Friday, June 10, 2011

Solved: The Mystery of the Missing Scotch Tape

This explains why we can either never find our scotch tape, or else when we's empty. 

Luke always wants "just wuuuunnn more piece, please".

Caught in the act here.... 

Who can resist such a request that nurtures creativity........especially coming from this face?  :) 


LynnMarie said...

Busted!! So Cute.

jennifer768 said...

LOL! He is way to sweet to be able to say no. Hugs,Jen

terrypi said...

Oh Tammy. This is so funny. Thanks so much for sharing this!!!

Sandy said...

Oh that is too darn cute :) I love it...he is such a cutie!

rachel said...

That is too cute! Such a sweetie! lol

Debbie said...

Definitely too hard to say no too! At least you know where to go first when you can't find the tape now. lol

Debbie K

blessedmom's simple home said...

Lol, my scotch tape is frequently missing or empty too. What is it with boys and their love of this stuff?
Glad your back Tammy :) Missed you!

JeanM said...

Face to cute to discipline LOL.

Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...

Hi, my mostest godliest Mama!

I love you!


This was a great and cute post! I love that picture of Luke! :D He just plasters stuff down with his tape, doesn't he?

I love you!


Joy :D