Friday, August 13, 2010

Soaking up the Sonlight!

This past Wednesday was like Christmas at our house. Really! That's how much we look forward to our Sonlight Box Day. That's the day our box of living books arrives at our doorstep! The excitement of going through the box and seeing what adventures are in store for our school year is greatly anticipated!

It's always exciting for Joy and me, but this year, I guess Luke could sense the excitement and knew it was really "something great"! :) Joy was saying, "Yes", and "Awesome", and Luke mimicking Joy's every word, was echoing her as he pulled books out of the box. This made me smile because when Luke first came home, he wouldn't sit still very long for a book at all, and just wasn't interested in books much, but we're slowly seeing changes in his attitude toward books. That's very important around this house! He definitely caught the "Sonlight fever"!

This year's books are from Core 5 - Eastern Hemisphere. This will especially have meaning to us since we spent three weeks in China. It's stacks of books related to Asia. We're really exciting about diving into these adventures!

Want to know what Luke pulled out of the box for him to make this face?

It was this book: (He didn't like it all all and said, "Yoo (which is his way of saying Ew) Yucky, yucky". lol! It does look kinda creepy!

The kids didn't make it very far in the foyer and perched themselves on the stairs soaking up the books. Joy was reading hers and Luke, of course, not to be left behind, was right next to Joy and captivated by his own book (and hers). I'm planning on using this well to my advantage. ;) I'm hoping & thinking between our love for books and Sonlight's exciting feast of books, we're creating a book lover in our newest little family member.

We truly are big fans of Sonlight. It is so literature rich and as I've said before, reading together, is our very favorite aspect of homeschooling. Having spent many years (with Colt) pulling together my own curriculum plan and finding appropriate books, I really appreciate that Sonlight has the best book selections already done for me!

After soaking up all the Sonlight, it's now time for us to organize all these stacks of books and then dive into them!

For previous years Sonlight Box Day posts and pics, you can read and see more here and here.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend! :)


Carmen C. said...

Awww, that's wonderful that Luke is liking the books too, and yes, that cover on the one is a bit scary, LOL, don't blame him for the face:)Have a wonderful day Tammy!!!

Sharon Ankerich said...

Oh Tammy what fun! I am trying my hand at homeschooling this year unofficially. EK is 5 and I wouldn't have put her in K even if she was going to school. I am homeschooling her K but with my own stuff. I taught K-2 for 18 years so have lots to use. I have looked at Sonlight a couple of times. Is it only literature or all subject areas covered too? I can't really make heads or tails from websites when I look at them. Thanks for the info and your children are precious!!!

At Home With Amy said...

I do hope Luke shares your love for books and reading. I'm sure with some encouragement from "big sis" he will take to them very soon. Such precious pictures of both your kids Tammy.
Have a glorious weekend.

Tiffany said...

This is great! We too are getting very excited about homeschooling. This will be our second year. I am using Five in a Row with Cadi this year, which is very literature intense. I can't wait!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I remember so well, when Sara's boys got their boxes. You are right--better than Christmas! Absolutely love how Luke has been melting into your home. From the pics, it looks like he has been with you forever! It's good to see him so happy. I know it makes Mom smile in her heart just like on her face! :>
I think he is going to love everything Joy loves!
That book cover is scary!

Sharon said...

I can't blame him for that face. It does look like a scary book.
Homeschooling sounds like an interesting subject to me.I have often wondered how it is done. Don't you have to follow a guide line for studies like in public schools?
I would love to know more about this subject.
It sure does look like Luke is going to do whatever big sis does.
Have a great weekend.


Joy is the perfect example to teach Luke the love of books.. that is one of the best things he can learn to love ... books... He will catch the spirit from Joy..
It's so sweet to see him kissing her and you can just see the love in his little face.. Such a sweet face, too..
It is always so enjoyable to see them together...

arkie said...

Happy kids! God bless you all as you start your new school year!

Grammee Linda said...

I have no doubt Luke will come to appreciate books very soon! Our home was and is the same way. Books are very important. Lucily Lili LOVES books. At 14 months I am pleasantly surprised at her attentions span with them. She sits for a long time and let us read to her and she thens reads to herself!!

Enjoy exploring this new curriculum!!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey there Tammy,
I love those kids together..I love seeing Joy and Luke and she is the best big sister ever..they are just soooo cute together..Luke will love reading books..cause of the great example you will show him...and Joy will be reading to him being a great big sister..:) that book is scary too..would have made me make a face..hows your bingo coming? have a great weekend.:)

Jackie said...

Hi Tammy!

This was a fun post to read. We don't homeschool but we all get just as excited everytime books come in the mail at our house too. I'm excitedly waiting for next bible study to arrive!

Have a great weekend.


Annie said...

Very cool! I could just picture Luke repeating Joy's every word!!! Too cute! I ordered our cirriculum the other day. I finally decided on Our Father's World!! Very excited to see it. We should have it by Tuesday!!! Wish me luck!!! I hope I love home schooling as much as you all do:)

Debbie said...

I could feel the excitement just reading your post. I love getting books in the mail. I think growing up with books available like that encourage us to read. I know my mom was always going to the library and always encouraged us to read.

Luke is so lucky having a big sister like Joy.

Hope your having a good weekend!

the primitive country bug said...

How wonderful that it looks like Luke will have a great love for books as well. I'm sure with Joy's encouragement, he'll be hooked for sure!
Blessing~ Birgit

Tina said...

SO sweet and Sonlight is awesome! We only did it one year but the kids absolutely loved the read-alouds and we still pick different books to read out loud as a family. Love the pics!!

Luke said...

Love the pictures [smile].


Kim said...

Hi Family!

I look at your blog all the time to see what is up! Wish we were closer so we could see Joy and Luke and you guys more. The pictures are great and we miss you! Shiloh kisses Luke's Pictures when we show her.)

Kim and family