Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Package for Luke

Oh what an exciting day it was for Luke when our mail lady left a package at the front door for him! He knew that a package was on its way, so he was waiting.

Recently, we entered Joy G.'s (Miracles, Markers, and Me) contest for adoptive parents. We joined her for “Thursday Tea”. The contest question for her giveaway was to tell your child’s favorite book(s) after bringing him/her home. Her two sweet daughters and the third grade class would be choosing winners based on the answers. Well, imagine our surprise when Joy G. left me a comment letting me know that Luke was one of the winners! The winners were to receive a pair of pajamas and a book.

Luke’s favorite book when he came home (and one which he still loves) was (and is) Caps for Sale. He loves the silliness of it, and of course we have to put a lot of drama into it as we read it, which has always made him cackle. And it has a lot of repetitiveness to it, which I think helped him learn his English as well.

Another favorite was (and is) The Little Fur Family. All of my children have loved that book. It tells the sweet story of the love of a family portrayed through little “fur people”. This story just has an air of coziness, sweetness, love, and the security of a family and home. Plus it has a song at the end in which I made up a tune when Colt was little. I have continued to sing it to each of my children.

And as of lately, a favorite book of his has been Green Eggs and Ham. He loves quoting that book. And of course, it helped when we made him his green eggs and ham which I posted about here.

So fast forward………the third grade class made Luke one of the winners……….and his package arrived Saturday! Luke was SO excited!

And wow! How generous they were! Joy G. knew Luke loved cars (and any type of vehicle), so it also included a Cars book and stamp set.

And going with the theme of Caps for Sale with the monkeys and all…………an album of Curious George stories! Luke loves these! 

They included a special (very sweet) inscription inside:

He's had the whole family reading it to him. Joy received the first honor:

And a sneak peek of something else “monkey”…….

Aren’t these pajamas (which can also double as a costume) the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen? Oh my goodness!

And since he plans on wearing it to our Harvest party the first week of November, I’ll save a photo of him as a little sock monkey to share for then!

Thank you so much Ms. Joy G, Olivia, Lian, and the third grade class for picking us! Luke thanks you and he thinks you girls rock too!


Joy Graham said...

I am so happy that Luke likes his prize! Please post a photo of him at the Fall Fest!

I can't wait to show the girls this post when they get home from school today!!! Luke, you have stolen my heart!


Walking on Sunshine... said...

What a happy boy! The first book, Caps for Sale, was my favorite growing up! I loved that book and read it to my kids many times. Cute post!

Hollie said...

Congrats Luke!!! What a sweet surprise & with all the wonderful contents!!!! I love seeing those precious smiles!!!

Sharon said...

How wonderful for Luke. What a great gift and I know that he will enjoy those books.
Can't wait to see the monkey outfit.
PS I also want to say that I love you photos of the hair do. It sure does look like your hair is in good hands.

Never So Simple said...

Way to go Luke! I love packages also. He is so cute and Luke Curious George is my favorite.


Tanya said...

Hi Tammy,
What a precious post! That little guy is so appreciative and grateful I can just tell. How cute is that having Joy read him his books! So cute...what a special sister.
Thanks for sharing and making me smile!

Joy Graham said...

Tammy, Do you homeschool? When you get a break, see my post today and tell me if you think I should homeschool Lian. I am caught in the middle of being furious and joyous with the public school she is in. I respect your opinion Tammy. Thank you, Joy

Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...


I know Luke loves his gifts! I'll bet you I can give you the scoop on how Curious George went to the train station and how he went camping. I can't wait to see Luke in his costume!

I love you! 8!

God bless you!
Joy :D