Monday, August 17, 2009

A Beautiful "Sonlight" Day (THE BOX)

This past Friday morning, I dropped Joy off at her summer homeschooling Botany co-op class, which has been wonderful by the way! I realized, when I did, that I had forgotten something I needed in order to run an errand, so I had to make a quick run back home. When I pulled in the drive, I saw THE BOX on our front porch. I know it's hard to believe that THE BOX can be so exciting, but I tell you it is! It was our core curriculum for our homeschooling year.....our beloved Sonlight! It's like Christmas when we bring THE BOX into our home. I wouldn't dare open it without Joy. I don't think she would ever forgive me! I did bring it into the house and left it sitting by the front door. I then waited until we got home, pulling in the driveway, to tell her that there was a surprise waiting for her inside! She guessed it before we made it in the back door. I ran to get my camera and by the time I got it out and ready to go, she already had the box opened and books were coming out.....the very first one she pulled out already had her drawn in!

Honestly, it is so fun and exciting to see what adventures we'll take through the pages of these books. This year we are completing our American adventures as we journey through the second half of American History. THE BOX contains so many living books....History, Geography, Literature, Bible and just readers for her mere enjoyment as well. We browsed through the many wonderful books just waiting for us!

I love the fact that we have REAL living books to read, share, and discuss, and I still have my schedule to use as a guideline to keep us on track....although we read ahead many times because we just can't stop when we get into a good book.

And I tell you that if our cat, Bambi, could talk, she could probably tell you so much. She is always very curious and as usual she checked out the books too! Everyday when we read and are engrossed in our books, Bambi comes and lies at our feet or beside Joy or in her lap and listens and looks so interested! She just might be the smartest cat around when it comes to History, Geography, Bible, and Literature......! Hmmm...I wonder!

As far as the rest of our school books, we will use Math-U-See (Epsilon), Easy Grammar/Daily Grams, and Elementary Apologia (Science), Rosetta Stone Spanish, Handwriting Without Tears, and Sequential Spelling. This makes for a full schedule, but we're looking forward to getting started next week (hopefully) after my parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration.

Sharing the bond of a great book and the many adventures on which it takes us, is a beautiful way to spend time with my family, so it really is a beautiful Sonlight Day when our new books arrive and everyday that we share these stories together! Reading aloud or reading together as a family is my single most favorite part of homeschooling. If you don't do this on a regular basis, give it a try! You'll love it!

And if you've never looked at a Sonlight catalog, you don't know what you're missing. I LOVE when my new catalog arrives! (And there was a new one tucked inside with all of our books)! Yay! Thank you, Sonlight!

And if you'd like to read last year's Sonlight arrival day post, click here for O Happy Sonlight Day! Those books from last year became dear friends to us. They have a new home this year with Mandy of A Mayberry State of Mind . She will be enjoying those wonderful books with her precious children, Zach and Leah Kate. I hope you all love them just as much as we did, Mandy! We enjoyed remembering each one as we packed them up to send them your way! Enjoy!

~ Tammy ~


Susan said...

Wonderful of you to share the school books with another family.

Parsley said...

I love that you read to your daughter too. I like a lot of what you are using for curriculum. We are venturing into new curriculums this year...hope it goes well.

Paula said...

We had a Switched On day! Our Switched on Schoolhouse arrived and the kids were actually excited. I don't enjoy the planning that goes into homeschooling but SOS does all that for me. I just make sure everyone stays on target.


Mandy in Mayberry said...

Zach reacted the same way when we received our box from you! He couldn't wait to get started - we'll be starting next week also!

Denise said...

Joy looks so excited!. I'm sure it makes you proud, as her mother and her teacher!


wrcdgc said...

I love the picture of Joy and the box. Jessica is the same way over her books. Joy looks good in every picture you take of her.


Nancy M. said...

It's awesome that she is so excited! She sounds like she really has a love for learning!

Elle Bee said...

Tammy, that IS exciting! It's wonderful that your munchkin is so excited about the new school year and learning right along with you.

Luke said...

Happy Box Day!

May this be your best year yet [smile].


Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

How interesting! I would have loved to know all about this program last spring when I pulled LBC out of school! Looks so very awesome!

Amber said...

I just got my box of Sonlight curriculum. I'm using Sonlight for the first time this year, and I'm so excited! We love books and reading so I think that this will be a wonderful match for our family. How long have you been using Sonlight?

Karen said...

Our Box Day was exciting, too! I couldn't wait until it finally arrived. Our cat doesn't like to listen in on our reading, but our dog does. Whenever we start to read, he will climb up on one of our laps and listen in. It's so cute!

I hope your headache goes away soon!


momstheword said...

We had a couple of friends who used Sonlight and they loved it. We do Apologia for Science and we love it! It is awesome.

We always enjoy getting the new books out and looking them over (my youngest just uses the books his brother used).

My friend uses Math U See and says it's awesome, though we haven't used it. They love it.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Wow- how exciting!! I love it when a box comes to my house too, Tammy... but that one sounds like a very special box for sure!!

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

What a sweet friend you are to pass on those books to another family. I'm sure Mandie and her bunch will get as mich joy from them as you and your family.

I can feel the excitement in your post over this curriculum. It's wonderful to know that learning can be fun. I enjoyed teaching preschool so much and was blessed to be able to do it in a church setting. I miss it sometimes.

Your kitty is adorable too. She reminds me of our dear Fuzzy that has gone to Rainbow Bridge. I sure do miss her.

I hope you are having a great week!

Shelley said...

Looks like so many interesting books to read! My mom always read w/ me and I devour books to this day!

arkie said...

I always loved to read with my kids. One of our favorite book series was the Anne of Green Gables books. I read it to my daughter every night and her brothers, whose room was nearby, always listened in. What fun times that was! We are a reading family. Glad you are able to share with another family.

Colleen said...

There's nothing better than a good book ... so an enormous box of them must be better than Christmas morning! Enjoy the learning adventures ahead, my friend...

country gal said...


I'm sooo glad that we FINALLY got our books in!!! Truly, Bambi is the Einstein of cats. Love you!!! 8!!

Love, Joy =D

Tammy said...

I always love when you post about Joy getting her new books delivered! :) Even though we don't do Sonlight, the girls and I read together quite a bit and it's such a treasured part of our time together. But it sounds like Sonlight is a wonderful curriculum.

When do you start back full time? We're not ready to start back yet will be at least 2 weeks yet. I'm just not completely ready myself mentally...But we're reading a lot together and at least I'm "preparing" for the year ahead-while trying to enjoy these last couple weeks of summer. 90's again this week!

And a happy 50th anniversary to your parents! Wow, so looking forward to hearing about this precious celebration!

Anyway, wishing you and Joy many hours of blessings as you learn and discover together this year!

(((HUGS))) from the other Tammy (the one that needs a little more R&R after the "camping trip") LOL