Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Her First "Official" Babysitting Job

Joy has faithfully been saving money toward a future mission trip.......very possibly to China.  But definitely a mission trip for our family in the future.  She's had several fundraising ideas and has already carried through with several of them.  One of my very favorites has been writing stories for folks that star their kids going on an adventure...these make great keepsakes!  This idea was sparked from her love of writing and the gift she gave her dad and Colt for Christmas.....a story.  Since we'd like to share more on that, that will be another post.

Back to the reason for this post.  Joy has had plenty of practice helping with kids since she was quite young in our homeschooling group, church, and of course with Luke.  But recently she had her first "official" babysitting job.

We first met Warren when he and his mom began attending our homeschool group.  I believe he was three then.  Joy was immediately drawn to Warren and he took a liking to her, too.  She's even been invited to his birthday parties.  Last Friday, Warren's mom called and asked if Joy would be interested in keeping Warren for 2-3 hours.  We had already decided that she would begin her babysitting ventures in our home, so I could be around to supervise and help if needed.

Last Friday, Joy had a great time babysitting Warren for three hours here in our home.  Warren is such a smart and polite little boy.....not to mention, he's as cute as can be!  

The day before he came out was his 7th birthday, so to honor his birthday, Joy treated him to an oreo ice cream dessert first thing when he arrived.

And me, being the mom-in-your-face-with-the-camera kind of mom I am, and this being a "first", I of course followed them around with camera in hand to take pics!  :)

Most of the time was spent outdoors playing in the water.

On the slip-n-slide....

Spraying each other with the water hose......(as you can see, Luke had to be everywhere Joy was...I mean how dare she leave him behind, right?).

Then they came in to cool off and play upstairs.....Twister and a Geography Game.  She remarked to me afterwards at how incredibly smart he is!

Joy enjoyed babysitting him.  All went well and Warren's mom asked if she would be interested again, which of course she most definitely is!

I can't believe my little girl is twelve and "officially" babysitting, but then again, I'm not that surprised because after all, she is excellent with Luke.  And, this is the girl that says she wants at least six kids and a prerequisite for her future husband is his desire to have lots of kids and his willingness to adopt.  :) 

This is a girl that adores little ones and I think that kids can just sense the genuine love she has for them. 


Also, just as a heads up to some of my bloggin' buddies, I've tried in the past few days to leave a comment on your blog, and blogger is acting very badly!  :)  It seems to be blogs that have security word verification.  It repeatedly asks me to sign in to do the word verification and then when I type it in, it goes right back to having me sign in.....over and over and over....and never leaves the comment.  A few of you that had the anonymous option on your blog, it allowed me to leave one that way.  Just thought I'd let you know that blogger is acting up, and you might want to consider removing word verification since that seems to be the problem.   Joy tried leaving some for me also, but it was doing the same thing for her!  Sigh!  I get very frustrated when something doesn't work like it should.....can you tell?  :)

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day! 


Blessed Beyond said...

Hi Tammy,

GREAT to hear from you! Joy is such a delight! How exciting that she has her first baby sitting job! And sure looks like she did a great job! She really is a special girl!

Would very much love to hear more about the stories.

Hugs and Love,

Sharon said...

What a great girl you have.
It sure does look like she is loving what she does.
i would love to hear more stories.

Karen said...

Hi, Tammy--if you UNCLICK the STAY SIGNED IN button, you may be able to post. It's been working for me.

Joy is an amazing young lady! I know you are proud. How nice that she has started babysitting--she sure looks to be enjoying herself. She'll be a GREAT mom one day.


jennifer768 said...

Joy is a special young lady and you must be so proud of her .She is sure to be a wonderful mom in the future. It is awesome that she has such a big heart where younger children are concerned.Hugs,Jen

Annie said...

Oh Tammy!!!! Your girl is just so very special and I LOVE that last pic with Luke's hand around Joy's arm, as if to say, "ok, this was fun and all but this is MY big sis, buster!" LOL!!!! SO cute!

BTW, blogger was doing the exact same thing to me and after a while (maybe 2 weeks), it just corrected itself. UGH! Frustrating!!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Looks like Luke did not want to share Joy in the one picture. LOL. He smiled big but that arm lock gave it away. ;)