Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Good Report, An Excited Girl & A (Long Term) Project

Hi blogging friends! I'm playing catch up today with a combo post!

First of all, thank you for the prayers for Donna and her family. I haven't heard anything else from her, but I'm certain these past days have been a blur to her and the days ahead will be even harder.

I can't believe it's been a little over a week since my last post. Last week kind of whizzed by for me. We spent last Tuesday at the children's hospital and doctor's office with Luke getting his MRI and follow up visit. This was done as a reference point from his repaired meningocele. The neurosurgeon was pleasantly surprised and pleased to not find what he expected to see. He showed us his films and said what he does have inside (with his Spina Bifida) is diastematomyelia, which is more rare, but he'd much rather see this. He doesn't think we need to do anything but watch him and do follow up appointments every 3 months as he grows, especially to age 5-6 or so. Since he's done so well with all functions and been so healthy, we will know if there are any changes and if so, at that point, we would probably be looking at a corrective surgery, and most likely only one. This was a good report and we're so very thankful for it! It's hard to explain, but honestly, I've never worried about any of this. I know God gave us this precious boy and He's in control. Period.

Getting ready for his MRI....

Luke had to be sedated for the MRI, so I'm glad that part is over with! He did fine, but it was mom here that got sick in the recovery room (very embarrassing). I was just trying to get through the day waiting for a dental appointment the next morning coping with pain meds and obviously discovered a pain medication I definitely can't take. Hydrocodone to me = nausea and splitting headache. Ugh! Anyway, I made it through the day but was so glad that Jason and Joy were with me! (And I did have my root canal the next day).

Of course, we had to treat the kiddos (and us) to ice cream afterwards.....

Then to the park (well Jason and the kids did the park while I rested in the car)....

Then on Friday, Joy got up the nerve, took the plunge and got her ears pierced! Her daddy, Luke, and I took her to Claire's where they did both ears at the same time (per her request to get it over with faster). :) She did great and she looks so cute! Now she's looking forward to earring shopping!

And for the long term project I told you about earlier.....it really is LONG TERM project as the expense will mandate that, but it's something we look very forward to completing!

Over our garage, we have an area that we've planned on converting to a pool house/apartment for awhile, but kept getting put off, mostly because of the expense. However, we've decided to just tackle it a little at a time. My mom and dad recently got a new bigger heating and air unit and gave us their old one that is perfect for that area, thus our first step (and a big expense out of the way). So basically, that's what has started the project.

Here's the outside. (The cedar needs to be stained out here again).

We want to add a covered porch. Then it will be really nice sitting up here then because this is the view to the pool:

Here's the big mess that it is now....storage for a little bit of everything (ours and my mom and dad's):

Over here to the left we're thinking a kitchen, a little dining area and a bathroom.

Over here will be the living area and a bedroom (maybe separated by curtain).

We're still working out the details but it will most likely have a rustic cabin flavor to it sprinkled with primitive decor as well.

But first things first, Jason started replacing the siding on the out building behind the pool. This maintenance issue has to be completed before we tackle the loft area above the garage, which will be way more fun.

Anyway, even though it's a long term project, I thought you might enjoy watching it progress and hopefully emerge into a nice rustic retreat right outside our backdoor. We're very excited!

This week we're in Nashville with Jason for a training class with his job. Poor fella is having class, while Joy, Luke, and I are having fun. We're playing during the day and then having dinner and swimming with Jason in the evenings. We even hope to get to meet Mandy of Mayberry State of Mind later this week for an outing! So hopefully some pictures from our time in Nashville in a couple of days!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a great rest of the week! :)


At Home With Amy said...

Oh Tammy things are just going so great for you and your family. Yes the Lord is definitely in control.
I cannot wait to see what you do with that room you are creating. I know it will look wonderful like every other room in your home. Please keep us updated with lots of pictures.

Black Sheep Lisa said...

Great news about Luke! Pain meds effect me the same way, i rather deal with the pain! Awesome project in the works, looking forward to seeing more!

Grammee Linda said...

Hi Tammy!

OMGoodness - what a wonderful report for Luke!!

I am so sorry about the reaction with the pain meds. If I take one I am ok, anymore than that and I am sick too.

Can't wait to follow your progress in the new space above the garage!!


Sharing Life and Love said...

Wow---so much to take in.
First of all, Luke! My goodness, could he get any cuter? and I am so happy to hear he is well. Such a sweet boy!

And Joy---Woo-hoo! Your earings are beautiful; almost as beautiful as you.

And I cannot wait to watch your progression with your apartment/pool house. What fun!


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Good news from the doctor. WHEW!
I love all his pictures. He looks so happy.
Mya starts preschool tomorrow. She has been here for 20 months and it is a good time to be with others in a group setting. Sara made her a scrapbook of the family doing things as well as pictures of them picking Cole up from football practice and dropping the boys off for school; pictures of Mya going into her Sunday school classroom. Things like that. They have been reading it a lot. We are all still anxious about the drop off. It is only 2 hours ( M-T-T-F). I can't wait to hear the report.
I am also excited about the renovation of idle space at your place. Such a nice place for guests or for Colt when he no longer wants to live at home but still wants to be close? I would love another space to spread out into! LOL
BTW~ I am having a giveaway and it ends 8?27. Come on over and check it out!

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Hi Tammy! So happy to hear the good report about Luke! If God is giving you peace about this situation, it is for good reason! Trust Him always! I know you do!

Your big project sounds like it will be a lot of fun. I hope it goes faster than you think.

Congrats to Joy for getting her ears pierced! I hope she will enjoy wearing earrings.

And if you do get to see Mandy, tell her hello for me. How fun! I can;t wait to hear all about your meeting!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Sharon said...

Yes Tammy you have been so blessed by the Lord.
Luke is such a cutie and looks like he is doing very well.
I will be sure to follow to see what your project becomes.
Can't wait to see photos of Nashville.
Have a great day.

Never So Simple said...


Thanks so much for all the prayers and cards. I owe you an email but right now I am having a really bad week but hope to write you soon.

Love the new project.


the primitive country bug said...

Hi Tammy,
Yes, God is in control of everything. Glad you got good news about Luke.
Joy looks so sweet donning her new earrings. I love the face she made when they were doing it. LOL!
That will be quite a project. One I look forward to watching take place.
Please come by and see Christopher's video. He's off to college! (sniff, sniff)
Blessings to you~ Birgit

Nancy M. said...

I am so glad y'all got new news about Luke! He is just the cutest thing! I love the pics from the park, it looks like a great place to just sit and enjoy!

That will be such an awesome addition to your home, I look forward to watching the transformation!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

You've been very busy Tammy! I'm glad you got through the MRI and the outcome was so good! Praise God for the way He is working in your family.