Monday, August 12, 2013

Pinned it, Made it! Monday ~ Week 52 ~

Good morning!  Another Monday is here!  I have to admit that I've been more in school planning mode than I have in Pinterest mode these past few weeks.  But I do have something to share that fits into both of those categories!  It's a...... fun for to experiment....... kind of pin!  It's called Color Changing Milk Experiment.  :)

Here's the pin:


Luke loves doing.  So he's all about science experiments and crafts and fun hands-on activities.  He doesn't get the entire chemistry of soap concept behind this right now, but we'll build on that later. We just briefly talked about it at his level.  For right now, he was more about the miracle of it the explosion of color!

Here's what you'll need:

A dinner plate
Milk (Can use 2% or Whole - we used Whole).
Dishwashing soap (We used Dawn)
Food coloring


  1. Pour enough milk in the dinner plate to completely cover the bottom to the depth of about 1/4 inch. Allow the milk to settle.

  2. Add one drop of each of the four colors of food coloring - red, yellow, blue, and green - to the milk. Keep the drops close together in the center of the plate of milk.

  3. Find a clean cotton swab for the next part of the experiment. Predict what will happen when you touch the tip of the cotton swab to the center of the milk. It's important not to stir the mix. Just touch it with the tip of the cotton swab. Go ahead and try it. Did anything happen?

  4. Now place a drop of liquid dish soap on the other end of the cotton swab. Place the soapy end of the cotton swab back in the middle of the milk and hold it there for 10 to 15 seconds. Look at that burst of color! It's like the 4th of July in a bowl of milk!

  5. Add another drop of soap to the tip of the cotton swab and try it again. Experiment with placing the cotton swab at different places in the milk. Notice that the colors in the milk continue to move even when the cotton swab is removed. What makes the food coloring in the milk move?

To read more about the why behind the experiment click on the source link below the original pin picture above.

Here's ours:

Your turn!  Link up your Pinterest project below that you've tried out!  Thanks in advance to those that link up and to those that link up weekly and a thanks to all that stop by and join us too!  :)

Have a great week!

♥ Tammy ♥


Raggedy Creations said...

Hey that's really cool.

Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...


That was so neat. Really interesting. And I know Luke enjoyed it. :)

Love you! 8!

Joy :)

Danice said...

How creative. Luke must have really enjoyed that :)

Allison said...

Hi Tammy-- I couldn't get the linky to work for me I'll try again later.

Dianna said...

I can understand why your little one likes the color explosion! GREAT job!

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

you can tell by the look on his face how much fun he had. Ü

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