Friday, September 16, 2011

Faithful Friday - "Home Beyond the Sun" (A Movie Review)

I’m not quite sure how it can possibly be Friday already, but here it is! This week has flown by for us. That means it’s also time for Faithful Friday – a day we’ve set aside especially to share something from our Christian walk. Of course, everyday is a day to live and share Jesus.

If you would like to participate, leave Joy (Doodlebug) a comment on her blog letting her know and grab her button below, so we can visit your Faithful Friday post as well.

Not too long ago, I shared my heart on “Taking Control of the TV”. It really is something we’ve just grown accustomed to not letting have much of a priority at all in our home. We don't have cable or satellite anymore. At any given time, you most certainly will see Luke’s learning videos/DVDs playing for him. But really other than that, our TV is rarely used, except for the occasional good family DVD, instant Netflix documentary or movie, or Answers in Genesis DVD. (Now when Christmas gets here, it is on a deal more because I LOVE Christmas movies). However, there’s one movie that Joy and I especially love and have watched now several times, so I just had to share it today because if you’re looking for an inspirational wholesome, uplifting movie, you really should watch this. And I love it when I find a movie that I can feel good about sharing with my family or someone shares a movie they discovered as well. Be warned that this movie, more than likely, doesn't meet Hollywood's standards of production quality of filming, but honestly, I don't care too much for Hollywood's standard of anything, so it's quite easy for me to overlook. I judge it by the content, more than the quality of filming.

This one is a Christian drama set in China.

I can’t sum it up any better than the review I found below.

"Home Beyond the Sun" is the story of despair and hope, deceit and compassion, depression and renewal. It follows the adventures of a young Christian woman seeking to repay her mentor for his affection and his guidance. She demonstrates the depth of her commitment to the ministry by displaying the same gifts of generosity of spirit and passionate belief when she shares them with a young orphaned girl caught in the web of need and depression. This history of mankinds’ most vulnerable becomes memorable through the gift of faith. It is both an everlasting lesson and an enduring testament to Faith in God.

It was recently made available through Netflix as an instant view option, but it’s one that Joy wants to own, so I think it’s even on her Christmas wish list. We like it THAT much. I always cry when I watch it. (Just a warning…… you might want to have Kleenex nearby if you’re anything like me). Based on a true story, it shows how God’s plan brings together an 8 year old orphan from China and a 22 year old student from the United States.

So from one Christian mom to another, I highly recommend this heart stirring movie! Get out the popcorn and make it a family night!

I am always excited to find movies that I feel good about showing in our home. And I KNOW I’m not the only mom out there that feels this way. So, if you have any to share, let’s encourage and lift one another up by sharing our finds! I’d love to hear from you!

Have a great weekend. Be Blessed!  :)


Sharon said...

It does sound like a wonderful movie and i will have to check it out.
I think that they need to clean up the commercials they have also.
Have a great weekend.

Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...


Home Beyond the Sun is one of my all-time FAVORITE movies! I know it is one of your favorites, too!

I love you! 8!

God bless you!

Joy :D

bettyj said...

Tammy I will try to find the movie. I am with you on TV. Just don't watch it much. I have a couple of shows that I like, but that is it. Saw the one about the surfer losing her arm a few weeks ago. I believe it is Faith surfer. Very good. Have a great week.
ps: thought of you the other day I ate a bag of circus peanuts. Love yours and Joys share the faith Friday. I will try to join in when it calms down around here.