Saturday, March 14, 2009

Faithful Fridays (A Day Late)

My daughter, Joy, came to me with an idea that she would like to do on her blog a couple of weeks ago. She wanted to share her faith in some way that others could share too. She wanted to do Faithful Fridays. Mandie was so sweet to make her this button to use. So on Fridays (we both forgot yesterday), she will share and invite others to share their faith in someway. The idea is to tell something God has done or is doing for you or your family. If you would like to participate, post and use the button, and then click over to Joy's blog and let her know through a comment that you did, so anyone that visits her Faithful Fridays can stop by and visit yours too!

First of all, I can't imagine getting through a single day with trusting the Lord. I depend on Him so much for every little thing. So today, that's what I thought I would share.....those little things. Things like the night it was storming when it was time to go to bed......I really don't like to go to bed when I know there are storm warnings out. I just told the Lord I was turning it over to Him, that He was almighty and able to take care of us all and that I trusted Him to do so and I was going to lie down and close my eyes and go to sleep and to please protect us all and wake me or Jason up if we needed to be awakened to act and take care of our family. I know that may sound small or even odd to some, but I honestly do trust the Lord for those little things.

Another small thing was the Creative Writing class that I was teaching in our homeschool co-op class. I really have looked forward to teaching this series of classes and my prayer was that the Lord would bless it and use me and make this class fun for all the kids and put in their heart a desire to write and know that it's a good thing...and fun. I really believe He blessed it and I feel like the kids had a good time and enjoyed the class. I know I enjoyed it and the kids!

Again, those may seem silly to you, but that's okay. If you don't already do so, give it a try, pray about those "little" things. We always think to pray when something goes wrong, or someone is sick, or when it comes to financial things, but trust God with those little things. He's so faithful to answer those prayers too!

Thank you Lord for your answered prayers, on even the smallest things! :)

Blessings to you all! Have a great weekend!

~ Tammy ~


Susan said...

How nice of her to make Joy her very own button and it's so cute.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

What a wonderful daughter you have Tammy and smart too:)

country gal said...


Thanks for posting!! Love ya!

Love, Joy =D

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of your daughter...want to share her faith what the Lord has done for her...Great idea. I am going to partcipate next week and I going to post it tomorrow about her events....So everyone will know. Your faith is so strong...I agree what tyou did to turn it all to him and to awaken you if warning is near to protect your family...God is always Good. Have a wonderful weekends. Kathy

Mandie said...

Hi Tammy,

Oops, I forgot all about that link needing updated for the Angel decal.

I updated my blog post with a buy it now button $4.00 + .82 to ship

Enjoy your Sunday :)

CozyCoops Corner said...

I love the Faithful Friday's idea. Yep, I'm always saying prayers for little things like that. It's so comforting knowing that God will take care of the simplest things too,and we don't have to worry about them! Have a wonderful Sunday Tammy!

Shelley said...

Hi Tammy,God has answered so many "small thing" prayers for me.I am grateful for everyone. It's a wonderful thing your Joy is doing on her blog...good for her,a great way to share her faith and witness for the Lord......
have a blessed Lord's day,Shelley

Zaroga said...

Tammy... its the little prayers that get us through each day.

Joy really has some great ideas.

Tammy said...

Tammy, how sweet that Joy started this! I know my daughter would love to participate...she is so into checking on Joy's blog all the time! :)

And I didn't know you taught creative writing to your home school group! How fun! You'll have to email me sometime and tell me what kinds of things you've enjoyed writing (besides your blog of course!)

Oh, as I think you know, we are faced with completely having to turn our future and finances over to Jesus. He is there in every kind of "storm" isn't He?


Shellmo said...

What a wonderful idea from Joy - she is such a smart girl!! Look forward to her posts!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

What a neat idea for Joy... Faithful Fridays is a good meme. You are raising an incredible daughter, Tammy.. I know you know that.

We are home from Arkansas. The weather was terrible this trip --first couple of days the temps in the 80's and then came the horrible rain and storms followed by tons of ICE. Mt. Nebo has had two bad ice storms since the first of the year. It is so sad to see so many trees down and broken limbs and branches. SAD!

We did have a great time since, due to the rain, there was alot of water in the waterfalls. We loved that--along with many other things.

Hope you escaped that ice...

Have a great week. I love the way Joy's chair came out...

UPON A HILL said...

What a really great idea!!

Blessed Beyond said...

How sweet, Tammy! What a great testament to the wonderful daughter yall are raising! I'll have to go over and be apart of Faithful Fridays this coming week! And I agree it is the little things that matter too! I pray about all sorts of little things! So many thing it's silly, but I couldn't make it without the Lord! May you have a wonderful and blessed week!
Hugs and Blessings,

Kath said...

Wonderful idea, but of course, coming from a wonderful and very special, sweet girl!

I "talk" to God, all the time :) Not including my Aunt says I've done so, ever since I was just a tot just learning to talk...she would hear me upstairs chattering away...and ask me who I was talking to, and and all I said was "GOD"....sometimes I wonder if I 'bug' Him!! ;)
I've talking to HIM none stop now, for 47 years!!


Farm Chick Paula said...

What a beuatiful post, Tammy- thanks for sharing your wonderful heart with us!