real deal of the day came from the friendliest older man, that looked like he was having the best time heading up this yard sale. I got the barrel-turned-table for a whopping 10 cents. It was already marked that way! While I was waiting in the line to pay for it, I spotted the white shelf and sent Joy over there to check out the price on it. It didn't have a tag. I asked the sweet man about it and he said, "Well how does 10 cents sound?" It sounded real good!

So for a grand total of $7.20, I get to do some fun decorating! I'm still thinking on where I'll use everything. I just can't make up my mind for sure yet, except for the watering can. It's going to go out in my wagon. I couldn't have the white trimmed in pink. I wanted it got a spray paint job of good ole' Rustoleum Multi-colored textured "Rusty" paint. It looks much older now!

I'll be sure and share the others when they find their "home".

Oh, and Joy had $1.00 in quarters to spend. She spent 50 cents of it. She got the barbie clothes (handmade by the lady) for 25 cents and the set of walkie talkies for 25 cents.

Then Jason and I spent all of Saturday afternoon working on the fence. Colt was working, so I volunteered to help. That's a tough job for one person and it was so hot! I was the official post holder, tool-hander, add-water-to-the-concrete-mixture-in-the-post-hole and the help-level-the-poster. Jason did ALL the rest! I'm amazed at how he knows how to do all this stuff and I'm so thankful he does! It sure saves bunches of money!

Together, we made this much progress by Saturday evening:

Then Jason came home today (Monday) and worked late this afternoon until dark and accomplished even more:

It's definitely getting there. I suspect I'll be painting this Saturday! Yipee!

Well now it's 11:00 p.m. and Jason just came in.....the construction of the fence is done! Here's the fence completed with the trim added:

Now I KNOW I'll be painting this Saturday (if not before).


Kindra said...

Oh MY!!! I love all your garage sale bargains!!! What steals! I love finding those good buys! What a thrill! And your fence looks so nice. I would like a fence on the west side of our property, across the alley is 3 backyards to look at us playing. :(

Deb said...

Wow your found a lot of great items and I love the fence. I look forward to the finished product. I love the color you've chosen. Deb

Colleen said...

So many treasures and a lot of progress. What could be better on a Saturday?! Glad you were all able to mix work and play, Tammy.

Have a great day!

Leslie said...

Wonderful finds for great prices! Have fun fixing them up and placing them :)

The fence looks GREAT! Love it!

Kindra said...

Hi Tammy! That is so sad about that family you know...I will be keeping them in my thoughts and prayers. I get so sad hearing those stories.

When you add a picture to your title there is a check box that says image in back of title. Click that and that should do the trick!

Katy said...

WOW! What great deals you found!!! That is awesome! And your fence is looking GREAT!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

wow! whatgreat finds! I am so jealous, we hve nothing like that here!! I am so happy Joy likes her barettes!!

Julie said...

SCORE!! You know how I LOVE good garage sale bargains. Your fence looks so good. It looks like our projects--usually finishing them in the dark. Have a great day. Julie

Primgal55 said...

What great finds! Can't wait to se where and how they end up!
hugs, Linda

Wendy said...

You got some great goodies!!!! I also love the style of your new fence!!! Have a great night!~Wendy

Tammy said...

Wow, you hit the jackpot!!!
I absolutely love yard sales too...I think if we were friends in the same town, we'd have so much fun hitting all the yard sales on a Saturday morning! :)

And wow, look at how much you and your husband did on that fence! It looks great!

Hope he had some rest on Father's Day! ;)

Angie said...

awesome bargains....especially love the little many possibilities! the fence looks sturdy..quality work there! well done!


Julie said...

Well, I'll tell you what.....
Miss Joy is as good as her Mommy at getting deals! Look how proud she is in that picture!!! So sweet!

I know what you mean about being amazed and proud of your husband and his skills! And what a blessing that our sons are growing up with such father's!

Many Blessings,