Friday, March 20, 2009

Faithful Fridays - Answered Prayers

How can it possibly be Friday already?

Today for Joy's Faithful Friday, I have a couple of things to share.

First of all, if you read my homeschooling post this past Tuesday, and a post a couple of weeks ago, you'll remember when we had the snow over the weekend. Well one thing I didn't tell you was that our son, Colt, as a manager of a local steakhouse, has to close often. Well that particular Saturday night he was coming home in the snow, very late....almost midnight, and his car started spinning around. He thought he was going to hit a bridge, but his car spun around and stopped in the median facing the direction he had been going in the first place. He didn't hit the bridge or anyone else. He just couldn't move...stuck. He was fine. His car only had a bit of bumper damage. Remember, we're not accustomed to driving in snow around here! We usually try to stay home or stay put as much as we can! There's no doubt in my mind that the Lord was watching over him. This is something I pray over my family everyday, His protection throughout our day. I'm so thankful for this. It could have turned out so differently. I know God sent his angels to guide that car safely until it was at a standstill. Of course, Colt called us, shaken up, but he was fine.

Secondly, there has been a House Bill in our State that has been in committee. This bill was not good for homeschoolers. We had emailed and called our Representatives about this. I believe we must act, and put legs on our prayers, and stand up and speak out if we want to make and see a difference. Well it came down to needing to go to our State Capitol to be outside the committee meeting room to talk with our Representatives as they came in to that meeting. My friends, and fellow homeschooling moms, Lori and Jayne (and I), got up early this morning and drove to our State Capitol (about a 2 hr. drive one way). Believe me when I say, this was WAY OUT of my comfort zone as well as their's! But we firmly believed we must go and take a stand if we cared about preserving this freedom, and making sure our voice was heard. Well we all prayed about this as well, mostly prayed, actually. Long story shorter, while we were there, we learned that the sponsor of this bill put it into interim study (today), which basically means that it's dead, for at least two years (or possibly longer). This is a great win....and an answer to prayer. And in the midst of all this today, we had a great time of fellowship (no kids...just us three ladies). That's a rare thing when you're a homeschooling mom!

If you have something to share for Faithful Friday, post it on your blog, then click over to Joy's blog (Doodlebug) and let her know in a comment that you participated, so we can all go over and take a look!


On my last post, in the comments, I had a couple of people ask about the method I used to antique the bowl and wooden box. Within the next few days, I will post how I did it and the supplies used. Believe me, it is simple. I only do simple stuff! So be sure and stop by!


And look what I have to look forward to this weekend! I love to sit down and savor it! Actually, we'll be going out of town, and I have all that time in the car to pour over the pages.

And see this? This is Karen's home! I took a picture of this page, because I have always loved her bedroom especially! It's simply prim! Actually I love it all! I can't wait to look through all the pages featuring her home and more!


Blessings to you all! Have a great weekend!

~ Tammy ~


Karen said...

What a beautiful testimony concerning Colt and how the Lord protected him!--and also about the homeschooling victory!!!

Backwoodsprim said...

I'm so thankful your son was alright...I know what you mean by
praying everyday for your family's safety...I ask the Lord to keep His "hedge" about us and hand upon us every single day....and He does... :)I praise Him for all He does for me and my family and yours too!
I could see us really being good friends...we have a ton of stuff in common!
Please,if you would,say a prayer for us on a couple of things we are praying about....our lil' shop's business seems to be really catching folks attention since the "Gathering" show we did last week..Praise God!....sooo many things happening so quickly....I had prayed that God would open a door for this business to really move forward so that for all or the most part it would provide our income...and allow our family...even DH's parents to have a part in it and add something for them too...the other prayer is for picking the right curriculum for DD's high school that she starts in the Fall....she would like to finish in 3 years like her brother did...then she deires to go to cosmetology school...:)
Hope you all have safe & fun travels and I can't wait until my CS comes!!

Thank you and Joy for your nice comments to my DD's blog...a southern all please leave comments for her as often as you like...she checks regularly to see if anyone has left her comments...and it is really encouraging to her when someone leaves kind words to what she's posted... :) Thank you!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kath said...

Wonderful post, Tammy!
Prayers are always answered. Some are very obvious, others not so much-Faith is believing no matter what, and trusting that He listens and will get us through what ever it is we NEED! I know sometimes we may not think a prayer is heard, or answered, But it's just done in HIS time and in HIS WAY!
I am so glad Colt was ok...I can only imagine how shaken he was...
Great news about your homeschooling.
Thanks for sharing :)

Have a wonderful weekend.

The Whites said...

Thanks for sharing, Tammy! God is so awesome in many ways, but when He provides protection for our loved ones, it just touches us like nothing else!

I'm so happy for your homeschooling victory. We had almost that exact situation here in TN last year. We sent so many emails and calls to our state capital,(over 3,000 emails) that we disrupted their office for a week. On the day of the bill being heard, we prayed of course and several parents were there to speak and it was defeated. We have to stand up and fight sometimes and God is right there when we do!

Have a great weekend!

Farmchick said...

Wonderful news to hear that God watched over and protected Colt! I am so glad he was not hurt.

In His service, Anne said...

Good for you going to the state with your voice about homeschool. I fear in the future there will come a time that our voices will not be heard in this matter, but for on! Going over to Joys blog now! Have a safe trip and a great weekend.

wrcdgc said...

Hi Tammy,

I received my CS yesterday also. I will try to read it this weekend.

I can only imagine how worried you were when you knew Colt was driving home in the snow. I bet when that phone rang you were scared to death. I worry about Jessica traveling at nights by herself also. Ray was going to take her to work that day we had snow but they called and didn't need her. I was so glad. Thank God he was riding along with Colt that night.

I know a lady who home schools here. They were thinking of changing some things here in VA at one time but I think that also fell through. I think that is a parents choice and if the child is where they are supposed to be school wise then let them be. I praise all of you home school Mom's! Please tell Joy I will be participating later on today.

You have had a busy few weeks. I hope you enjoy your out of town trip you deserve it. :)


Zaroga said...

Tammy, thank you so much for your comments on my blog... they are very much appreciated.

I totally lost what day of the week it was... so maybe tomorrow I will do Faithful Fridays a day late.

I enjoyed reading your entry today.

Have a safe and enjoyable trip this weekend.

Julie said...

You are wonderful--loved the inspirational post. I will be looking for my CS in the mail--I like to find a quiet spot and dream!! Have a great weekend. Julie

CozyCoops Corner said...

I'm so glad Colt was okay. Thank God for the Angels around us every day! How brave of you to go to your State Capitol. I'm so glad that the bill was not passed. Scary though, when they try to start changing things for homeschooler's. I always think about how horrible it must be for that German family I read about through HSLDA where the parents were sent to jail and it makes me so thankful once again to live in this country.Have a good trip out of town this weekend and enjoy your CS! I hope mine comes today!Have a good day Tammy!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

So happy that your son was okay! And that God does send His angels to guard and protect us!

Going to the capitol would be something totally out of my comfort level as well, but so glad you were able to get pass the discomfort and stand up for what you believe!!! You go girl!!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yes, Prayers do help, Tammy... We always try yard to keep our kids safe---and hopefully those guardian angels will always be there to help. BUT--even bad things can happen to those who pray. Life is always in God's timing--not ours.

Glad you stood up for your homeschooling beliefs. As Many said, the same thing happened in TN last year. I don't know why our govt. thinks they have to govern every part of our being. I want less govt--not more.

Have a great weekend.

Susan said...

Proud of you 3 mom's putting feet to your prayers. We are called on to do that. He does not only hear, but answers prayer.

Michele said...

Hi Tammy ~ oh my, I'm so glad Colt was ok. I, too, pray every time my kids get on the road..and there is never a time that goes by, that I don't say "I love you". I know they're 18 and 20, but it's just a habit..and what's nice, is they say it back too!

I'm so happy about your homeschooling victory...yeahh!!!!

Have a great time away this weekend!


miss mary said...

so glad to know he is okay and love the testimony

big hugs

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Giving thanks with you to God for His protection of Colt .
and for answered prayer for the homeschool bill being tabled! God is good , all the time.

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

What a blessing that COlt or his car were not harmed! Praise the Lord!
And again for the bill not passing that you are against! I think it is great that the 3 of you planned to take a stand to defeat it. Amen! Answered prayer is awesome!
Enjoy your weekend of travel and may the Lord bring you all safely back home.

Amber said...

Hi, Mrs. Tammy,
I liked reading your Faithful Fridays post.

Tammy said...

Wow, Tammy...I loved reading these testimonies of God's care for us! So thankful that He was protecting Colt that night...and that He worked through the prayers to keep your freedom. Good for you and your friends for going out of your comfort zone and being willing to stand up for your rights, Tammy...and that you were rewarded in many ways! :)

Linda said...

beautiful sharing.
i adore the cabinet jason made for your lucky, lucky mother. he is so talented.....and the little table is so cute and handy to go with it. in fact, i really enjoyed looking at your redos. where do you find antiquing glaze?
the red box is awesome...

Julie Sanchez said...

What an awesome post! Thanks for stopping by my blog. : ) Yes, I am a huge fan of SL! I'm so excited to have found it. What is your "handle" on the forums? Are you on the forums? We should keep in touch.

country gal said...


I know we're all thankful that Colt is safe. Thank goodness we live near the Rankins'. Love ya!

Love, Joy =D

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Well hello friend!
Oh between my computer malfunctioning and this beautiful spring weather, I haven't been indoors much at all. But I've thought of you and hoped you were well.

I'm so glad to hear of your blessings. Glad Colt is well and safe. And congratulations on your homeschooling victory. Homeschooling has been under attack here in Tennessee as well. Last year it took great efforts to preserve our freedoms. I'm so proud to know that you're standing for freedom just over our border.

I've begun our garden boxes. We have 3 boxes completed and need to pick up our materials to fill the final 3. The plants look so pretty and I hope they do well. Its so exciting.

Well I'm off to catch up on all that you've been up to. Our lives have been bustling. Jase & I just began a volunteer program for children with special needs, and I'm returning to school this summer. So many busy, wonderful changes.


Shellmo said...

I am so glad Colt was fine - he was definitely being watched over on that day! I pray for my stepson everyday that god will keep him safe.

Karen said...

Hi Tammy - How fortunate that Colt wasn't injurred or no one else for that matter.

I am always so amazed at how things can change in such a short time because 'someone' doesn't like something. I guess that's the only way I know how to put it.
There's usually one person or group that decides that 'this isn't right and so they set to change it.
So happy it turned out in your favor and that you have a couple more years at least before it starts up again.


Hugs, Karen