Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Golden Anniversary Celebration

My absence from blogworld can be explained....really! Between homeschool planning and planning my parents' 50th anniversary, and everything else sandwiched in between, it's been really hard to keep up! But as always, I thank everyone who stops by and those that leave comments! I really enjoy and appreciate each one!

My parents married very young. Mama was 15 and Daddy was 17. I think everyone was skeptical as to how they would fare! Well here it is 50 years later, 2 kids (plus twins in heaven) and 5 grandchildren later, and they're still together! In this world, that is a huge accomplishment and I'm so proud to call them my parents. If you didn't read last year's tribute to them, and would like to, you can click here.

The 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration took place in Alabama this past Saturday, where my brother lives and most of my dad's family. The church where we held the reception is our church away from home....the church where most of our family there attend! There was so much family there that would have to travel that it just made more sense to have it there! My mama's brother and sister were able to come there from Texas and Tennessee to attend! Her best friend came from Missouri. In all there was about 65 people in attendance and it turned out beautiful! My sister in law, Missy, and I were able to pull this thing off by planning long distance (from each other). I guess we worked well together because it went smoothly. There were lots of laughs and even a few tears as Mama and Daddy gave a little speech, which then led to many more including family and friends. Even I, who is definitely not a speak-in-public-type-of-person had a few words to say.

I'm going to share pictures with you from that special day. We had a very simple decor, yet it suited our family perfectly. I hope you enjoy them!

Colt had my camera first and took several black and white photos (which I love by the way). There were so many pictures that I had to pick and choose!

The punch table:

The cake, nuts and mints table:

The cake:

Missy and I posed for a minute while preparing the food: (a little blurry I think..don't know why):

Okay, here's a better one I just found:

Love this one!

An overview of the tables and set-up before the drop-by reception:

Picture collages through the years...

The guest book and welcome table: (That's my nephew, Kemper, signing in. I just noticed Joy left her brush laying there....oh well!) Here everyone signed the guest book and could pick up a memory sheet to write something special for Mama and Daddy to be placed in a special scrapbook that I am compiling for their celebration, as well as a keepsake bookmark from the special day.

A special place for the guests of honor:

Mama and Daddy:

A sweet kiss:

Our family:

The grandkids:

Joy and Pop:

Daddy with his two ladies (his mom and wife): Isn't that sweet?

My mom with her brother and sister:

Daddy and mama with his mom (my grandma) and his brothers and sisters:

Mama and daddy with mama's best friend, Shelia, through the years, along with her husband, Wayne:

Mama giving her little speech:

Daddy giving his speech:

A kiss from their kids (My brother, Richie, and me):

Beautiful flowers for a beautiful day:

Joy and Laci (the two granddaughters):

After the party, Joy and Laci went outside with Grandmama and Pop and released the balloons! What a sight that was to see 50 balloons released in their honor!

Happy 50th Anniversary, Mama and Daddy!

And Jason and I are more than halfway to the 50 mark (since we just had our 27th)...what a wonderful example we have......I hope we are just as blessed as my parents have been with 50 years together!


Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm thinking about a giveaway real soon...maybe this weekend or possibly Monday....this would be a fall check back! Hopefully tomorrow sometime I will get in a Faithful Fridays post too.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my parents' special day with us!

Blessings to you all!
~ Tammy ~


blessedmomof3 said...

A very happy Golden 50th anniversary to your parents! Wow they really were young when they married! Looks like they and everyone else had a lovely day celebrating! My parents have been married 44 years so far. Don't know what I would do for their 50th with me living so far away from them.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

what a wonderful tribute to your mom and dad..great photos..and Have a very happy birthday yourself!!! you two look so cute together...have a wonderful weekend..:)

arkie said...

What a sweet anniversary party! Looks like you have a wonderful family!

Hope your birthday is a happy one!

Susan said...

What a great, wonderful celebration you put on for your parents.

basketsnprims said...

Congratulations to your mama and pop. What wonderful photos of the family and a beautiful party. Happy Birthday, my friend.

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

Happy 50th Anniversary to your parents, Tammy! You threw a wonderful party and it sure looks like everyone had a great time...

I enjoyed all of the photos and it was so sweet to see your Mom and Dad holding hands so much. Nw that's enduring love!

Happy Birthday, my friend!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

You did a wonderful job with the party long distance Tammy, it had to be so much fun!
Happy birhtday to you and may you have many more!

Parsley said...

I wish all the best for them... and for your upcoming birthday.

Your kids look really old for you to just be 25 ;)

Have a wonderful weekend.

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMMY! I hope your day is a special as you are!

ANd HAPPY 50th ANNIVERSARY to your sweet parents! What a wonderful occassion! I know I'm a sap, but I cried when I saw the B&W photo of your parents hands. It's THAT beautiful! What a very sweet, special keepsake of a wonderful moment in time. Congrats to them!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

In His service, Anne said...

What a special day! We had my parents 50th- 7 years ago!! Isn't a blessing to have had such wonderful parents..I remember just one argument they had in all those years! We can learn so much from that generation. Sure dont make em like that anymore. btw-you looked very nice, love that color blue.:)

Farm Chick Paula said...

That is so wonderful, Tammy- I enjoyed seeing all your family together like that!! I know it must have meant so much to your parents to have their family with them on such a special day.

Happy Birthday to you, Sweetie- hope you have a blessed day!!!

Sharon said...

You sure do know how to throw a great party.
Everything looked so wonderful.
Congrats to your mom and dad.
Happy birthday to you also.
Have a blessed weekend.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tammy!! Hope your day is real special!! :)

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary to your Mom & Dad too!! Tammy, you did wonderfully with your tribute to both of them on your blog! Their 50th wedding anniversary celebration looked absolutely grand!! You and Missy did a really fabulous job on everything!! They are so very dearly blessed with having loving & caring children, & darling grandchildren, and wonderful family, friends, & siblings too!! They've been a really beautiful & special couple right from the very start!! I could see that from all the beautiful, loving smiles they both shared with each other in all the pictures that you shared in both of the collages... They have such a wonderful family!! I wish them many, many more wonderful wedding anniversaries together!! I especially love the picture of your father & mother holding hands!! That is so beautiful Tammy!!

Thank you so much for sharing your parents wonderful 50th Wedding Anniversary Day with me too!!

Have a very wonderful weekend Tammy!!

Love & Blessings,

Mandy in Mayberry said...

Looks like it was a wonderful celebration. Great pictures!

Happy birthday - hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Elle Bee said...

Tammy, those were beautiful photos! It looked like a truly lovely day for your mom and dad. And you looked gorgeous.
I loved all the photos of family together. The love of family is life's greatest blessing and it looks like your mom and dad are not lacking in that area!

Karen said...

What a nice 50th celebration for your mom and dad! The party looked like so much fun. Congratulations to them both! And, wishing you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a terrific day! Karen

Zaroga said...

Such a great tribute to your parents. Happy Anniversary to them.

Happy Birthday to you.

wrcdgc said...

I love all the pictures. It was great seeing Colt in some of them! Once again Joy is so beautiful. I just love seeing family photos and celebrations especially 50 years of marriage. The love your parents have for one another shows in every picture just like the one of Jason and you!


WoolenSails said...

What a wonderful celebration for your parents and very Happy Birthday to you!


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

What a beautiful way to honor your parents. Hope they can celebrate 50 more together.
Happy Birthday to you also.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Photo...and beautiful story...beautiful ceremony for your parents...Happy 59th Anniversay! Have a wonderful weekends...Katherinellen

Blessed Beyond said...

Happy Birthday, Tammy! HOpe your day is a special one! Happy 50th anniversary to your parents! Their party was really pretty! What a wonderful blessing! And a true testement for today!

Hugs and Blessings,

Nancy M. said...

What a wonderful celebration! Y'all did a great job! It's wonderful to have someone faithful like that to look up to! Tell them congratulations and Happy Anniversary for me!

Happy Birthday!!! Mine was the 24th, so ours are close together!

Happily Ever After said...

Hi Tammy,

What a precious post. Everything looked very nice. The happiness and joy on everyone's face was moving. So glad that you were blessed to see your parents 50th. My parents were only married 37 years when my dad passed away.

Happy Birthday. Today is my birthday so I guess we are only one day apart.

Thanks so much for sharing the wonderful photos. Loved the dress you were wearing.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

I so enjoyed your post!
CONGRATULATIONS TO MOM AND DAD....they are a beautiful couple and so are you and your husband - I also wish you more Anniversaries.
My husband and I will be married 46 years in Sept. so we're not far behind mom and dad!
Thanks for sharing a wonderful event.

Mandie said...

Happy 50th Anniversary to your parents!! And a Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have a great day. The Anniversary celebration looked wonderful and full of fun. What a blessing!!!

the primitive country bug said...

I've been wondering where you were off to. What a wonderful celebration for your parents! congratulations to both of them!!
What a sweet couple, I just love the picture of them hands together. My parents have been married for 47 years. We had a gathering for the 40th anniversary and it was fun to see so much family together in one place. The Lord willing, we'll be able to celbrate their 50th as well.
Congratulations to you and your hubby for 27 years! Yes, you're all setting such a good example to our young people in these tough days that don't always celebrate and honor family as it's meant to be. My hubby and I are working on 20 years this October and I'm thrilled!
Happy Birthday to you~ I hope you have a wonderful celebration.
Hugs~ Birgit

nancy huggins said...

I don't even know your family but I enjoyed seeing all the pictures just like I was realted..that was 1 awesome party and looked like a lot of fun. I will put a link to your blog in mine so I can keep up with your future posts.
Please come and visit my blog when you can and I too will be having a give away soon in honor of finally getting my web site built. I have a special in there also that I think will help a lot of people to keep from getting the flu bug.
Your blog is awesome :)
Where do you live in ALA

Denise said...

I hope your parents have a wonderful, fun filled day! %0 years is a blessing!